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    I'm not really a novel reader. I'm just someone who has been writing scripts and thought "Hey, you ain't got no job & your writing ain't going anywhere right now." This is kind of for fun and also serious but a secondary project for me. I am better at script writing and it sort of bleeds into how I write here. Also, I'm bad at determining genres and age ratings so let me know so I can properly change stuff. As for what I write, it tends to depend on how I feel, but I don't want to leave a project unfinished. It may be a while before I return to one, but I try to keep it in mind. I aim for a weekly release window on Fridays from 7-11 a.m. EST.
    Our studio was founded to create and showcase beautiful stories. Most of our works take place in the same universe: the World Without Fairies, or the "Minverse" after our main writer. Page managed by Madeleine and Tim.
    A general good-for-nothing. Sparse on time at the moment, so I probably won't write anything for awhile. I hope to read more of the awesome stories here when I get more time :D
    I'm an avid anime, manga and visual novel fan who likes to roleplay and write. I'm currently also making visual novels on the side, but I want to try and get back into writing again.