Chapter 31:

Strategic Meeting

The Y-files [GL]

Fien’s PerspectiveBookmark here

Elodie, Eline and I were sitting in the backseat of Aunt Sandra’s car. I noticed Elodie and Eline were holding hands. They were so cute together. I hoped one day I could hold hands with a cute girl too. Bookmark here

We were on our way back from the party at the Femme Fatale. Nobody was riding shotgun, because apparently we were also picking up Rosa, Eline’s mom who had finished her late shift at work.Bookmark here

“That way I can talk with Rosa while you girls play.” Aunt Sandra said, like she needed to justify her actions. Eline looked a bit surprised. Well I can imagine that a sleepover is less fun if your mom is coming too. But we would be in Elodie’s room so we did not have to worry.Bookmark here

When we arrived at the hospital, Rosa was already waiting for us. She got in, and greeted us all. I introduced myself as Fien. “Oh you are Charlotte’s daughter. You look just like her. That really brings back memories, you know. How is your mom doing these days?”Bookmark here

“Mom and dad are on a business trip and they are always very busy.” I told her. “Sounds like she is still the same workaholic she used to be. You know she used to be the best student at school. She was always holding a book to study and complained when someone bothered her.” Bookmark here

That was embarrassing. I could so picture my mom like that in high school. She was always lecturing me for not taking school seriously enough so this made a whole lot of sense.Bookmark here

Even though my outward appearance might resemble my mom’s, and we were both reading a lot, in reality the two of us were nothing alike. Mom only ever read non-fiction. I only read yuri novels . All she ever did was work or read and she always pushed that on me too. “You can never learn enough.” she always says. Because of that moto mom always sent me to extra curricular courses during holidays. This year I had been spared of that due to our move.Bookmark here

Dad sneakily gave me money in a paypal account. Because he thought I should have fun too. But he did not dare to cross mom openly on that point so we shared a little secret. Because of that I had built myself quite the large yuri collection.Bookmark here

Before we knew it, we arrived at aunt Sandra’s place and we got out of the car. I was happy to be out of that small confined thing. So I ran around a bit to let out the energy of having been locked up. I asked Aunt Sandra how she knew Rosa. Apparently they were childhood friends. Upon hearing the words childhood friends, a lot of scenarios from my novels popped inside my head and I looked at them once again with different eyes and felt myself blush a little. That would just be so awesome if it were true. But most likely just wishful thinking from my part. I was not as good as Claire in this kind of thing.Bookmark here

Then I moved over to Elodie and Eline. Eline was doing something on her smartphone and Elodie was looking with big eyes. I asked what was up. Eline looked around and then whispered to me. Check your LINE messages, I sent it to you too.Bookmark here

I took my phone and saw it. Eline had started a new FBY LINE group called “Yuri intervention.” I noticed it had all the girls of the FBY in it except for Ms Lyst and Claire.Bookmark here

Eline had called for a meeting on LINE tonight.Bookmark here

We entered the house. I was staying here at aunt Sandra’s because otherwise due to my parents’ work I would have been home alone for the next 3 weeks. Therefore mom had arranged with aunt Sandra that I would be staying over at her place. For some reason my parents did not trust me to manage alone for three weeks. What an insult did they not realise I was adult enough to handle anything now that I was 12!Bookmark here

I was excited to be spending the night with Elodie and Eline. I always looked up to Elodie. I always wanted to become a tall cheerful beauty like her. Elodie was the one lending me the first yuri manga that I had ever read. Well to be honest, I snuck into her room, found it and begged her until she would lend it to me. I did not want to be told that I was too young to understand. So after some nagging she agreed to lend me another one. She told me I had to start with that one. It was a really wholesome yuri manga. I was immediately addicted to it. All the emotional build up until those 2 beautiful girls were holding hands. I remember that I cried at the end. It was all so beautiful. Bookmark here

I started looking for more stories online and started drawing pictures of the stories that I liked. I could not get enough of all those pretty girls in that walking on clouds atmosphere calling each other onee-sama. I got more and more addicted. All my free time I was reading yuri manga and yuri novels or drawing fanart. Bookmark here

After our move to Belgium last summer I spent the rest of my summer making my own fanart manga since I knew nobody except Elodie here in Belgium. Then I had begged my parents to let me go to the BXL manga exposition to sell my home made work like those manga characters always do on comiket. At first they were against it, but then Elodie saved me by suggesting she could go with me. She really was an angel.Bookmark here

Ever since I started reading yuri I often discussed what I had read with Elodie on LINE. To me she is like the big sister I never had. Bookmark here

At school I learned very quickly that most girls my age did not share my enthusiasm for yuri. There was another transfer student from South America in my class, Maura. But after I told her about yuri she told me she had never heard about it. I gave her some distance and I noticed that if I did not go up to her, she did not bother coming up to me, so I guess I was bothering her. So when I met Claire I was so glad to have finally found a fellow yuri enthusiast! She even seemed happy to receive my fanart doujinshi for Fireworks Warning. I was happy that I could spread my love for Chiya a little further.Bookmark here

The three of us went to Elodie’s room while Aunt Sandra and Rosa went to the living room. Apparently Rosa had not yet eaten and aunt Sandra was going to fix her something quick.Bookmark here

The three of us sat in a circle and Eline started the LINE meeting video call. She put her phone on speaker and she had connected a bluetooth camera. That way the three of us could use her phone for the meeting. Elsa and Tina both connected too.Bookmark here

Eline looked at Elodie and then got excited and said “I think you all know why I called you all. Those two have been circling each other so much it is getting painful to watch. It is almost a running gag for me and Elodie, we giggle each time we notice it. I think it is time for us to return the favor. This meeting is to discuss how we will go about it.”Bookmark here

“Oh. This is another Y-file. But why did you not invite Claire and Ms Lyst?” The other girls stared at me for asking that question and I could understand them for doing so. The second those words left my mouth I realized how stupid that question was. I facepalmed. “Nevermind. That question answered itself.” That released me from the quadrupel stare of the two couples.Bookmark here

Eline continued: “Those two are clearly into each other but they are completely dense about it. Especially Claire.”Bookmark here

Then Elsa added: “I think we all saw how Claire started to change since the both of them met. I think they really suit each other. She used to be so distant. I always thought she was so arrogant, but now that we are friends I can see that I was wrong about that.”Bookmark here

Then Tina said: “Did you guys see how Anna looked when we told her about the date tomorrow. Poor girl.”Bookmark here

Wow they had all been paying so much attention. Then Elodie said “I have been looking through my yuri collection, and discovered a pattern in one of my visual novels. We are clearly dealing with a dense protagonist.”Bookmark here

Was I the only one that had not been paying attention. It seemed like all the other girls were already on top of this. All of these girls were older than me, but still I had been studying yuri so hard. I should have done better. I will do my best to become a better FBY agent. So I asked: “What can we do?”Bookmark here

Elodie answered “We need to give them as much alone time as possible.”Bookmark here

Then Eline added “So from now on, let us pay attention and make sure to leave them alone together in a romantical situation if we can.”Bookmark here

We all agreed to that and also agreed that we would do more research on how we could help them.Bookmark here

The meeting was finished. It was time to get ready for bed. We layed out two inflatable mattresses on the floor. We were filling them up with air while we took turns in the bathroom to freshen up.Bookmark here

Tonight I would sleep on the ground in Elodie’s room but tomorrow aunt Sandra promised to prepare a separate room for me. I was not going to complain about sleeping in Elodie’s room. The three of us were fooling around a bit in our pyjamas until it was really time to put out the lights. We all went to lay down. Elodie came to tuck me in and gave me a goodnight kiss. That reminded me of how Elodie really is the big sister I never had.Bookmark here

Elodie went to lay down on her own bed and Eline was bold enough to lay herself next to Elodie in bed to cuddle for a bit. They looked just like one of those beautiful yuri couples straight from a manga. Bookmark here

Changing the real world into a beautiful yuri-filled paradise was such a great mission. I was so happy that I was a part of the FBY.Bookmark here

Elodie killed the lights. I guess they were also going to sleep together. So why did we bother with inflating the second mattress?Bookmark here

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