Chapter 4:

Ch-5: Aleister Crowley


Many people think that the 'Book of the Law' was written by Aleister Crowley, but in fact this book was dictated to Aleister by Aiwass, and it was only copied down by Aleister.  
Therefore, the knowledge recorded in the 'Book of the Law' is not 'owned' by Aleister at all, but belongs to the 'Holy Guardian Angel' Aiwass. 
Aleister's real achievement are the Book of Thoth, Moonchild in 1917 and Book 4. As for the 'Book of 777', it is known to very few people.
With his knowledge of Egyptian mythology, Judaism, Hebrew symbols and the Book of Changes, alchemy, astrology, spiritual mathematics, etc., Aleister created a new set of tarot cards for himself- Thoth Tarot. 
The 'Book of Thoth' records his understanding of this set of tarot cards.
Thoth Tarot is the most classic set of tarot cards in the world. It occupies a great position in the occult and is an important item for spiritual practice.
Now Aiwass stays behind Roy in the form of a 'plural' existence. So Roy was able ask 'Book of the Law's content from her. Of course, it was only because the angel agreed to his request. 
"The 'Book of the Law' has been already written by Aleister Crowley. If I write another 'Book of the Law', will it be same as Aleister's 'Book of the Law', a 'original grimore'. Will the two 'Book of the Law' conflict?"
Roy sat on the wooden chair, playing with a quill in his hand, and opened the 'Book of the Law' in his other hand.
Three-quarters of the 'Book of the Law' has been written, and only one-quarter is still blank. 
This 'Book of the Law' is just an ordinary book that records knowledge before it is completely written. However, when it is truly completed, it will show it's real 'magic'. 
"The so-called 'original grimore' of the magic way is just a medium for a magician to record the knowledge he has learned throughout his life."
"If someone else transcribes the magic book, because he cannot understand the true knowledge in the book, the newly copied book is just ordinary object. "  
"But if it is the original author of the 'original grimore', as long as he has the ability, he can write two identical 'original grimore'."
Aiwass's voice was still obscure, like a distorted tape recorder but Roy understood what she meant.
That is to say, if it is transcribed by someone else according to the content copied from the 'Book of the Law', then it will not have any magic powers. 
But if the new 'Book of the Law' is dictated by Aiwass herself, then there will be two 'Book of the Law' in this world.
Aiwass was is a 'Secret Chief' of grades of 8=3 and beyond, of course she has the ability to create two 'original grimore' of the same magic way.
"I understand, so let's continue transcribing now, let us finish the 'Book of the Law' today."
As soon as Roy's voice fell, Aiwass who was present behind him turned into a ray of light and disappeared, and then Roy's eyelids became heavy as he lost consciousness, it seemed as if his body was being controlled by someone. 
The slender hand holding the quill slid spontaneously on the paper, as if possessed by some ghost who was manipulating his body. 
The hand moved while his lips started reciting.
"The Book of the Law Chapter III, Section 72, I am the 'master of the powerful double rod'. This rod is the power of COPH.NIA, but my left hand is empty, because my right hand has shattered the universe and left nothing!"
"The Book of the Law Chapter III, Section 74, my hidden and honorable name has a brilliance, just as the midnight sun is always has a son!"
"Book of the Law Chapter III, Section 75, the words to end everything are: ABRAHADABRA!"
"The Book of the Law was written and then hidden, AUM.HA, AUM.HA!"
When Roy finished writing the last letter of the 'Book of the Law' with the right hand holding the quill pen, the surrounding suddenly fell silent, and the sound of the paper 'buzzing' echoed through the bedroom.
Roy's eyes still closed, his heartbeat strong, breathing steady, but his body has lost movement, brain activity stopped, his 'spirit' has left the body, shuttled through the physical world, and went to another 'aspect' that is unknown to the material world. 
This is an 'Aspect' in which only the 'spirit' exists, it lacks any known matter. 
Neither the physical laws nor the well-known magical laws are applied here. This 'Aspect' has its own unique set of laws.
It is the first time for Roy to come to this wonderful 'Aspect'. Because of his unfamiliarity with this 'Aspect', his body cannot move temporarily, no, in fact his 'body' does not even exists in this 'Aspect'. Only his 'spirit' or 'thought body' is present. 
And just as Roy was thinking about the ways to move his 'thought body', in this 'Aspect' where no other existence should exist, an abrupt voice came forth.
The voice was neither male nor female, neither old nor young, the owner of the voice exclaimed as if he had discovered some novel animal: "...interesting, truly interesting, how did you came to this 'Aspect'?"
"....Wait! Let me guess..."
"It should be through the 'Book of the Law'. As far as I could remember, the book should have fallen into the hands of the English Puritan Church."
"So, your presence means you are a member of the English Puritan Church? Maybe, the holder of the 'Book of the Law'?"
"It seems that I underestimated the English Puritan Church, there are people who can find the most correct path of interpretation among endless errors."
The voice was talking to himself, and the tone was a little frivolous, Roy 'looked' at human form in this nihility 'Aspect'. 
The figure had long silver hair reaching up to his back, wearing a magnificent black coat that looked like a military uniform, and a long military cloak attached to his shoulders, giving this man a touch of seriousness in luxury.
This man has a beautiful face and possesses a unique lonely temperament, enough to make countless women fall for him. 
Aleister Crowley, when Roy 'saw' this man, he recognized him at first sight.
The father of this body, the father who he has never met before, "Silver Star", "the beast of the apocalypse", "the wickedest man in the world", " The Great Beast" and so on are all his titles.
His Magic Name - Beast666. 
After seeing Aleister Crowley, Roy was surprised for a moment but soon became ecstatic. He was still thinking about how to find this man, but he did not expect that after he completed the 'Book of the Law', he will see him in this wonderful 'Aspect'.
Roy wanted to speak, but he couldn't utter a single word. 
The law of this 'Aspect' is completely different from the material world. Before he could adapt and understand the laws present here, he couldn't even do a simple actions like 'speaking'.
Roy now doesn't even have a body. He is just a spirit, a spirit only capable of thinking. 
But Aleister is different. He obviously knows this 'Aspect' very well and has done in-depth research. Not only can he easily speak here, but he can even manifest his own material body.
"This is the imaginary aspect. It's really your misfortune to meet me here, unknown interesting person...<Imagine Breaker> was broken in the battle with Mathers."
"For my grand plan, I cannot allow you to pass the information about my location to those magicians."
Aleister Crowley said so, and then under Roy's stunned gaze, the greatest magician of the 20th century slowly raised his right hand, making a fist with his right hand, extending his thumb and index finger, and made was a well-known shooting gesture. 
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