Chapter 36:

The Odd Aqueenian 2

The Nonpareil of Resh (Act 1)

The winged Aqueenian quickly changed directions once she had noticed the other's gaze.

You were not to let anyone see you! Her Needaimus echoed in her head.

"Don't worry about it, X!" she spoke in a playful tone but tried to get away from the three that had spotted her as fast as possible.

She didn't get very far before Fiona suddenly appeared in front of her in a flash of blue light. Fiona grabbed onto the winged Aqueenian with a bear hug, wrapping around her arms and her back. The Aqueenian princess had meant to catch her opponent's wings but was somewhat unable, and slightly unwilling, to reach far enough to grab them.

"What are you doing here!" Fiona shouted as loud as she could.

"Oh, you must be a fan, I know I'm huggable, but I'm afraid this isn't a meet and greet!" she playfully answered before frantically flying around to shake her new opponent off. Fiona held firm and continued to yell out.

"You should know the guards won't let you in the castle!" she yelled.

The winged Aqueenian stopped struggling and hovered in the air. She could see Fiona would not give up so easily. A different tactic would be needed; fortunately, the newcomer had plenty of options. The odd Aqueenian began to repeat the saved information her Needaimus was now echoing through her mind.

"Fiona Whitlock, the third child of the Aqueenian royal family. You love sweet things, but pretend you like sour meals to seem more mature. You get pretty good grades in school, but despite that, your father has excluded you from most events, such as the conference. Your ability is to teleport in a radius around a target you set, and you can freely change the targets. At least, that is how you apply it," she told Fiona. The princess was wide-eyed and shocked; her grip loosened for a moment. The winged Aqueenian was waiting for the opportunity and took it to push Fiona off by moving her arms out.

Fiona came back to her senses and was able to teleport behind her opponent in a blue flash.

The winged Aqueenian was not paying attention to Fiona, however. She had just taken notice of Odell flying to her. With a flap of her wings, she flew up into the air just out of Odell's trajectory.

Fiona, however, was not so lucky and Odell went crashing into her. Fiona began to fall, and Odell seemed to float down slowly.

"Well, I sure am popular today!" The winged opponent mused as she looked to Gwyn. He was still standing on the balcony. His good hand gripped the railing, and his bad hand just rested on it.

He wasn't in any of the files; we better be careful, her Needaimus, X, said.

"Oh, you worry too much!"

Fiona appeared next to Odell. She grabbed his arm and spun in the air to throw him at the winged opponent whose attention focused on Gwyn. He shot through the air at her and delivered a heavy punch right on her back, directly between her wings.

The winged Aqueenian cried out, but it was mostly in shock. She spun around and grabbed Odell's arm before he could pull it back. At the same time, Fiona appeared in the air above them and tried to kick the opponent in the head. Instead, the winged Aqueenian grabbed Fiona by the leg.

"Now, now, you can't go kicking beauideals in the face!" she said in a friendly tone and with an angry expression before doing a flip in the air and throwing the two of them down to the water. Fiona disappeared in a flash of light and reappeared on the balcony. Odell started falling quickly but suddenly slowed to an almost stop. He spun over and glared at the opponent.

"Now, since you are apparently unaware, I will tell you who has so graciously appeared in front of you!"

Don't! Her Needaimus shouted in her mind, but the warning was ignored.

"Yes, you have been greeted by the number one beauideal in all of Nun, the amazing Dia Mond!" The winged opponent shouted as she flipped her hair back.

You actually told them... X sighed.

Dia spun in the air with her left hand raised after just announcing herself. She stopped and held her open hand out to the duo on the balcony, though they showed no indication that they were impressed.

Fiona instead appeared by Dia again and grabbed onto her. Dia tried to duck out of the way, but Fiona was able to grab onto her left arm and hold it tightly.

"This again?" Dia said with her tone suddenly turning from chipper to bitter. She shook her arm, but Fiona wouldn't let go. "What do you plan to accomplish anyway?" Dia asked back in her cheery tone.

"I just need to keep you in one place," Fiona said as she looked up. Dia followed the princess' gaze, and her eyes became wide.

While she had been distracted by Fiona on her arm, Odell had slowly floated in the air above them. He suddenly began to drop rapidly. Fiona disappeared in a red flash as Odell shot down with both his feet targeted at Dia.

Before he could make contact, Dia reached out and grabbed Odell but his ankles. She gracefully pushed to redirect him. It happened in a straightforward motion that went by so fast the two observers were unable to see. Odell appeared to fly right next to her and continue plummeting down.

"You missed?" shouted Fiona from the balcony where she had retreated.

Odell started floating in the air again and looked up at Dia.

"She's tougher than she looks," Odell shouted back, "We should call for help!"

Fiona responded by pulling out her tablet. She tapped on the screen, but no connection was made.

"Tsk, Tsk, you three really are trying to be trouble. Too bad for you; we have already had any communications within the castle under our control!"

Fiona tossed her tablet to the ground.

"Fiona," Gwyn tried to say something but was cut off as she disappeared in a blue flash.

He looked back out to the fight where Fiona had once again appeared next to Dia. Odell was beginning to float above the two Aqueenians, and Gwyn banged his hand on the railing. He couldn't do anything but watch this battle in the air.