Chapter 5:



    " You said I will never suffer again... you liar..." Bookmark here

    She didn't know why his death hurt her so much, all she knew was that she didn't care why she came here anymore.Bookmark here

     Alice clenched her fists and continued to cry on his chest. She sat there for a long time, she didn't know how much either. Bookmark here

    Finally she raised her head and looked at Eric's face.Bookmark here

    She held her right hand, touching his cold face. At that moment, without even knowing why, she brought her head close to his face and kissed him on the lips.Bookmark here

    The kiss didn't last long and it tasted like iron because of the blood. Bookmark here

     After a few seconds, Alice raised her head to look at his face again. Bookmark here

     At that moment, a wave of heat began to flow through her and body started to glow. She could feel her magical power growing at a very fast pace. Her power has increased at least a hundred times and continues to grow. All her senses were enhanced and trough her eyes it seems like the world was completely differently. She could even see and hear a mosquito that was at least 500 meters away. Bookmark here

    "What... is this...?" Bookmark here

    Standing up, Alice asked this while looking at her glowing hands. Her eyes then turned to look at Eric.Bookmark here

      Alice raised a hand and a magic circle appeared in front of her. The magic circle began to glow and Eric's body was swallowed by an ice coffin. His whole body was now under around 50cm of ice. Standing beside the ice coffin, Alice touched the place where Eric's face was.Bookmark here

    "Thanks for this last gift! I assure you that I will live to your expectations." Bookmark here

     Alice extended her hand and again a magic circle appeared but this time it formed an hole in the ground around 3 feet deep.Bookmark here

     "I need to leave now but I promise you I'll come back!" Bookmark here

     The ice coffin floated in the hole and dirt covered it like there has never been an hole before. Another magic circle appeared under Alice's feet and she disappeared. Bookmark here

 * * * Prezent, Year 2022, Underground Secret Library***Bookmark here

    Alice woke up in a big dark room with thousands of bookshelves on walls and a reading table in the middle. That was the room of the Grand Secret Library she found some time ago. The floor was cold.Bookmark here

     She was lying down with her eyes closed. On the reading table was a lighted candle and it seems like it hasn't been too long since she "left". Bookmark here

     Alice didn't get up too quickly. Images of past events crossed her mind. After some time, she took a deep breath and opened her eyes. At that moment, from her face disappeared all traces of feelings. Just coldness could pe seen and, in the end she finally stand up, just in time because the door of the library was slammed on the wall. There stood a tall man with long hair, half of the face burned and hidden under a mask and his eyes full of killing intent.Bookmark here

     "Well, well, who did we find here. Let's see where will you ran now little ratt."Bookmark here

     Not waiting for an answer, Kratos extended his right hand and a black magic circle appeared.Bookmark here

  "Morvulo!" Bookmark here

     From the ground, a big thorn, made from something like a black crystal, emerged. Bookmark here

     Before the thorn to arrive at her, expressionless, Alice slapped the air and the black thorn was destroyed. Kratos was confused and amazed at the same time. Bookmark here

    " What did..." Bookmark here

   He didn't manage to end what he wanted so say, because a wave of ice started to come at him. The temperature in the room dropped below 0 Celsius degrees. Bookmark here

     Kratos observed that something wasn't right but his pride didn't let him back down. After all, the end of the day, he was the strongest in the world. Bookmark here

      "That won't work... Tectus!" Bookmark here

    The same black crystal surrounded him like a shield. The shield resisted for 2-3 seconds but it wasn't enough.Bookmark here

      "Don't damage this library." Bookmark here

    Alice said that with an expressionless face and the black crystal cracked. Kratos was swallowed by the ice and his body was now in an ice cube. Bookmark here

    She walked slowly towards him and with the flick of two fingers slapped the ice. Some cracks start to appear and finally the ice exploded in millions of tiny pieces letting nothing from what was once "the strongest magician in the world".Bookmark here

     Although she got the much desired revenge, she wasn't happy at all and her purpose in life disappeared. Bookmark here

     "Well... for now, I think I will check on the state of the kingdom." Bookmark here

     After she made up her mind, Alice climbed the stairs to get out of the underground library.Bookmark here

     Outside, Dark clouds covered the sky. The sun's rays come down from place to place trough the cracks in the clouds. Here was summer and the wind was warm.Bookmark here

      Taking a look around, the surrounding where in ruins. Kratos used his black crystal magic to destroy the walls and the castle. Once used, these crystal won't disappear no matter what but now that Kratos was dead, those crystal started do slowly disappear like the sand in wind.Bookmark here

    For Alice, this place was so nostalgic. Taking a deep breath she started to scan the surroundings. Bookmark here

    Although Kratos was cruel and ruthless, he still had people under his command. She wanted to see if there was someone nearby but didn't expected to feel a familiar presence.Bookmark here

      "No way..." Bookmark here

    Her body moved alone to the highest tower in the castle which, strangely, was untouched. She opened the large wooden door and began to climb the spiral staircase.Bookmark here

     After 5 minutes of fast walking, she reached the end of the stairs where a wooden door with a padlock was waiting for her. She hesitated a bit but destroyed the padlock and opened the door. Bookmark here

    Inside was only a bed in the middle of the room, and on that bed sat a person with the hands and feet chained. That person's face was pale and dry as if it hadn't eaten for several days. When she entered, his brown eyes opened and looked at Alice who frozen in the front of the door.Bookmark here

     "Oh... hey... long time no see... or should I say short? It's been just several minutes for you."Bookmark here

   " ... " Bookmark here

   " I'm sure you have many questions but can you remove these chains first? I've been wearing them for a few years now and I can't stand them much longer."Bookmark here

     Even though she was still confused, Alice moved quickly and destroyed the chains immediately.Bookmark here

    "Thanks... ouu... auch!"Bookmark here

     After removing the chains, Alice hugged Eric, making him to scream in pain. Bookmark here

      "Easy...If you hug me tighter, I'll die more faster than I should do."Bookmark here

    " ... "Bookmark here

 She did not answer and continued to hug him, a little slightly this time.Bookmark here

     Currently, they were both laying in bed with Alice on top of him. She didn't move or said anything for a long time. It was like she was afraid he will disappear again if she let him go. After a while she finally asked the questions she had.Bookmark here

  "How are you alive, and what is going on here?" Bookmark here

   "So... you finally asked... Well, is a long story but in short the time is not easy as we think. The prezent we are now is happened because you come back in time at that point. Because you come back then, Kratos managed to find me after you left. At the same time, a paradox was created and both inherited a part of my powers" Bookmark here

    Alice didn't interrupted and let him to continue his story.Bookmark here

     "You see, the rules about how to inherit my powers are a bit special. "The First Human" is someone blessed by God's. The heir of this bloodline has the power to live a human life in some special conditions. If we die without our consent we can revive at what point from our lifetime we want. Also, we aren't the same person with our past reincarnation. We just have their memories so we can learn from our past and have a good life in future. Our powers can't be stolen either. Someone can have them just if we accept it."Bookmark here

 " Then...? "Bookmark here

"...But the life is not perfect. If someone drink constantly our blood they can use 50 percent of our power. So, Kratos find me and drank my blood for several years already. Unlike him, you have my approval and when you kissed me back then, you drank my blood unintentionally. Now you can use my full power." Bookmark here

 " ... Wait! You remember that?" Bookmark here

   Alice raised her head to look at Eric while her ice face melded instantly.Bookmark here

    " ... I don't think that's the point here..."Bookmark here

  "Yah, right... so... you were not dead then?" Bookmark here

    "No, I was barely alive and survived because Kratos used some kind of dark magic to keep me alive for my blood."Bookmark here

   "At least he did something good in his life for once... but that doesn't metter anymore... I'm glad you're alive..."Bookmark here

    "Well... that's not really the case..."Bookmark here

     "What?"Bookmark here

     "Well...I'm alive because of Kratos's dark magic, now that he's dead, that magic disappeared and I will die in 1hr or so, and I will not be able to revive. "Bookmark here

     That come for Alice like a bomb and her voice started to tremble.Bookmark here

   "...No... how can this be... there must be something I can do... I can't let you die again... now that my powers increased there must be something... something. .. " Bookmark here

 With the eyes closed and with her had on Eric's chest, she started to mumble uncontrollable. Bookmark here

 "Alice!" Bookmark here

 "...Something..."Bookmark here

 "Alice!" Bookmark here

    Alice didn't raised her head but at least she stopped from mumbling and listened him. Bookmark here

    "I know how you feel but you can't do anything. My blood was drained for years, my life force is approaching it's end. I'm still alive because I wanted to meet you again here and bid farewell."Bookmark here

   "No... I don't want to lose you said you can go back at any point from your life if you die unwillingly. You can go back and re-do everything!"Bookmark here

     A little hope appeared in Alice's heart but it was but it was shattered immediately by Eric's shaking head.Bookmark here

    " I did it already... I went back so many times that I can't count. How do you think I know your name? We never introduced ourselves." Bookmark here

    Now that she thought about it, he indeed called her name just now. Bookmark here

     "This is already the best outcome that I could reach..."Bookmark here

   "Still..." Bookmark here

  "It's alright and you don't need to be sad... I know you think you love me but that's not love, is more like gratitude for me helping you combined with the suffering of losing your dears ones. After some time, maybe years, you will realize that I was right and you will forget about me. Then you can live your life, maybe find someone else, marry him and have kids. The life is long, now that you become immortal, life will be even longer . Is not good to live in the past, you need to go on and forget about everything."Bookmark here

    "NO! Your wrong! I really love you and even if what you said is true... I don't care! I still want to be with you! You said I will forget you but I can't do that. Even if you die now, I will spend all of this immortal life to find a way to save you! I won't give up until I see you again!"Bookmark here

    A warm smile appeared on Eric's face and two tears falled from his eyes. Bookmark here

   " What a silly girl..."Bookmark here

   " You're the silly one!" Bookmark here

     They both looked in each other's eyes with a solemn face and then laughed.Bookmark here

    " Then I will wait for you...Ah, and don't go so far as destroying the world or humanity. "Bookmark here

    "I wouldn't have do that... maybe." Bookmark here

    With a smile, Eric leaned forward and kissed her forhead.Bookmark here

    " It's time to bid farewell, see you soon..." Bookmark here

     Tears come from Alice's eyes.
Bookmark here

     "Yes!" Bookmark here

   "I love you!"Bookmark here

   "I love you too!"Bookmark here

     With these last words, they hugged while Eric closed slowly his eyes. Alice, not wanting to leave his side, used her enormous amount of magical power to set up a barrier around the tower and entered in a deep sleep what will last for a very long time.Bookmark here

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