Chapter 2:

Alice, Part 1


   It was a memory from a long time ago.Bookmark here

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   After her kingdom was destroyed, for protection, Alice was sent to earth by the kingdoms who still survived.Bookmark here

   Earth was a completely foreign planet, there was no magic and the technology was at a completely different level. Bookmark here

  Although it was difficult for her, being only 15 years old, alone in a completely foreign place, she managed to adapt quickly and not reveal her identity.  Bookmark here

  With little effort, Alice has successfully integrated into society and even made precious friends who she could trust. Bookmark here

  She lived in the high school dormitory and led a perfectly normal life, maybe even a happy one.  Bookmark here

  But good things never last forever. Bookmark here

  Four years later, the person who destroyed her kingdom, killed her family and planned to conquer the world, Kratos, the most powerful magician in existence, came after her life.  Bookmark here

   No one knew where he came from or how he became this powerful. One day he began to destroy kingdom after kingdom without anyone being able to fight against him. Bookmark here

   As for why he wanted so badly to kill her? Bookmark here

   As long as there is a rightful heir to the throne, the hope of the kingdom's subjects will not die so easily.Bookmark here

   Alice had long wanted to give up on her right for throne, though she wanted revenge, she knew very well that she would not be able to obtain it.  But nothing could convince that man.

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   On her 19th anniversary, Kratos appeared out of nowhere and destroyed everything.  He killed her family again and destroyed her new home.Bookmark here

   But somehow, Alice escaped from his claws again, secretly returning to her world.  There, she lived a miserable life, always hiding, and barely having anything to eat.  Bookmark here

   Maybe she would have killed herself a long time ago if she didn't want so much to take revenge on the man who took everything from her.  Bookmark here

  Three years later, risking being caught, she returned to the ruins of her castle where she found a secret library.  After spending a few weeks in that library, she finally found the reason why Kratos became so powerful and a method by which she could get her much desired revenge.Bookmark here

   In a book, the story of the first human was told, how he was born at the beginning of the universe, how he received the blessing of the stars and how he was loved by the gods. 

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   That man will live and will be reborn every 500 years and whoever kills him can inherit his power from the beginning of time.Bookmark here

   That seemed to be a fairy tale that you wouldn't normally look at it twice. But that book had the much-needed answers.

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   Now it was year 2022, which meant that the first human was reborn 22 years ago and was probably killed by Kratos eight years ago.Bookmark here

  With the help of another book from that library, Alice discovered a method by which she could transmit her soul to her body from the past for a certain period of time.

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"This will change everything!"

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N. D. Skordilis
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