Chapter 3:

Ch-4: Book of the Law


"Brother, your hand?"
Bright red blood flowed down the mottled wall, and the sweet and pure voice behind him restored Roy's pondering. His stern face showed a gentle smile again, he quickly turned around and said: "...sorry, I scared you, Laura. I was a little irritated by the content of that book just now, it became like this when I recovered."
(T/L Note- From here Roy addresses his sister as Laura in front of her, as she asked him to do so.) 
Roy motioned towards the "Book of 777" on the table.
As an older brother, he cannot pass on his worries to his younger sister, he is the one who has to perfectly fulfill his duties as a brother. 
But still, as a 'Book of Magical Ways' the knowledge that a 'original grimoire' possesses is 'poisonous' in the sense that it is too 'pure' for the human mind to handle, it is almost like a book that records the 'essence of an evil god'. 
The people with average intelligence will only see the occult knowledge recorded on the surface, so it is relatively safe for them, but the smarter the person, more deeper they can see. 
Being able to dig deeper into Aleister's thoughts will only bring tragedy. The more you understand, the more will you will be 'poisoned'. 
"Aleister Crowley..."
Laura Stuart saw the author's name on the book, gloom briefly flashed in her blue eyes as pure as the natural sea. 
Her pure and sweet voice became deep, "Brother, you shouldn't read a book written by such a rubbish man, you will be 'poisoned' by it."
From a young age, Lola always had a deep resentment in her tone whenever he mentioned about Aleister. 
At that time, Roy thought that Lola hated Aleister's existence for forgetting about them, leaving them behind in an arduous situation, lonely and helpless. Maybe she hated Aleister's unsympathetic nature. 
But after hearing what Aiwass said, Roy felt that Lola's resentment towards Aleister should have a deeper meaning.
"Ah! Brother, your hand is still bleeding...."
The silly girl seemed to have reacted at this moment, seeing that the blood on Roy's hand was still oozing out slowly, she hurriedly found a roll of gauze from somewhere. 
The First World War had just ended, and the medical supplies that could be used on the front lines were easy to find in London.
Laura used a pair of scissors and carefully cut a section of the gauze and then carefully and gently wrapped it around Roy's right hand.
Roy lowered his head, his nasal cavity was filled with the elegant fragrance from the young girl's body. 
He looked at Lola's gorgeous and beautiful blonde hair scattered on the ground, a serious look on her delicate and pretty face, her slender hands carefully wrapping the wound on his hand with gauze, just---
Roy looked at his gauzed hand and felt a little stupefied, he could feel that after being wrapped in these gauze by Lola, his veins were tightly strangled.
"Laura, ma–maybe you should leave the nursing job to nurses. I mean, cough, you don't have to do such tedious job. In fact, I don't want my cute sister to go through such hardships. "
Though the bleeding stopped, if it is on the battlefield, it is estimated that those soldiers will not die from blood loss, but instead, would be strangled to death by Lola's nursing. 
"Ah, ah? Is my technique really so bad? Obviously I learned very carefully....."
Lola's eyes wandered in guilt, she didn't dare to look at Roy, her delicate face showed a faint red blush, the whole person looked very guilty, she just had a awkward smile on her face. 
"Who taught you the bandaging technique?"
"It's Sister Ella of the English Puritan Church not far away from here."
"I have trust in Sister Ella's bandaging technique. She wouldn't teach you how to bandage like this."
Roy glanced at his weirdly wrapped right hand in gauze again, and asked jokingly, "Maybe a new technique developed by my cute, little sister? A killer move?"
"Brother, is my bandaging technique really that bad?"
Laura opened her mouth slightly, with a look of surprise on her face.
Roy rolled his eyes directly, he has to say that his sister, Lola Crowley, is really a naturally 'airhead girl', sometimes she will remain in a dazed state if left undisturbed. 
"The bread is going to get cold. Once the bread gets cold and becomes hard, it won't taste good anymore. At time I would rather chew bricks. Even bricks feels softer than those breads." , Roy said to Lola. 
Perhaps she was a little embarrassed by Roy's word. Lola hurriedly pulled up her dress and stood up to rush towards the kitchen. 
She accidentally stepped on her own long hair and her body became unbalanced. If Roy didn't held her in time, Lola would have fallen on the ground.
Roy was amused when he saw Lola getting up from his arms and running into the kitchen in a hurried manner. 
This is the younger sister who has lived with him for more than ten years, a younger sister who is very clumsy, except for her beautiful face and cute she didn't really possessed other qualities. 
Perhaps the only thing she can do is raise her beautiful and lovely face and give a cute smile to refresh his day. But, that's enough for him to ardently protect his sister. 
Dinner started on an old table in a warm atmosphere. It is not a malicious mockery to say that Laura is 'clumsy', because she really can't do many things, such as this simple dinner, her cooking was, uhm, a bit like a 'dark crusine'. The homemade jam was a bit too sour, Roy was barely able to swallow it! 
But he won't complain about the food. It's not the 21st century. In London, where the war has just ended, it's already a blessing for two poor children to eat a little jam. The hard life of more than ten years has made Roy adapted to such living conditions. 
After dinner, Laura went to clean up the house. Although she is very diligent, she is still clumsy in nature. 
Roy is the one who washes plates and bowls, he didn't dare to let his sister touch them. If she accidentally broke them, then they would be eating their meal with their palms as the plates for a long time. 
In the leisure time after dinner, Roy walked to the bookcase and pulled out a book casually.
As if thinking of something, he asked Lola who was busy, " there any new news today?"
Laura, who was wiping the table and accidentally knocked her knees, heard Roy's question, she thought for a while and said: "... Sister Ella said that the war country seems to be holding a meeting."
The two brothers and sisters received a lot of care from the church when they were young, and they are considered qualified believers. 
When they have free time, they always go to the church to do some volunteer work to help others.
Roy murmured.
At this time Roy was already thinking about whether he should find a way to immigrate to France with his sister.
In the first half of the twentieth century, it should be one of safest places. Wars occurred in other countries more or less.
However, there are still more than ten years before the war began. Maybe at that time he would become a powerful magician, enough to protect himself and his sister in the war, so Roy was not in a hurry to leave. 
He looked at the opened book in his hand for a while, then closed it, turned to the cover and looked at the author's name. 
-Aleister Crowley
This book is on thelema. 
As for Thelema, it is a system of philosophical law and magic, developed by Aleister Crowley. 
In Roy's few memories, Aleister Crowley is the ultimate boss who stands behind the curtains and seems to be playing with the world in the palm of his hand. 
 But, in fact Aleister Crowley, this person is a uncle-type person with deep wounds in his heart, at the same time it is not an exaggeration to describe him with the word 'lewd'.
Aleister's life is extremely chaotic, with many lovers, loves to tell strange jokes, he walks among countless affairs with females. 
It's just that Aleister doesn't have any respect or sense of sacredness for 'love' itself. There are letters written by Aleister to Roy's mother in this apartment. 
From the content of those letters, you can know that the main reason Alister is so popular among women is because he is handsome. 
Yes, it's that simple! 
Aleister is so handsome that he can easily capture a women's hearts with just his appearance. For him, getting a woman is as simple as eating and drinking, so he doesn't care about women. He don't even know that he has many illegitimate children. 
These 'children' do not only include Roy, Lola and his first child, Lilith, but many others! 
(Author's Note: This was not made up by me. Aleister in the original book is such a person.)
"This sad, hateful face-seeking world!!"
Roy groaned. Before crossing, it was extremely difficult for him to find a girlfriend. He was really sour then. 
But after seeing himself in the mirror, the sourness in Roy's heart quickly changed to sweet, well, it was not fully disadvantageous to inherit Aleister's excellent genes. He just hoped no magician was able to guess his relationship with Aleister due to possessing quite similar faces. 
"Even Aleister has the limitations. Those letters of his are more shabby than any of the essays I have ever written. Even if I write one now, they would be way better than what he wrote. "
Roy shook his head and stuffed the book in the bookshelf. Aleister loves to write strange books, but his writing style is really not good. 
If he wants to publish, no publisher will be willing to make a loss making business by publishing his books. This book was also published on his own expense. 
After correcting his mood, Roy returned to his workbench, and took a deep breath and took out a book from the bottom of the desk.
This book is a truly taboo book, a book feared by all magicians of cross religion. 
A book which if ever deciphered, could spell the end of the Religion of the Cross, Christianity.
Roy looked at the name on the cover of the book--
"Book of the Law" (Liber AL vel Legis)Bookmark here

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