Chapter 1:

Ch-2: Laura Stuart


The voice was light and pleasant, mixed with the liveliness and sweetness of a young girl. Roy, who was staring at the magic book in his hand with a serious face, let his facial muscles relax, revealing a gentle smile.
He had been listening to the beautiful voice outside the door for more than ten years, and knew that the one at the door was his sister, Lola Zaza Crowley. 
When facing his sister, Roy will try his best to not to show any distress and sorrow, but instead will show the happiest and most worry-free side of his in front of her.
This is what a qualified brother should do. Don't let his cute and delicate sister have any unnecessary worries. 
When he is a brother, he will definitely do his duties as the brother, and there will never be any slackness. He will do his best to become the best brother to his sister. This is Roy's nature. He will perfectly do what suits his identity. 
Yes, but that 'identity' must be acceptable to him. This practice was later more strictly adopted by him to gain light to his 'path' on basis of a occultist basic explanatory book. 
The old door of the apartment was pushed open, and through the small gap, a bright light completely filled Roy's sight. It was a delicate and innocent, young girl.
The girl had long pale blonde hair that reached her ankles, her hair as thin as fine sand on the beach. Even in this old dim apartment, it exuded scorching brilliance, bringing hope and clarity to Roy's exasperated heart. 
"Lola, you are back."
Roy quickly advanced towards the door, took the basket she was carrying from her hand, and raised his other hand to caress her smooth blond hair with his palm, only to say distressedly upon seeing the light dust settled in his palm: "....Go ahead and wash your hair. "
London in the early twentieth century was like a ash factory. It was a veritable foggy city. People walking on the streets would easily be stained by a layer of dust. The houses here also requires to be routinely cleaned of the thick dust that regularly accumulates on it's walls. 
"Don't worry about hair or anything, as long as the food is not dirty."
Lola's slender fingers carefully lifted the white cloth covering the basket. The white cloth was also dyed with a layer of ash, but the bread and fruit under the white cloth were still warm and clean. 
Seeing this, Lola patted her chest in relief. Roy stretched out his hand to smooth the messy hair stuck to his sister's sweaty forehead.
Roy's care caused Lola to show a sweet and innocent smile.
Lola Zaza Crowley, Roy's twin sister. After the irresponsible father went far away, and their mother died of a serious illness, the two brother and sister supported each other in this thronging city. They both supported each other in those tough times. 
Roy stared at his sister, her eyebrows were picturesque, her red lips on her innocent face added a cute touch. Her azure blue eyes were like the most beautiful sapphires, glossed with innocence and shyness.
Her facial features were like a blooming flower under the shining moon. The porcelain doll-like skin looked flawless without slightest of blemish, her cheeks dyed with a faint pink color.
Being stared at by Roy's unceasing gaze made the fifteen year-old girl's cheeks gradually turned red. 
She turned her head in embarrassment, not daring to look at Roy's face, and grasped the plain white dress with her slender, long fingers and whispered in a low tone, "...Mrs. Mary next door gave me some more fruits today."
"Well, Mrs. Mary really helps us a lot, and I only helped her write a few letters, just a trivial matter. Her husband should be coming back from the front line soon, we shouldn't trouble others in the future."
Mrs. Mary is the neighbor of Crowley brother and sister. She is a very enthusiastic lady. She always gives Lola one or two of the fruits she buys, so that the pair of poor brother and sister can get to improve their diet. 
Roy and Lola did not live in an orphanage since they were young. Their deceased mother left them some money. It is very likely that the money was left by their father Aleister. 
Though Roy was in a child's body, as an adult who has graduated from university and has ample life experience, he made careful calculations and spent his childhood with Lola using the money left when they were still young.
Nowadays, Roy uses the knowledge he had learned in his past life and does some trival works, like to help people write letters to barely earn a living. There is no law against child labour in this era, fortunately. 
Although he is a reincarnated from another world, this world is not much different from the history of Earth in his mind, but Roy did not jump around like those transverser predecessors to make any major events that would change the further course of history.
In this era, the identity of Aleister's son is not an honor, but a complete horror. If he still wants to live, it is better to maintain a quite and simple behavior, showing no signs of being something extraordinary. 
"Bread and fruit should be enough. I'm going to make some jam. Today we will be a little extravagant. Let's spread the bread with jam."
Because of Roy's distraction, Lola thought that her brother was still staring at her. She lowered her head, grabbed the basket beside her and walking hurriedly away from Roy's sight like a gust of wind with a shy expression on her lovely face.
Seeing this, Roy smiled helplessly, but when Lola turned around to have her back facing him, the scene on Lola's gorgeous blond hair halted the spreading smile on Roy's face, gradually turning into a pensive frown. 
On top of Lola's blonde hair, there was a pattern like Picasso's abstract painting, like an endless starry sky, deep and heavy, and in the 'mural' painted on the hair, Roy clearly sees the face of a demon taking shape. 
In the Middle Ages, it was said that there was a demon in the hairs of a woman, but nowadays, there is a terrible demon living in his sister's hair. 
Roy couldn't help calling out his sister's name.
"What's the matter, brother?"
Lola stopped and asked, turning her attention on her brother. 
Although she was embarrassed in her heart, she does not want to turn a blind eye to her elder brother. The two grew up together and her brother was her only source of warmth in this cold world of her's.
In Lola's heart, her elder brother is her only relative, everything in her life, she will try her best to meet any requirements of her brother, not wanting to disappoint him.
Roy didn't speak, but walked behind Lola step by step and hugged her soft body from behind. The two were of not same height, he lowered his head and kissed her silky blond hair lightly.
Then with some hesitancy, he pronounced her name tentatively "...Lola Zaza Crowley."
Suddenly, a heavy, depressing aura came out of Laura's delicate body, her shining azure innocent eyes suddenly dimmed, and a gloom that was absolutely impossible to appear on a fifteen-year-old girl surrounded her. 
Even her mouth which held a sweet smile morphed into a grin, becoming evil and twisted. 
"I don't like this name, brother... I'll say it again, I hope you can call me Laura Stuart!"
After speaking, Laura took a heavy step and walked inside the small kitchen with the basket.
Roy's eyes gradually narrowed, he bit his lip and suddenly turned around, and asked to the empty air behind him: " should I save her?"
Behind Roy, a figure made of light was floating like a balloon, it was an Angel!