Chapter 6:

Death and The Demon Lord

Blood? Suckers!

Aaaaah the light is so bright.

Wait, where am I?

I look around at the location I’ve teleported to. A vast plane of pure light.

Scanning around everywhere I notice that I can’t see a single sight of the hero, we were in battle not even moments ago.

Wait, are we still in battle? Is this some sort of magic I’ve never heard of?

“This is a nice illusion, but don’t think that you can get away from me that easily.”

Alice, Demon Lord of New Worlds casts ‘Magic Dispel’.

It wasn’t very effective.

“Calm down little one, this isn’t magic.” A youthful voice fills this chasm of silence.

I look to see who is speaking to me, but upon scanning the room I see no one.

“Are you blind or something?”

Right in front of me a girl appears, her clothes shrouded in and blending in with the white plane I have found myself in.

I don’t know if it is just the light on her face, or her clothes – but she is one of the most beautiful beings I have seen in a very long existence.

“I didn’t see you there little one, what is this place?” I retort her joke back to her.

I can’t tell if she’s smaller than me, maybe we are about the same size – but her youthful figure gives me the feeling as if despite our similarities in height, she is much younger than I. But to be honest, I have that very same disposition so I shouldn’t be the one to judge – she could be as old as I am.

Her expression turns crass as she starts yelling at me.

“Who are you calling little one? Huh? You’re the dummy that died!”

I take a step back.

I’m dead?

“B-but what about the hero? I know I got him with that last spell”

The small girl smiles at me, something about it seems less than genuine but I can see a hint of remorse behind the tremble of her upper lip.

“Yeah well, about that. He cast a spell that pushed all that magic back onto you. He called it like a mirror of force or something.”

Mirror of force? That sounds like something from a game, how is that even possible. Everything that happens within our world has to be completely grounded in reality.

It’s ridiculous.

“Yeah, yeah, yeah. You can think about how he did it for years. Anyways, back to the matter at hand. You’re dead, and fittingly I am Death.”

I burst out into hysterical laughter. This little girl is the incarnation of Death? The bringer of all calamities and the one who takes your soul when you die? Give me a break, she’s hardly out of diapers.

“Why does everyone always do that!”

“What can I say, I just didn’t expect death to be so… small.”

Her garments may be shrouded in light but the pout on her face is as visible as the moon on a dark night. She really does just look like a child, especially when she makes a face like that.

“That’s rich coming from you, purple hair.”

That bitch! She really went there, what the hell. I mean I guess I did insult her first. But eh. I like my long, purple hair as a matter of fact!

“Anyways, you’re a particularly bad being if I must say so myself.”

She honours me, I appreciate the flattery as I start to blush.

“So that means you go to hell.”

Her face is that of completely devoid of emotion, as if she’d just given me a casual, meaningless greeting on the street.

Hell? But I’m one of the most powerful beings alive, I should be cherished in the halls of the most powerful beings. I have lived my life with great purpose, there is no way I could be cast aside like a lowly pickpocket.

“This is ridiculous, I think you must have me mistaken for someone else.”

Suddenly the girl is sitting on a throne, was that always there before?

Putting her arm up on the side and resting her head on her knuckles she continues to berate me with lines of exposition.

“I don’t quite think so missy, you are evil without a doubt and henceforth will go to hell.”

My heart stops for a moment as I feel the chasm of eternal damnation open up inside of my mind.

“Buuut, instead I have a proposal.”

My ears perk up. I didn’t think there would be any negotiating with a figure as infamous as Death, if that’s who she really is.

“Yes, you see - I want you to kill someone for me, let’s call it a second chance at killing the hero.”

I see a devilish smile, worthy of one who is called Death - the first time she seems to have played her role correctly.

“And who is this hero that I must kill?”

The smile fades into a solemn look of contempt.

I feel like I’m either going to really like this or this is going to be a royal pain in the ass. Either ways, if it saves me from eternal damnation – I would pretty much kill anyone at this point.

“His name is Hiro, Vampire of the Abyss - I think you two have met before.”

Abraham B. A.