Chapter 1:

James (My friend)

The End

One hour. One hour until it goes down. One hour until everything ends. I look over at the bed. She’s there, sleeping. How is she able to sleep? I, for one, can’t even think about it. I can’t think about anything other than the end. Is she faking her sleep? Is that it? I look down at my watch, before closing my eyes with a sigh. Bookmark here

I forgot that it broke. Bookmark here

I look back at her, before I slowly scooch off of the comfort of the rocking chair. I reach into a bag, and grab my friend, before placing it in my pocket with the hilt sticking out. I slowly crawl onto the bed. Bookmark here

“Samantha?” I ask. I don’t hear anything, but I continue to move towards her. I can feel the heat radiating off of her. I place my hand on her head. “Are you awake?” I can hear a sniffle. She’s awake. I move around her, and crawl onto the left side of the bed. She’s facing that way. I can see the tears trickling out of her eyes. I can see and visualize the pain that is keeping her awake. “Samantha.” I say while placing my hand on her shoulder. “You okay?” The blanket slides down and she slowly gets up. Bookmark here

Tears continue streaming out of her eyes, wetting her chest and half naked body. She sniffles, before her face scrunches up in pain, before she falls into my arm. She cushions herself against my chest, as she begins to cry louder and louder. I smile as I pat her long, brown silky hair. She begins to scream with terror, terror of what’s coming next for all of us. I close my eyes. Bookmark here

“Samantha,” I say as I stroke her hair. She looks up at me. Bookmark here

“W- what, James?” She whispers. I put my head close to hers. Bookmark here

“It’ll be alright.” She sniffles, and begins to shake her head. I stare at her. “You won’t have to feel any pain.” I say, as I put my hand into my pocket. I slowly place my hand on my friend’s hilt, and smile at her. Bookmark here

“I love you, Samantha.” I say, as I pull my friend out quickly. I place it right on her head, before quickly pulling the trigger. Blood splurts out as Samantha’s corpse falls back onto the bed. Smoke slowly floats out of my friend and I quickly drop him. I look back over at Samantha. Bookmark here

Her fingers twitched, as if she still had some type of life within her. But her eyes have become lifeless. Yet her blood had not. I stared at her body, and tears began to flow out of my eyes. Bookmark here

This was necessary, I tell myself. Because I can’t let her feel the pain of the end of the world. Bookmark here

The End

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