Chapter 0:

Let's go back

Mission:To Destroy the beginning

I am feeling cold as I am just wearing a white dress and lying on a cold table. My eyes started to feel heavy, as those crazy doctors or scientists ,  I don't know what to call them exactly, injected something in my body. 

I hear a male voice speaking to me I think                                                               Name: Reina Suzuki                                       Age:15  , Weight:54kg, Height:5'3", Hair color: Black, Eye color: Ocean Blue, Birth mark: Mole under left eye                             Going back to year:2021

"Reina, Reina can you hear me? " I heard the same voice calling me. I tried to answer "Yes". 

Male voice: Do you remember your mission and rules you must follow?            Me: Yes, I will follow the rules and complete my mission. 

With this I felt everything turned dark and silent. I am finally going to the place where everything began. I am going to meet them again. And I will meet her again . MOTHER