Chapter 13:

Chapter 13: Power.

The Master and The Slave

The long, narrow piece of clothing wrapped comfortably around Neya head after Nesto cleans the wound. The door to the room open, revealing Nesto with food on top of a wooden tray. Neya back away again to the corner, she stops after her back touch the wall and Neya watch Nesto bring the food to her bed.Bookmark here

Nesto places the wooden tray on top of the bed, Neya looks at the food. It's the same foods as before, a bowl of soup and a cup of water. Her eyes went to Nesto as he took a step back. Neya stomach growl as the delicious smell of carrot and potato soup linger under her nose.Bookmark here

"I won't eat it," Neya said instead of shouting.Bookmark here

"May I ask why?" Nesto asks as he looks at the food.Bookmark here

"I still can't trust you," Neya said.Bookmark here

"If you don't eat, your cold is going to come back," Nesto said.Bookmark here

"I don't care, I won't eat it," Neya said as she looks away from Nesto.Bookmark here

"What can I do to gain your trust, So you can eat without worried?" Nesto ask.Bookmark here

"Nothing you can do that can gain my trust, not again and never," Neya said. Bookmark here

She then pulls the blanket on the bed and covers herself with it. Nesto stares at the floor while contemplating a way to gain Neya trust. An idea pops into Nesto mind, causing him to let out a small grin. Nesto walks out of the room, leaving Neya to herself.Bookmark here

Neya stares at the doorway, with one of her eyebrows raised. She heard something like a rat going through a trash box in the other room. Nesto came back with something behind his back. He took a couple steps closer to Neya. She looks at him with suspicious eyes, then she readies herself for anything horrible that going to happen to her.Bookmark here

Nesto drops to one knee, Neya close her eyes for the coming pain. She tightens her grip on the blanket and waits for the inevitable outburst. But just like the same as before it didn't come instead she open her eyes and saw the slave collar on Nesto hands.Bookmark here

"You are going to make me your slave? Humans can't use magic, so it useless to you," Neya said in anger while mocking the human race weakness.Bookmark here

"It's not for you, it's for me," Nesto said.Bookmark here

"What?" Neya said.Bookmark here

"What do you trust more, a sword on your side or a stranger you just met?" Nesto ask.Bookmark here

"A sword, but what that got to do with the collar?" Neya ask.Bookmark here

"Let me be your sword," Nesto said.Bookmark here

"Are you crazy?" Neya ask.Bookmark here

"No, people trust more on the things that their own, much more than the people by their side. Let me be the item that you owned, your tool, your weapon, your slave. Used me as you seem fit, and disregard my emotion or my well-being," Nesto said.Bookmark here

"Why are you doing this? People would give everything they had to be free, but why are you want to be my slave," Neya ask.Bookmark here

"Because I'm not like most people, I am not normal, I'm far from it. I wish to live as a servant more than a free man," Nesto said.Bookmark here

"You are crazy..." Neya said, her voice trail off.Bookmark here

Nesto bows his head to Neya and raises the slave collar to her. She removes the blanket and move closer to the edge of the bed, she let her feet touch the wooden floor. Neya then takes the slave collar off Nesto hands and Nesto raises his head to give Neya an unobstructed reach to his neck.Bookmark here

Neya unbuckles the slave collar and places it around Nesto neck. She locks the collar around Nesto neck, and then she bit her index finger to let a drop of blood to come out. She places her bloody finger on the center of the collar.Bookmark here

"I take this man to be my slave until the day I release him," Neya said.Bookmark here

The slave collar glows a blue rune character around it when the glow blue rune disappears, then Neya pulls her finger away. Nesto lower his head to gaze at Neya eyes with an acceptance smile.Bookmark here

"Did it work?" Neya ask.Bookmark here

"Try it," Nesto said.Bookmark here

"Jump!" Neya order.Bookmark here

Nesto didn't follow her order, then an electrical shock zaps Nesto neck causing him to grunt in pain. The shock continues as long as Nesto disobeyed Neya command. The longer Nesto disobeyed Neya order, the more painful the shocks become. When Nesto couldn't handle the pain anymore, he jumps up in the air following Neya order. Then the shock stops stabbing Nesto neck.Bookmark here

Nesto let out a breath of relieved when the shock stop. Neya let out a sadistic smile on her face when she watches Nesto in pain and following her order.Bookmark here

"Now grovel before me," Neya order.Bookmark here

Nesto drops down to both of his knees and lowers his head forward until it touches the floor with both of his hands beside his head. Neya felt joy when she watches the man before her bow down. For the first time in her miserable life, she gains and felt power.Bookmark here

"Kiss your master feet," Neya order.Bookmark here

"Yes, master," Nesto said.Bookmark here

Then Nesto crawls to Neya feet, and he placed his hands on her soft feet. He brings it closes to his lips and laid a kiss on it. Then he places back the feet and back away.Bookmark here

"What is in the food?" Neya ask.Bookmark here

"Potato, carrot, milk, and herbs," Nesto answer.Bookmark here

"Go to the other room and leave me be," Neya order.Bookmark here

Nesto stands up, dusting a bit off the dust from his knee. He heads out the door to the other room while closing the door behind him. Neya looks at the soup and her stomach growl again. She takes the bowl of soup and begins eating it. She felt the delicious soup wash the inside of her mouth from the terrible trash taste that she been eating for a couple of days.Bookmark here

"Nesto!" Neya called.Bookmark here

Nesto opens the door and lets himself in.Bookmark here

"Yes, master?" Nesto ask.Bookmark here

"I want some more soup," Neya order.Bookmark here

"Yes coming right up, master," Nesto said.Bookmark here

Nesto goes back into the other room and when he came back, he brought the pot in which contain the soup. He brought the pot closer to Neya, he then scoops out some of the soup out with a ladle and pours it in the bowl.Bookmark here

While Nesto was pouring the soup into the bowl, a little bit of the soup splash and a drop of it landed on Neya hands. Neya look at the drip of soup on her hands, she doesn't feel burn instead only felt slightly warm, but her calmness suddenly snaps.Bookmark here

"I'm your master! You should treat me better!!" Neya scream.Bookmark here

"I'm sorry master," Nesto apologize.Bookmark here

"I don't need your apologies, I want my hand to be clean!!" Neya shouted, then she threw the bowl of soup at Nesto face.Bookmark here

Nesto didn't avoid the flying bowl of soup instead he let the bowl of soup hit him. The wooden bowl falls to the floor while warm soup dripping from Nesto face. Nesto takes a clean cloth out of his pocket and begins cleaning Neya hands that got splash a little bit.Bookmark here

"I will do better next time," Nesto promised.Bookmark here

"You better be," Neya said as she looks away from him.Bookmark here

"Clean this up, I'm going to bed," Neya said, as she covers herself with the blanket and turns her body to face the other way.Bookmark here

"Your wish is my command, master," Nesto said.Bookmark here

Nesto drops to his knee and picks up the bowl. He brings the bowl and the pot into the other room. When he came back, he brought a clean cloth and start wiping the floor quietly as to not disturb Neya slumber.Bookmark here

Neya face lit up with impish glee as she relishes in her own power of owning Nesto as a slave and treating him like garbage. Just like the people who treat her the same way, now she has power, and she will never going to let it go.Bookmark here

Sooner or later, she felt her eyelids become heavy and when she closed her eyes. Her consciousness is pulled back into her minds to a dream world she created.Bookmark here

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