Chapter 25:

Eclairs can have serious consequences.

The Y-files [GL]

The case of the double tsundere had resolved a lot easier then I had anticipated. I think we had to thank the fact that Elsa was in an overly emotional state and that that had made them both snap out of the tsundere trap for a second. To think we even had a back up plan on what to do if we had to force them to stay overnight in the locker room. Well it was better to be prepared for the worst I guess.

I took my phone and saw I had several new messages on Line.

The first one was from Elsa, thanking me with a beautiful selfie of her and Tina embracing each other. I sent a message back to congratulate her and invited the two of them to the dinner party tomorrow. We were celebrating them getting together so it wouldn’t be complete without them.

Next message was from Frank. It said something was going on at the brasserie and that mom was acting all weird. He wanted me to come home fast.

Reading that message I got really worried and it must've shown on my face.

“Is something wrong?” Ms Lyst asked.

“Something happened at home, there is something wrong with my mom, I need to go home now.”

“Wait, if it is an emergency, I will drive you.”

Normally I would never agree to take charity from Ms Lyst like that but I was extremely worried and this would get me home a lot quicker.

So I nodded and went with her.

Not even five minutes later we arrived at the Femme Fatale, I entered through the door and saw an oriental beauty deepkissing a cute blue haired girl.

“What the heck is going on in here!” I shouted.

Frank hurried toward me. He explained to me those girls were the new hires. That he had served them tea while he was getting mom. Mom was acting all weird mumbling stuff about Aunt Bernie so he had sent me a message, then he went back to the brasserie and these two were all over each other and would not stop no matter what he said.

Frank was clearly in a panic.

“Calm down!” I said, but I wasn't calm either. What the heck was going on.

“Oh no, Claire look.” Ms Lyst was pointing at the empty plate with some leftover crumbs and traces of cream.

“The éclairs!” We both shouted at the same time. Frank was looking confused.

“Frank, I will take care of mom. Frank, Anna, please help these two.”

“She called me Anna again,” Ms Lyst whispered happily before she got to work. Really, that woman always picked up on the weirdest stuff. I felt myself starting to blush a little. Luckily my sense of emergency took over.

I ran to the apartment and when I arrived I saw mom sitting a daze mumbling aunt Bernie's name.

I tried shaking her to no avail. So I filled a glass of water and threw it in her face. That snapped her out of it for a second but I saw her sliding back so I slapped her in her face to bring her back.

I saw her come too and she looked around her a bit disoriented.

“Why? What happened? Where am I? What is going on?” mom said with a slight shake in her voice.

I explained to her that the éclairs that I made accidentally turned out to be powerful aphrodisiacs and that she and the two new girls had been the victims.

If I had not experienced that, I don't think I would have ever believed you.”

I'm sorry mom. I really did not do it on purpose.” I gave her a glass of water.

Mom got up and went to the bathroom.

I am gonna take a cold shower to cool down further. I will be downstairs as soon as I can, you go help those two girls too. I hope they do not leave us because of this...”

Mom seemed okay now so I decided to listen and go to the brasserie. I also hoped those girls wouldn't quit because of me. If that were the case, Mom and Frank wouldn't let me hear the end of it and they would be right.

When I came back down Ms Lyst seemed to be on top of things. The two girls were sitting there looking down, faces flushed red from embarrassment. Frank introduced them to me. The blue haired girl was Mari and Tory was the oriental beauty.

Mari, was the first to open her mouth: “Does this mean we lost the job? I did not want it to come out that I like girls, and certainly not this way. It has cost me my job so many times. I really needed this job.”

She started crying and immediately Tory went to hold her and started giving her comforting pats.

I went up to her and started with an apology “I'm sorry. It was my fault that that happened. I did not know when I left this morning that those éclairs were gonna be this dangerous.” Then I continued “I cannot imagine you guys not getting the job because of that. Mom just told me she was worried that you guys would leave because of this. If anything, we support that kind of thing. I am the director of the First Bureau of Yurification after all.”

Ms Lyst looked very proud at me after I said that cringy line. Seeing that and realizing how cringy that line really just was, made me blush a little.

They looked a bit confused at what I said but then I saw Mari taking a closer look at me and Ms Lyst and she said "Oh, I see..." It seemed to click with Tory too at that and a blinding hopeful smile broke through on the two of them. For some reason having those two beautiful women smile at me was enough to make me skip a heartbeat. I shook my head to get myself together. What the hell was going on with me.

Everything seems to be under control now, so I am going to go.” Ms Lyst said while I noticed she tried to put away her smartphone inconspicuously. She probably had filmed the entire thing again to document it for the bureau. But she had been of so much help for once, so I decided to let it slip. I hoped I wouldn't regret it later.

Okay, see you tomorrow.” and then I added “Thank you for today, I really mean it.” Ms Lyst waved it off pretty cool, but at the same time I saw her face turn red. “D Don't mention it, see you tomorrow.”

I gave Frank who was still acting a bit awkward a little push. “Go get us all a new cup of tea. I will go look at what is taking mom.” having something to do seemed to push life back into Frank.

Speaking of the devil, right at that moment the door opened and mom walked in. She had a bit of a spring in her step and looked very cheerful.

So you must be the new girls. I am so sorry about what happened. I assure you it was an accident. To be honest I was a victim myself. I hope you girls are still willing to work for us?”

It seemed everything was going to turn out very well.

When mom heard Tory was an international piano major she asked me and Frank to roll the piano into the room and asked Tory to play something.

She went up to the piano and tested if it was tuned. Then she looked at us. It seemed like she was considering what to play.

Play us something cheerful after all that.” Frank said. She nodded and started playing and singing some cheerful classic jazz tunes from the Cole Porter songbook.

We talked and laughed for a while among ourselves and it seemed like all the bad air had cleared up and both Tory and Mari would fit right in. I was a bit curious about Mari's cooking skills since she passed bro's test, but I was sure they would become clear to me over the next few days.

When Mari and Tory left, I saw them walking in the street hand in hand. It seemed like my éclairs had made another yuri-seed blossom.

It gave me a heartwarming feeling and I took a little video of the sight of their silhouettes passing hand in hand under the streetlights and sent it to the FBY lime group.

It immediately got a lot of heartwarming replies from everyone.