Chapter 11:

Chapter 11: Heal up.

The Master and The Slave

The sun disappears into the horizon. The orange hue sky above begins slowly replaced by a dark blue starry sky that accompanies by the two moons rise on the opposite side of the horizon, where the sun set down.

Nesto knocks on the warehouse door with all his strength but nobody answers. Nesto looks beside the alley of the warehouse. He then carries the elf girl in his arm to the back of the building, in which he found a two-story dorm behind the warehouse. The elf girl groans in pain in his arm while breathing as hard as she can.

Nesto stands in the dorm front yard, looking at each door to guess which Yinlar room is. Then he looks at the side of the dorms and notices a small house. He looks at one of the beams at the porch and saw the Jackal head emblem carved into it.

"That's the house," Nesto mutters to himself.

Nesto hastens his pace with the elf girl in his arms toward the small house. Stepping on the porch, Nesto knocks the door with an intention of grabbing Yinlar attention. The sound of footsteps echoed in the room and coming closer to the door. The door open revealing Yinlar with his left eyebrow raised in confusion when he saw Nesto on the other side of the door. He pushed the center of the pair of glasses, so it secures into place.

"Nesto, I thought you went home?" Yinlar said.

Nesto pushes Yinlar aside and brings the elf girl inside. He then looks around his room and spots a single bed in the corner of the room. Nesto brings the elf girl to the bed and lay her gently on the bed.

"Nesto?" Yinlar said again.

"No time to explain, please help her," Nesto said.

Yinlar removes his glasses and stores it in his shirt pockets. He then walks to the elf girl, his remove the cloak and examine the elf girl body. The elf girl body is full of scars and infected cuts.

"She had too many injuries and affliction, I need to examine her with magic," Yinlar said.

With the lantern brighten up the room, Nesto finally notices the freckle on the elf girl beige color skin. Yinlar looks at the ginger hair, a suspicion look appear on his face.

"What's wrong?" Nesto ask.

"Nothing," Yinlar said.

Yinlar hovers both of his hands on top of the elf girl body, and mutter, "Revealus."

The elf girl body is enveloped by a glowing green light. Yinlar eyes went from her feet to the top of her head then he stops when his eyes went to the elf girl right wrist. A flower tattoo with three petals appears on her wrist. Two of the petals are glowing but the other one darken. The green light disappears and Yinlar back away

"Royalty tattoo," Yinlar said. Nesto looks at the tattoo.

"Ginger hair, royalty tattoo. Do you know who this is before you bring her here?" Yinlar ask.

Nesto turns his eyes to Yinlar, a terrified look appear on Yinlar's face. "She is Neya Nimmith, the former princess of Weyshers," Yinlar said.

"You are going to get us in trouble, Nesto!" Yinlar raises his voice.

"Listen to me, I don't care if she is the princess. I want you to heal her!" Nesto demand.

"Why should I?" Yinlar said.

"You said that you are haunted by the men you killed? Then think of this as a way of redemption for those soldiers. You will be saving the princess that those soldiers take an oath to protect," Nesto said.

"Yana! Fine, I'll try," Yinlar said.

"I don't want you to try, I want you to do it," Nesto stressed.

"Okay, Okay," Yinlar said.

Yinlar hovers both of his hands again above Neya body. He mutters under his breath, "Aperori Maximus."

Another green light even brighter than before enveloping Neya entire body. Nesto watches as the infected cut clean itself and merged together leaving a scar behind. Her skin begins to glow a healthy hue once again rather than the dull sickly gray from before.

Yinlar moves his hand away and took a long breath to gain his strength again. He then wipes the sweat off his forehead. "I manage to heal all her injury and disease, but I can only do so much," Yinlar said

"She still has a common cold that should go away tomorrow and her left eye too far gone. I can't repair it," Yinlar said.

"What do you mean?" Nesto ask.

"Her left eye is blind," Yinlar said.

The elf girl let out a relieved groan in her sleep as her head moves from side to side. Yinlar let out a sigh and went outside of the room. Nesto follows him from behind. Yinlar walks to the center of the front yard while rubbing the bridge of his nose.

"What wrongs?" Nesto ask.

"What wrongs?" Yinlar asks with a heavy skepticism.

"What wrongs are you bringing a freaking former princess from a former enemy kingdom. Do you know what kind of trouble, you will bring here?" Yinlar exclaim.

"Are you scared?" Nesto ask.

"Of course, I'm scared Nesto, I don't want to fight any battle anymore. I'm sick of battle," Yinlar said.

"Calm down, Yinlar," Nesto said.

Yinlar took a long breath and relax his body, "Where are the others?" Nesto ask.

"They are in the dorms. They told me that they don't have any place to sleep. So I gave them a place until they have enough money to buy their own home," Yinlar said.

"That's awfully nice of you," Nesto.

"It's least I can do to repay them. After all, they save my company and did a good job today," Yinlar said.

"Here," Nesto said and take out a bag of coins from his jacket.

"In this small bag contain 300 gold coins," Nesto said as he throws it at Yinlar.

Yinlar catches it with his hand and a confused look appear on his face, "What this for?"

"It's for them," Nesto gesture his head to the dorms.

"I promise those people that I will take care of them, I'm keeping that promise," Nesto said.

"Beside you right, I don't want to bring any trouble here," Nesto said.

Mr. Yinlar, I request the termination of my employment, Do you accept?" Nesto ask.

"You don't have to leave," Yinlar said.

"Do you accept?" Nesto ask again.

"Nesto..." Yinlar said.

"Please, Yinlar. Do you accept?" Nesto ask.

"I— accept," Yinlar said.

"Thank you, you have been a good friend to me," Nesto said as he walks closer to Yinlar.

"Damn it, Nesto," Yinlar said. Then he rushes to Nesto hugging him tightly with both of his arms.

"If it weren't for you, my company would be in ruins," Yinlar said, as he sniffs a single tear away.

"And I would have died a long time ago in the battle," Yinlar continue as he wraps his arms around Nesto body.

"It not like you won't see in again," Nesto said.

"I know, but it still hard for me to let you go alone. I'm sorry, I can't be beside when you need me the most, " Yinlar said.

"It's okay, I understand," Nesto said, they both let go of each other body with a big smile on their face.

"I do need a favor though," Nesto said.

"What is it?" Yinlar ask.

"I need your mattress, a sheet, and a long rope," Nesto said.

"What?" Yinlar ask.

After, a few moments later.

One of the Gates guards open his mouth to yawn as he leans on his spear. He notices something in a distance, a man with a roll-up mattress on his back. The guard stands straight and points his toward the man. When the man comes near the light, the guard's shoulder droops in relieved. He then lowers his spear tip to the ground.

"Mr. Nesto? What are you doing this late at night," the guard asked.

Nesto scratches the back of his head with one of his hand, "I was buying a mattress for my bed," Nesto answer.

"This late at night?" the guard asked.

"I stop by the tavern earlier after I bought the mattress," Nesto answer.

"Oh, did you stop by the Moonlight cat tavern? They had the most beautiful barmaid there," the guards said.

"No, I didn't. I went to a normal tavern," Nesto said.

"You should visit there sometimes," the guard said.

"I will put it to my list, can I passed the gate?" Nesto ask.

"Oh sure go ahead," the guard said.

Nesto passed the gate without any trouble. He let out a grin as he heads to his home with the roll-up mattress tied to his back. The mattress stirs a little as Nesto walks down the rough path.