Chapter 6:

A new beginning


1000 Years Later, Kingdom of Xirus

    "Reporting to his majesty, King Roland von Isbelg ! The assassins that were spotted at the north border have killed the guards and infiltrated in our kingdom. Their purpose is probably to harm the royal family. We managed to catch one but he killed himself not long after. "Bookmark here

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     "Hmp, incompetents! Increase the number of guards and be in alert. No one is allowed to enter the royal capital or the palace without a strictly checking!"Bookmark here

    King Roland was a well build man in his fifty, with a short white beard and a bad temperament. 

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    Currently, a blue vein that almost exploded could be seen on his forehead. Troubel after trouble come to him today. Bookmark here

    First, the Eastern Kingdom of Kraelis declared war on them, second, the monsters in south put pressure on the guards here, and now, this come, and it's seems like it wasn't the worst thing that come today.Bookmark here

      The door of the throne room was opened by a terrified guard. Bookmark here

  "Y-your majesty, the barrier of the old sealed tower was broken!" 

   "What did you said?" 

   King Roland couldn't contain himself and jumped from his throne. This was the worst thing that happened in the last 1000 years. Bookmark here

 ("Did I angered the God somehow?") 

     In that room were the king, the royal magician, the knight commander and the eldest prince. The face of all of them turned pale in an instant. Bookmark here

* * * Some time ago* * * 

    The sun's rays entered the room trough the window. There was nothing but a bed in the middle of this place and nothing else. Bookmark here

    Bookmark here

      On the bed could be seen a beautiful lady hugging a skeleton. She was completely naked, sleeping peacefully. The rays touched her closed eyes making them to move a little. After a while, her eyelids opened, revealing some sky-blue eyes. She blinked a few times as she tried to return from the dream world.Bookmark here

    The first thing that come in her view was a white skeleton. She stared at him for a moment and then revealed a very sad smile. 

 "Good morning, seems like I let you wait." Bookmark here

      Alice landed a soft kiss on the skeleton's skull and then she got up. 

  "How much did I sleep?" Bookmark here

     Looking below, she was completely naked, sign that the sleep was a very long one and the clothes desintegrated. 

     Alice created with magic a blue, elegant silk dress that looked like a dress made by a great designer that would make even a princess envious. Bookmark here

     She looked at Eric's skeleton while raising a hand. The skelet was swallowed by an ice coffin like the one from before and started to float behind her back. 

  "Let's go out!" Bookmark here

     Alice descended the spiral stairs and came out in front of the tower.  

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    Outside, the barrier she put up a long time ago was still active. With a snap of her fingers, the barrier was torn to pieces.
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     Looking around, the place had changed so much since the last time she saw it. The tower some trees and a surrounding wall were the only things in that zone and a little further was a big castel build with white stone and tall as a mountain. Around it were houses and inns where adventurers and towns people lived. 

  "Seems like the capital was moved..." Bookmark here

      That seems to be indeed the case. What was once the most beautiful castel in the world now was just a ruin.

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     A trace of sadness could be seen on her face but disappeared immediately when something or someone caught her attention. Somewhere in the wall that surrounded the tower was a hole and there could be seen some eyes peeping at her. When Alice made visual contact with that person the eyes retreated.Bookmark here

    "Hoo, interesting, time to gather informations!"

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     Using some space magic she teleportated in front of that person. At the figure of Alice appearing in front of her out of nowhere that person fall on her butt with the back hitting the wall. Bookmark here


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    A scream resounded in the wilderness around the tower.Bookmark here

    At the image of the girl who fell, Alice froze. Not because it was something unnatural but because the person looked like someone she know back on earth, one of her best friends who died at the hands of Kratos.

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   "Iris?"Bookmark here

"Please don't kill me!"Bookmark here

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