Chapter 33:

My first date!

The Y-files [GL]

In my dreams I was in the FBY room watching the big screen, seeing the locker room scene unfold. Ms Lyst was sitting right next to me. When I watched closer it wasn't Elsa and Tina kissing in the video, but I saw myself kissing Ms Lyst.Bookmark here

I woke up sweating heavily. What the hell was that?Bookmark here

Well I had no time to ponder too long about it, because I had to get ready for my date with the prince. I decided to wear my prettiest dress, that I got quite a few months back. I had not yet had an occasion to wear it, because the skirt was a bit too short to wear it for school, so I was waiting for an excellent opportunity like this.Bookmark here

I felt strangely relaxed. In almost all of the yuri-literature that I had devoured in the last week everyone was always pretty nervous and did not know what to wear for their date, but I did not really understand the big fuss. It was just the same as going shopping with a bunch of friends. The only difference was that you went with just one person wasn't it?Bookmark here

I walked into the kitchen.Bookmark here

Where are you going dressed like that?”Bookmark here

I've got a date with a girl from school.”Bookmark here

At those words mom spilled the cup of coffee she was holding.Bookmark here

A date! My daughter is going on her first date!”Bookmark here

She seemed to be making a way bigger deal out of it then I was. Well after all I was just going to have a talk with the prince about Mia. There were no romantic feelings involved.Bookmark here

She took me by the shoulders and checked me out.Bookmark here

Oh this just won't do. To the bathroom with me, now!”Bookmark here

She took me to the bathroom and started re-applying my make-up for me. When she was done I looked really pretty. Like right out of a fashion magazine pretty.Bookmark here

There, now you go get them, but I trust you would do nothing I wouldn't do.” and she gave me a shoulder pat and a wink.Bookmark here

All dolled up I set out toward our meeting spot. I was taking the metro to the central station and would walk to the tram stop 'Bourse' from there. If I wanted to arrive by tram it would take me much longer to get on to the right line.Bookmark here

While walking toward the Bourse tram stop I felt like everyone was watching me. I even noticed several men turning their heads around to follow me. When I was almost there, a woman and her daughter ran toward me and I heard the little girl scream “It is the yuri Jeanne D'arc!” and suddenly I was surrounded by a mass of people wanting to get a glimpse of me.Bookmark here

This was getting too much for me, as I saw no way out. I hid my face and crouched hoping they would all pass, and just let me be. Then suddenly someone picked me up in a princess carry, and carried me out of there. I opened my eyes and saw the prince looking at me with a protective smile on her face. I felt embarrassed that I had to be saved by my date even before I arrived at our meeting spot.Bookmark here

You were late, and I wondered what the commotion was. Are you all right? What was that all about?” she asked.Bookmark here

Getting an embarrassment overload realizing I was still in a princess carry I saidBookmark here

Uhm you can put me down now.”Bookmark here

Oh right, sorry”Bookmark here

I explained to her about Gazette’s video that had gone viral.Bookmark here

I had no idea people would react like this when seeing me in the street though”.Bookmark here

Heh, so I got a date with a celebrity. Well how about we go shopping for a little disguise for you. It might be a nice way to really start our date.”Bookmark here

She took my hand and led me toward a little street with all kinds of tourist shops. Not the best place for shopping for clothes but they did have a bunch of cute and funny accessories. The prince was really smooth in everything she did. I felt protected, but at the same time I thought she was a little too good at this. I felt that if I wasn't careful, I would be an easy prey for a dangerous predator.Bookmark here

We started with fitting sunglasses. I tried on a few, and at one point I thought I spotted Ms Lyst reflected in the store's windows. I turned around, but there was nothing to be seen. Seemed like my mind was playing tricks on me. I guess I had been around that woman so much, I was even seeing her when she wasn't here.Bookmark here

What is the matter?” the prince asked, seeing that I was not entirely focused on our date.Bookmark here

Oh I thought I saw a troublesome friend of mine... but it was just my imagination.”Bookmark here

Troublesome? That sounds interesting. Tell me about her.”Bookmark here

I told her about Ms Lyst and everything that had been happening to me during the last week. How I was being played like a fiddle by that woman.Bookmark here

The prince chuckled. “Seems like you have not realized it yet, so I won't say a thing. But today you are all mine.”Bookmark here

I wondered whatever she could have meant by that.Bookmark here

We bought ourselves some silly matching sunglasses depicting the Belgian flag and had quite the laugh about how silly we looked. At least the chances of being recognized would drop immensely.Bookmark here

The prince then put her arm around my shoulder and said “I prepared something special for you.”Bookmark here

She took me on a tour of all the famous chocolate makers in the city center. Eating one chocolate in every store.Bookmark here

Calories don't count when you are on a date.” the prince said.Bookmark here

At that point I noticed that she was actually a lot more girly than she always acted. Also something felt off about our date. When we were in public she was all close, and doing stuff like holding my hand , but the second we went inside somewhere out of sight, she was colder and acted more distant.Bookmark here

When we were walking arm in arm in a little street that would lead us to our next chocolate, we suddenly bumped into Mia. She looked at me with glaring eyes, then looked at Valerie. I could see Mia's face become sad and then she walked away without saying anything. I looked at Valerie and saw a satisfied grin on her face.Bookmark here

Oh that's what is going on!” I said a little angry. I saw that we were in front of a pretty large bar, maybe a little too fancy for students like us, but it would have to do.Bookmark here

We are going inside now!”Bookmark here

Seeing me act so strong and assertive completely overwhelmed the prince, and when she looked at the place we were entering, she started blushing heavily, but still complied meekly. Apparently she wasn't really used to fancy places.Bookmark here

We went through the door and we arrived in some kind of lobby. I looked around a little better. Oh no, it seemed like we entered a hotel. Now it was my turn to blush.Bookmark here

Why didn't you say something when I led you inside a hotel?”Bookmark here

Well it surprised me that you were so aggressive, but you are really cute so I would not really be against it...”Bookmark here

Another embarrassment overload occurred as I went red up to my ears.Bookmark here

I just wanted to go to a quiet place to talk!”Bookmark here

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