Chapter 15:


Black Witch Tsu-To-Yu!

“Wait! I’m still right here!”Bookmark here

An unknown voice cried out. Using her bare hands, she beat against an unknowable wall that doesn’t exist.Bookmark here

“Don’t move me around! Gah! I knew I shouldn’t have done this on a dare~!”Bookmark here

Her voice squealed as tears welled in her eyes. All the while her body shook around restlessly.Bookmark here

Despite crying out, nobody could hear her. Her voice could only be heard in the endless void of space and time.Bookmark here

“Somebody, save me~!”Bookmark here

All powerful. Almighty. Yet… she cannot even release herself from a book.Bookmark here

A few hours before, she was wandering about in the quiet town of Fatajika. The air was clean as well as the streets. There wasn’t a speck of contamination. The narrow streets, alongside the small sakura trees—it created a serene image as its petals flowed through the breeze of the night sky.Bookmark here

The moonlight scattered its light everywhere underneath the starry sky to the small houses where the people rest easily. Underneath that sky, the young woman was flying about, enjoying herself with the calm and relaxing atmosphere.Bookmark here

She has just settled some business which had let her come up to this world to ease her of her troubles, and as she flew, she met up with some of her sisters.Bookmark here

As if it was their instinct, they decided to have some fun together by creating practical jokes onto the people. They would transform objects one person would be carrying into animals, surprising them by nearly giving them a heart attack.Bookmark here

At other times, they would create the breeze which made several young women’s skirts fly up near a man, getting the man to unfortunately be called a pervert.Bookmark here

And at times, they would dare themselves to do the unimaginable. It was at this point that this young woman hated herself for doing this one dare.Bookmark here

“I bet you can’t release yourself out of this sealing book!”Bookmark here

“Hah! Can’t you give me an easy challenge?! Bring it on!”Bookmark here

She spoke confidently, punching her voluptuous chest with a prideful grin.Bookmark here

And so, with the power of the others, her body was sealed inside a rather thick and ominous looking book.Bookmark here

The book itself was black-colored, and its markings on the front only made it more suspicious. The book was considered a sealing book to contain the most powerful ghouls, but no one would ever consider sealing a person inside.Bookmark here

Until they did, which became the young woman’s sole mistake in this entire night.Bookmark here

Now, carried by her sisters intoxicated by the alcohol in the real world, the trapped woman was treated like extra luggage. After about 10 minutes, as if their memories were quickly rewritten, the sisters have forgotten the reason that they carried the book.Bookmark here

Completely forgetting the silent woman trapped within the book, they threw it away by tossing it from the air. The book fell from an incredible height and fell right on top of the sidewalk without a care in the world.Bookmark here

This young woman, trapped within the invisible barrier, widened her eyes. Her sisters flew away, leaving her behind.Bookmark here

She thought she could release herself, but it turned out that the sealing book negates her powers. This was the only single blunder she has made in her entire life…Bookmark here

Hours passed, and eventually, warm light slowly enveloped the surroundings. The burning star rose from the horizon, shedding its blinding light on the book which was carelessly left behind.Bookmark here

The woman continued screaming, hoping for any kind of help on the outside. She continued to pray for someone with a kind heart, and a rather open mind, that would come along and get her out of the book.Bookmark here

But as people passed by, they would ignore the strange book. Basically, they would ignore the woman in trouble. Because of its strange markings, they believed that it was a strange and rather nasty book, as if it was giving off a constant sense of danger.Bookmark here

The poor woman remained inside the sealing book, for hours, days, weeks, and eventually, a whole month passed by. Her mind was reaching her limit of boredom and despair.Bookmark here

Finally, someone kicked it, and her.Bookmark here

A young boy with crimson hair, not mindful of his surroundings, fell right on top of it.Bookmark here

There you have it--the final chapter of Volume 1. It was quite a ride throughout the volume, and though it was a little short, it was fun. Of course, I won't stop here. After posting it here, I'll be posting the story on Wattpad for the whole world to see, along with the special cover picture I had made specifically for showing it off!Bookmark here

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