Chapter 2:

Kevin (Finally Free)

The End

The building was completely empty. Honestly, it didn’t really surprise me. I mean, who the hell would go to work when the world is gonna end in an hour? I attempted to open the door, but it was locked. I sighed. Thankfully, I came prepared. I placed my backpack down on the concrete floor, and pulled the zipper down.

I quickly pulled out the metal hammer I stole from the house, and aimed it at the door, before quickly smashing it against the door. The glass blew all over the place, and I quickly jumped away. I smiled. I never thought I would do some breaking and entering, but here I am.

The streets were empty, but it made sense why. Alarms were going off all across the building. I chuckle. This is a fitting final crescendo for someone like me.

I place the hammer back in the backpack and throw it across my shoulder, before darting across the first floor as fast as I can. I head up the stairs, and run as fast as I can. Even if no one is in the building, the police might still come. I needed to be gone before then.

As I ran, my gaze shifted all across the area. Memories flow through my head. I remember all of them, every single damn moment. All of the bad memories flow through as well, and they only happened because of the dream.

That fucking dream.

Eventually, I made it to the final floor, sweat flowing down my body along with heavy breathing. I groaned, before looking down at my watch.

40 Minutes left. I looked around. The alarms were still going off, but I can barely hear them anymore. There’s no police cars or anything dangerous below me. All that’s there is the beautiful night sky. All the lights in the city were off, somehow. I took a deep breath, before walking over to the edge of the rooftop. I plopped down and stared up at the sky. I could see the stars in the distance.

They illuminated the dark, dreary sky. A full moon was in the sky, its light shining down on me. You know what? Maybe I don’t need to do this. Maybe I could just sit here and look at the sky for the rest of the night-

A vibration in my pocket. My phone. I looked down at it, and began quivering with fear. Who was it? Who was calling me? I put my hand in my pocket, before pulling it out and staring at the name of the contact.

Sarah. I read it to myself a few times, before I grit my teeth and swiped to the right on the phone. She was now on speaker.

“Kevin?! Hello?!” I stare at my phone for a few seconds before opening my mouth.

“What the hell do you want?” I asked. She went silent for a solid minute, before I could hear her again.

“Kevin...please come back! The kids want you here! I’m sorry for mistreating you! I’m sorry for everything I’ve done to you-”

“Shut the fuck up, Sarah!” Once again, she went silent. I was breathing heavily now. First you cheat on me with Rogers, then you divorce me, then you steal the house, and then you take my kids from me! What the fuck do I have left, Sarah?!” I screamed. “Now that everyone had some shitty dream and the world is apparently going to end, you’re calling me back!?” My breathing became heavy once again. I hated her. I hated her so much.

“...Goodbye, Kevin.” I heard a beep sound, and the call ended. I stared at the screen for a moment, before laughing. It was a long laugh. The laugh of a broken man.

I had nothing left. And I will never get it back. I slowly stand up and look at the concrete below me, before taking a deep breath.

Everything has been crashing down in the past month since the end of it all was prophesied. And I think I’ve come to accept it. I back up from the edge of the roof, before quickly running and jumping off. I can’t feel anything below me. I can’t feel anything in front of me. Did this end of the world crap ruin my life? Or did it finally make me free?

It was the latter. Because of that dream, because of everything, I am free. Free to tumble to the ground. Free to leave this world. Free to fall through the sky.

Free to die.