Chapter 1:



   Images and images passed in front of Eric. He couldn't explain what they were either. 


  It was a state between sleep and awakening.  He was aware of where he was, but at the same time images from a dream passed before his eyes. 

   After a few minutes that seemed like hours, he opened his eyes and stood in a trance staring at the milky white ceiling.  Drops of cold sweat ran down his forehead. 

  After another few minutes of staring blankly, he turned his eyes to the environment. 

  The room he was in was soaked in a yellow-orange color, sign that it was sunset. That was an ordinary room, with a computer in one corner, a small closet in the other corner, a single person's bed placed symmetrically in another corner, and in the last remaining corner was a wooden sword, supported by the wall, which he used for training.

  On the small closet were placed a few cups and medals and on top was a diploma in a frame, like a painting.

  Eric got out of bed and stared at the wooden sword.

   " It's time for training, huh!"
After these words he grabbed the hilt of his sword and went out into the yard.

   The yard was about ten square meters.  In the middle was a tall, old tree, and near it about two feet to the right was the place where Eric trained every time.

  He took his position and began to strike the air with his sword. He repeated the same movement again and again until the sun set and it was complete darkness.  

    The moon rose very slowly and the darkness began to lighten a little bit. The fact that it was dark did not bother Eric, on the contrary, it calmed him down and gave him the feeling that only he lived on this earth.

  He continued his blows until something caught his attention and he stopped any movement, even his breathing was heavy. 

  In front of him, at a distance of a few meters, was a person of about 1.60 height, with his face covered by a mask that revealed only his deep blue eyes. His head was hidden under a hood that was part of a cloak that covered his entire body, and you couldn't tell if it was a boy or a girl.  What was even more frightening was the fact that he had approached without making a sound. It was like he just teleported here.

   " Who are you?"

   Despite the fact that someone had appeared out of nowhere in front of him, Eric asked in a calm voice.

    The person in front of him did not answer, instead he took his right hand out from the cloak and a blue sword appeared out of nowhere in his hand outstretched horizontally.  The blue eyes looked at him like a hunter watching his prey.

  "You want to fight with sword, huh ..."

    Without waiting for an answer, Eric shortened the distance by a few steps and was ready to strike, but from the beginning you could realize that this fight will not be a normal one between swordsmen.

  The person standing in front of Eric held out his left hand and at that moment, dozens of blue arrows, that seemingly made of ice, appeared around him.

    "Oh shit!"

 Eric stopped his advance and jumped two steps back.  The next moment, the arrows that had previously floated motionless began to come at him with menacing speed.  

  Eric used his wooden sword to deflect a large part of them, but one cut his ribs a little and the other his left leg.  Ignoring the two injuries, he continued to retreat and hid behind the tree.  

  Making sure no more arrows came, he began his attack again.  It's just that, this time, if you watched careful, you would notice that he no longer had the sword in his hand. His hands were behind him, pretending to hold it. 

   From the perspective of the person who made things appear as if by magic, Eric launched a suicide attack and did not notice that the wooden sword had rotated in the air about 3-4 meters above his head and began to fall dangerously.

  With his eyes fixed on Eric, he made another round of arrows appear, but this time the arrows were not fired because the sword hit its target.  The arrows began to disappear slowly as the summoner fell unconscious to the ground.

   "Pfiu, I saw this movement in a movie but I didn't think it would work".

   Wiping the sweat from his forehead, Eric breathed a sigh of relief.

     His gaze shifted to the unconscious person a few feet from him.  He approached slowly checking to see if the person in front of him was really unconscious. 

  Confirming that, he breathed a sigh of relief once more and then thought for a while.  After about 2-3 minutes he moved his gaze to the covered face of the attacker.

   He stretched out his hand slowly, as if he was afraid of burning himself, stopped for a few seconds around his neck, then took off the attacker's mask.

N. D. Skordilis
誇らし / hokorashi_