Chapter 6:

Ch-7: English Puritan Church


Aleister Crowley, this person has various flaws and shortcomings, there is a huge gap between him and a "normal human being".Bookmark here

Bookmark here

But even if Aleister has many shortcomings, there is one thing that is noble enough for anyone to admire about him, and that is his 'love', 'love' for his family.Bookmark here

This man seems to be totally indifferent to everything, showing no human feelings, but it is just a concealment of his love he has deeply hidden in his heart. Bookmark here

Aleister is a man who is willing to give everything for his family, and even willing to become an enemy of the world.Bookmark here

The reason why he choose to eliminate magic and made an attempt to make the 'Magic Gods' fall was not because of his lofty ambitions and ideals. Bookmark here

It is only because the existence of magic caused his eldest daughter to die months after she was just born. Bookmark here

In Egypt in 1904, Aiwass was summoned into Rose's body and conveyed to Aleister the secrets that he would compile into the Book of the Law which would form the foundation of Thelema. Bookmark here

A little while afterwards, Lilith was born. Out of love for daughter, Aleister read the stars to determine the name he would give his daughter, one which carried meaning and ended up being very long.Bookmark here

Aleister temporarily stopped his magical research in order to assist with Lilith's birth, and protect his unstable wife and daughter afterwards. Bookmark here

After their condition stabilized, to make up for the delay, he set off on a trip to a great mountain to achieve a certain objective.Bookmark here

However while he was there, the effects of 'sparks' resulted in Lilith's sudden death from illness. Bookmark here

Aleister learned of his daughter's death by letter once he was finished at the mountain.Bookmark here

Aleister had wished for his daughter's happiness more than anyone but had not been allowed to come running and be with her as she died.Bookmark here

On that day, Aleister left a single tearstain in his diary.Bookmark here

Aleister is so simple as a 'human'. To some extent even 'pure'. For a child who died after she was just born, he stood up and fought against the whole world. Bookmark here

Just to take revenge against the magical world that made his daughter unable to survive, to break this arrangement of fate that he absolutely does not agree with.Bookmark here

The moment Roy 'disappeared', he saw the essence of Aleister.Bookmark here

Aleister is a person who always lives in failure and setbacks.Bookmark here

No matter what Aleister wants to do, no matter how meticulously he plans, even for decades, he will encounter setbacks in the process, but he keeps going on, no matter what may the result be. Bookmark here

Maybe the result was doomed to be a failure and he will fail miserably, but then he will stand up again in the ashes of failure and continue his attempt to gain 'success'. Bookmark here

This is a pitiful and ridiculous man who makes people feel sorry for him when they deeply know about him.Bookmark here

But, Roy will still laugh even if he knows his father's true emotions.Bookmark here

For a man like Aleister who loves his family so much, killing his son with his own hands, even if it was unintentional, it will probably be a nightmare he will never forget in his life.Bookmark here

For this irresponsible father, this is the biggest revenge against him!Bookmark here

...Bookmark here

"Brother... brother...."Bookmark here

"Brother Roy? "Bookmark here

Laura Stuart wiped her delicate hands with a washed white, clean towel and walked out of the storage room, calling out her brother's name. Bookmark here

Whenever she used to call him, her brother would always respond to her at the first instance, but today strangely, Roy didn't responded to her words. Bookmark here

She walked to the living room and looked at the chair where her brother always sat, the chair was already empty. Bookmark here

The befuddled look on Laura's face slowly disappeared, and she just walked to the table in silence.Bookmark here

The 'Book of 777' on the table was 'burning' spontaneously, turning to ashes, bit by bit.Bookmark here

Laura knew that if a 'original grimore' gets destroyed, it meant that all the knowledge in this book had been completely obtained by others, so the duty of the 'original grimore' is completed. Bookmark here

'Book of 777' gradually turned into ashes, and the last part to disappear was the place where the author of this book of original grimore signed his name- Aleister Crowley.Bookmark here

Laura gently touched the chair with her hand as if to feel Roy's warmth, and then she left the room without looking back.Bookmark here

..... Bookmark here

St. George's Cathedral, London, here is the main base camp of the English Puritan Church in London. Bookmark here

English Puritan Church, also known as the Anglican Church is one of the three major factions of the Religion of Cross, with 900 million believers of this church all over the world. Bookmark here

Lola didn't know when she changed her simple long skirt and put on a ceremonial dress.Bookmark here

Compared to the figure of a fifteen year old girl, this monastic dress looked a little loose, as if it was not prepared for her figure and shape, but as Lola stepped on the stairs of St. George's Cathedral's main hall, her body also started to change. Bookmark here

The gorgeous, pale golden, long hair which originally reached her ankle grew rapidly in an instant, it grew almost 2.5 times the height of Lola, and her body structure also changed. Bookmark here

The body which should be thin due to malnutrition, slowly stated showing plumpness, the fifteen-year-old girl seemed to have grown into an eighteen years old in an instant. Bookmark here

Lola folded her long hair touching the floor, back to the back of her head, then back again from the back of her head. Even after folding twice in a row, her gorgeous hair was still as long as her waist.Bookmark here

A silver-white hairpin materialised out of thin air at the same time to position her hairstyle, the folded hair perfectly blocked the demon's face on her hair.Bookmark here

St. George's Cathedral at this moment looked dark and quiet enough to make people get goosebumps.Bookmark here

Lola slowly walked from out the corridor to the praying hall. She lowered her head as if praying to God. Bookmark here

After a long time, she suddenly stretched out her left hand and snapped her fingers.Bookmark here

"Snap! "Bookmark here

The candles in St. George's Cathedral lit up one by one, and the candle's light dissipated the darkness. Bookmark here

Unknowningly, several men and women in priest's uniforms were kneeling on the ground behind Lola. Bookmark here

"... Supreme Bishop, please command! "Bookmark here

"Take my orders, find the 'most evil magician in the world', and kill him by all means! "Bookmark here

Lola's voice is still innocent and sweet, like a little girl who knows nothing about the world, very friendly, making it is easy for people to forget the gap between their identity.Bookmark here

But what did not match the sweetness in Lola's voice is the solemnity and coldness in her words, "...Kill him, kill him at all costs!"Bookmark here

She is the Archbishop of English Puritan Church, the actual head of Puritanism, and the spiritual leader of 900 million people in the world!Bookmark here

However, she has another identity as well, the leader of Necessarius or the Church of Necessary Evil, the 0th Parish of the English Puritan Church. Bookmark here

The Puritan magicians who were kneeling on the ground quietly receiving the command, one of them hesitated then lightly scratched his neck and said: Bookmark here

"...Archbishop, your order seems to be somewhat beyond our ability. "Bookmark here

"The magicians all over the world are looking for that man, but if his whereabouts were so easy to be found, I am afraid he would have died long ago. "Bookmark here

Another magician added:Bookmark here

"...It is impossible to determine his whereabouts by relying on our power alone. I am afraid we need to join forces with the Roman Catholic Church and the Russian Orthodox Church. "Bookmark here

Facing the Archbishop of the Puritan religion, these subordinate magicians did not have any fear, but were talking to her like an old friend.Bookmark here

This is also the atmosphere that Lola wants, she herself encouraged this type of environment. Bookmark here

"Aleister Crowley, he will come to England. He will definitely come here, because there is a reason why he must come here. "Bookmark here

"So, mobilize the full power of the Puritanism, you must find him out the exact moment he sets foot on this land. We, must find him, and destroy him! "Bookmark here

Lola said confidently.Bookmark here

"As you command, Archbishop! "Bookmark here

The magicians did not ask why Laura was so affirmative about Aleister's arrival. Bookmark here

For their Archbishop, although these subordinates did not have much respect on the surface, they trusted her blindly in their hearts.Bookmark here

The Puritan magicians withdrew, the candle in St. George's Cathedral went out again, and Lola stood in the dark and looked up at the Holy Cross, her expression slightly complicated.Bookmark here

"This is what I planned a long time ago, and the development of things are also advancing according to my plan...."Bookmark here

"Use him... to lead Aleister Crowley to feel despair, but why do I feel so empty in my heart? ....Roy "Bookmark here

"...Roy, my... br-brother...m-my... "Bookmark here

The Archbishop of Puritan murmured repeatedly while keeping her hands on her heart.Bookmark here

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