Chapter 2:

Ch-3: ‘Holy Guardian Angel’ & ‘Great Demon’


In modern occultism, there is an existence named as 'Secret Chiefs'.

The so-called 'Secret Chiefs' refer to humans or extraterrestrial beings with transcendent power and wisdom. They have knowledge that is too large to be described in words, they are in a sense almost omnipotent.
In modern occultism, they oversee the operations of an organization that manifests outwardly in the form of a magical order. 
In the famous magic association or magic cabal of this world "Golden Dawn" also known as 'Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn' that has completely influenced modern occultism, there are three levels of order. 
In their grading system— 'Silver Star Grading System', the grades are referenced to by paired numbers separated by an equal sign, relating to the associated position on the Tree of Life.
With the exception of the initial 0=0 grade which has no associated position, the first numeral is the number of steps up from the bottom of the tree (Malkuth), while the second is the number of steps down from the top (Keter). 
The 'Secret Chief' is the position of the highest order— third order among the total three orders. The most basic 'Secret Chief' are of (8=3) grade, some 'Secret Chief' are also associated with higher grades.
(Note- I have released the ranking at the end of the chapter to better understand the 'Silver Star Grading System'.) 
The 'Secret Chief' are able 'to comprehend the divine without a body', and those who can comprehend 'divine will with a human body', those are known as 'God of Magic'!
In modern times, there is a famous occultist Helena Blavatsky, who also the ancestor of Theosophy. It is said that she was favored by a certain 'Secret Chief' and thus gained great knowledge. 
The angel behind Roy is also a 'Secret Chief'. According to this angel, it can be regarded as an extraterrestrial life form with unprecedented knowledge. 
It is a golden haired being, with a tall and thin stature, wearing loose white clothing that covers its body entirely, a pair of naked feet exuding holy brilliance, and an angel halo on top of it's head.
It's expression is also difficult to ascertain, having a mix of happiness, sadness, grief, and anger, having emotions completely different from humans.
It is effeminate-looking, but it is impossible to distinguish his gender from a human point of view, but Roy feels that it's features leaned toward a 'female'.
Perhaps, it is precisely because of Roy's thinking that the angel in front of him appears in this form, no matter what it's true appreance may be. In appearance, it is getting closer to the concept of 'female' because others think so. 
'Holy Guardian Angel' Aiwass is her name, a 'Secret Cheif', a mysterious existence summoned by Aleister Crowley using the body of his beloved wife. 
Roy didn't know when Aiwass appeared behind him like a spirit. When Roy was conscious, he could see Aiwass following behind him. 
Roy once asked why Aiwass appeared next to him, and Aiwass gave the reason:
'You are an interesting person, a person who shouldn't appear, the person that I want to find, I will observe you by your side and find the place I have been searching for but can't find.'
Aiwass words were ambiguous, but Roy didn't ask for more information, because a higher life form like Aiwass is totally mysterious and will never easily tell you the truth and knowledge. 
It is more like an observer, observing the existence it is interested in such as— Aleister Crowley and Roy Crowley.
An existence like Aiwass is not a single individual. She can completely transform herself into a 'plural' form, which means that there is an Aiwass by Roy's side and another by Aleister's side. They are both Aiwaas, observing the father and son duo together at the same time.
"Answering your question..."
Aiwass has emotions such as happiness, anger, sorrow, and so on, but Roy always has a strange feeling from the bottom of his heart when facing her, her emotions are not like humane, but more of a sort of angelic emotions. 
Her voice was a bit distorted, as if the aural law of the world cannot accommodate the sound, the voice felt like the sound of 'Zizzz' from an old TV with bad signal. 
According to Aiwass's explanation, this is because her words are difficult for humans to understand, so it is produces this distortion phenomenon.
"...Lola Zaza Crowley's body is inhabitanted by 'Great Demon' Coronzon. He is the demon symbolizing '333'. Ten years ago, he tried to invade Aleister's body and failed, and somehow ran away. Arrived in London, and from then started to dwelled in her body."
Aiwass voice is still distorted, just like she is trying to translate some secret words that humans cannot understand into ordinary English, and it sounded awkwardly strange. 
"The 'Great Demon' Coronzon? Since you are called the 'Holy Guardian Angel', is Coronzon's existance similar to you?"
Roy frowned. It would be very troublesome if the demon lodged in Lola's body was the same existence as Aiwass. He never thought that this demon had such a big background.
It is also really interesting to think about that the two brother and sister, one with an archangel behind him, and the other with a big demon in her body.
"You can understand Coronzon as a fallen angel. He is indeed an existence similar to mine... Existence like us live in the higher aspect XXXXX, and can only appear in the material world in the form of a 'spirit'."
"As a 'spirit', we cannot exert too much influence on the material world. We must have a physical medium to do so."
"This is why Coronzon wanted to seize Aleister's body and now wants to sieze Lola's. Without a medium, he is just a 'spirit' who can only observe."
A part of Aiwass' words was automatically blocked. Roy knew that it was not that Aiwass deliberately skipped it, but when she said the word, he was not able to hear it. 
This was because Roy with a human brain, could not understand it, the brain automatically filtered out that word. 
"I don't want to know the origin of Coronzon. Aiwass, I just want to ask what can I do to expel that demon's 'spirit' from Lola's body."
Roy interrupted Aiwass's long talk and asked the most critical question. 
"You can't do it."
Ives answered decisively.
"Then who can do it?"
"Aleister Crowley may be able to."
"Where is Aleister now? I'm going to find him!"
This time Aiwass did not answer Roy, the 'Holy Guardian Angel', the 'Secret Chief' from a high-level aspect gave Roy a strange smile. 
"...Roy, I want to ask you, is Lola Zaza Crowley really your sister?"
"What do you mean?"
Roy was shocked when he heard Aiwass's words and saw her weird smile.
Just as Roy was about to inquire more about her words, Aiwass's figure faded away from Roy's sight. 
Roy knew that as long as Aiwass herself didn't want to, he couldn't force her to answer more.
Roy exhaled deeply, he clenched his fist and went to the floor-to-ceiling mirror inside his room. 
He knew that it was all because he was too weak and didn't have enough knowledge and strength, his situation has turned passive. 
If he had great power and rich knowledge, he could atleast try to expel the demon dwelling in Lola's body by himself.
If he had great power and rich knowledge, he would find the truth about everything without relying on outsiders.
"Power, knowledge..."
Roy whispered, he never wanted to possess power and knowledge so much.
Standing in front of the floor-to-ceiling mirror, Roy looked at himself in the mirror. Although this body was only fifteen years old, he was already 1.8 meters tall. 
He had short silver hair and a neutral face. Without informing, people wouldn't be able to distinguish him between a beautiful man or a beautiful women, a neutral face. 
Yes, that is the face that can be described as 'beautifully' handsome either you are a man, or a woman. 
Roy knew that his hair and physical features should be inherited from Aleister Crowley. Even though he had never seen the man named 'father', Roy knew that Aleister was an attractive man with long silver hair and a neutral, attractive face.
In any case, compared to Roy's appearance before his reincarnation, he is now many times more attractive. 
"If I had a face like this in my past life, I guess I wouldn't be missing a girlfriend at all, right? "
Roy laughed at himself, then looked at his eyes in the mirror.
A pair of dark black eyes, which was the only feature Roy had inherited from his past life, because in those dark eyes, there were actually two pupils present, which is the feature of the legendary double pupil Sage!
Roy before his 'reincarnation' was also called Roy, but his surname was Roy, instead of the current situation where it is his first name. 
When he was a child, he was ridiculed by other children for being bizzare until he grew up and read many xianxia novels, he became excited on discovering his 'true identity'. 
Double pupils means the appearance of a Sage, he once felt complacent that he was the reincarnation of a saint with extraordinary power. 
Until one day, Roy went to the ophthalmology hospital. After the ophthalmologist said, "The double pupil is actually the pupil's adhesion and distortion, it may be congenital or result from a disease affecting the iris." He emerged out from his childhood fantasy. 
In his later life, he was completely indifferent of being called as the Double pupil Sage. Have you ever seen a Sage take photography as a profession, occasionally relying on his photography skills to earn a living? 
Thinking of those interesting memories of the past, Roy couldn't help but let out a light laugh.
But soon he restrained himself and set his attention on his messy silver hair again.
What is the hair color of the mother of this body? I can't remember.... but surely, I inherited Aleister's silver hair. 
Was Lola's long blond hair inherited from our mother?
Is Lola really his sister?
Recalling what Aiwass said just now, a faint fear arose in Roy's heart.
If Lola is not his own sister, who is she? 
I have lived with her for so many years, she always sweetly calls me "brother" with a cute smile, and if she is not my sister, who is she? 
Roy suddenly hit the wall with his fist in full force. The pain that came from the nerve endings in his hand stimulated his brain as the bright red blood slid down the wall from between his fingers.
"No, Lola is my sister, that cute and beautiful sister, whoever she may be, it can't be denied that she is my sister!"
Roy said firmly without any hesitation.
In the 'A Certain Magical Index' world the stages of magic cannot be exactly divided. However 'Golden Dawn' roughly divides the stages in this way. 
First Order is weakest and Third Order is the strongest stages in magic. No need to remember, for reference only. 
#Number | Grade | Order
 0=0 |Neophyte|First
1=10 |Zelator |First
 2=9 |Theoricus |First
 3=8 |Practicus |First
 4=7 |Philosophus |First
 5=6 |Adeptus Minor |Second          
 6=5 |Adeptus Major |Second 
 7=4 |Adeptus Exemptus |Second
 8=3 |Magister Templi |Third
 9=2 |Magus |Third
10=1 |Ipsissimus |ThirdBookmark here

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