Chapter 3:

Alice, Part 2


   Alice's head was dizzy. With memories of the past still fresh in her mind, she was slowly beginning to return to reality.Bookmark here

   With her eyes still closed, she felt as if someone was carrying her on his back. Her hands were wrapped around that person's neck like a koala.Bookmark here

    It had been so long since she had touched or even talked to another person and that seemed so nostalgic.Bookmark here

    She could feel the warmth in front of her as their bodies were touching each other. It was a really comfortable feeling. Bookmark here

    ("NO! Remember for what are you here!") Bookmark here

    As those thoughts went through her head, Alice remembered that she had a mission to accomplish. Bookmark here

    Through a simple magic circle she materialized a dagger and aimed it around the neck of the person who was supposed to be "The heir of the first human" and her target. Bookmark here

   Yes, at this moment, Alice was carried on Eric's back through the darkness of the night. Eric glanced at the blue dagger.

Bookmark here

  "You don't need that."
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    Those words came unexpectedly. There were no words of threat or prayer not to be killed. Alice's knife stopped a few inches from Eric's neck. Bookmark here

    ("I'll take these as the last words of a dying person.")Bookmark here

    Eric took this as a sign that he could continue.Bookmark here

    "I said you don't need that because I'm planning to die tonight anyway. But if I do it, I want it to be a little farther from my house, and I want you to do it so no one can find my body."
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     Those words came unexpectedly and Alice didn't know what to do. As he thought about a decision, Eric pointed in front of him.Bookmark here

   "Look, in front of us is a forest that is wide for a few hundred kilometers, when we get far enough you can kill me and finish your job. Oh, and can you create a bridge over the forest? It's quite dark and I wouldn't see anything if we to enter in it. "
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     Again, Alice was very confused. A few dozen yards in front of her was really a forest that they were slowly approaching. Bookmark here

      Unconsciously, she raised her hand and created an ice bridge that rose above the forest.Bookmark here

     But that didn't matter. " Did he said I could kill him when we got far enough? Shouldn't a person normally want to live? Why does he give up his life so easily? Why did I tried so hard to live so far? ")Bookmark here

   Alice's mental state was in complete mess and she could only say one word.Bookmark here

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     That word was more than just a question. That word meant everything at that moment. Bookmark here

    Why did he accept death so easily? Why didn't he kill her while she was still unconscious? Why she clung so much to life when death was such an easy solution?Bookmark here

     In addition to these three important questions, other questions she had wanted an answer for so long had arisen. Bookmark here

     Why did all those important to me have to die? Why does that man always have to take everything I care about? What did I do wrong to deserve this? And the most important question: Bookmark here

("WHY ME ???")Bookmark here

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