Chapter 7:

Ch-8: Heaven Canceller


On December 1, 1947, in a dilapidated shed inside a rural village in England, Aleister Crowley was lying on a haystack. 
He was breathing heavily, his body was totally stained red with blood of both his own and his pursuers. Vitality was slowly leaving his body, but he was not slightest bit afraid of arrival the approaching death. 
"It's really a pity, but I failed in the end.... this is the price I have to pay for killing my child.... by my own hands."
Aleister lay in his own thoughts, unconsciously recalling the events he did not wanted to recall.
In 1919, Aleister was hiding in Egypt and began to construct the beginning of his plan, but he did not expect to see a stranger in the 'Imaginary Aspect' one day.
He guessed that the other party had cracked the 'Book of the Law' and thus arrived in the 'Aspect'. 
For the sake of hiding the location of imaginary 'Aspect' in which he hides, he did not hesitate to use his strongest magic that has the power of Big Bang when the enemy is set as the 'Magic God', to kill his target. 
Aleister succeeded. After all he was the greatest magician of the twentieth century who was able to fight against the 'Magic God' with a mortal body. 
But, Aleister also failed, because what he killed was not the so-called 'enemy' he thought, but his own blood, his own offspring! 
At the moment he saw the other person's true body, whether it is from the genetic level, blood in his veins or the resonance of magic and soul. 
Aleister was totally convinced that this was his own child, a child born from the union between him and one of his countless lovers. 
At that moment, Aleister only felt complete despair. He abandoned his rationality, gave up the plan he had just started. 
He left Egypt without hesitation and returned to England, even though he knew that it was extremely dangerous for him to return to this land. 
But to fulfill his last responsibility as a father, he must look for the remaining traces of his child he killed by mistake.
He knew what he was going to face. He will be once again chased by the magicians of the whole world. 
He, who is trying to destroy magic and has the ability to do so, is the 'biggest heresy' and the worst enemy of the magic world, anyone who holds the power of magic will try to kill him. 
Among these magicians who hunted him down, the Puritan magicians of the English Puritan Church were the most crazy and desperate. 
Although Aleister is strong, he is still a mortal after all. From 1919 to 1947, Aleister had been fighting with magicians all over the world for twenty-eight years straight.
But yesterday, Aleister who was critically injured, was found by the British Puritan Church. 
The assassination troops seized this opportunity and launched a taboo ritual spell which caused Aleister to fall into this state. 
"...This really fits my ending."
Aleister didn't have any sadness or despair on his death. All his despair was dried up at the moment when he personally killed his own child 28 years ago. 
He knew exactly what his life was like. Always facing failure and setbacks, and then again facing failure and setbacks, but it is absolutely impossible to truly defeat Aleister.
It doesn't matter if it is the whole magic world or even the Magic God who can twist the basic laws of the world and even easily destroy the world. 
No matter how desperate the situation may be, it is impossible to truly defeat this terrible and powerful man. However, there is one thing which can truly defeat Aleister, that is- his family!
The door of the straw house in which Aleister laid was pushed open, Aleister listened to the sounds of gentle footsteps. However, he was totally calm before his impending doom. 
He even asked jokingly, "...which lucky guy is it? The English Puritan Church? The Russian Orthodox Church? The Roman Catholic Church?"
" Or some other magic cabal? ....I guess it's more likely to be English Puritan Church."
"...Well, just take my head in exchange for your rewards. I think my head is still very valuable in this world."
The person who walked in the room did not make a sound, as if he wanted to make Aleister feel terrified with this repressive atmosphere.
However, Aleister finally saw his executor—
"A Frog?" 
Aleister looked at an old man with a frog like face in front of him in amazement. The old man was wearing a pair of black-rimmed glasses and his body was a bit bloated.
"How could you possibly call someone a frog at their first meeting? It's so rude of you."
The 'executor' murmured in dissatisfaction. 
However Aleister had never seen him before, he didn't looked like a magician either. This old man was definitely not one of magicians who chased him. 
The old man then came to close Aleister and looked at his injuries seriously, "...It's a serious injury. If you are not treated at the moment, you will die soon."
"Who are you?"
Aleister was now as weak as a newborn baby, facing this old man who could effortlessly kill him at any time, he didn't have much vigilance, he just asked calmly.
"Who am I?"
The old man whispered, then he turned his head and looked at sky. 
He shook his head and smiled: "...I won't use the past name anymore. If you want, please call me Heaven Canceller!"
"Heaven Canceller?"
What an arrogant name it was, but Aleister didn't smile.
"Yes, time is running out, so stop talking, I need to treat you."
The old man named Heaven Canceller squatted down to prepare for the emergency treatment.
"My body has no possibility of salvation. No magic can heal me."
Aleister continued to say calmly, he knew his situation well enough, there was no chance for survival. 
"If magic doesn't work, then use science."
Heaven Canceller indifferently retorted.
Aleister looked at the old man who he had met by chance, and his bleak eyes brightened again.
Of course he didn't want to die. It was not his fear of death or greed for life, it was just that he hasn't fulfilled his purpose, he hasn't fulfilled that wish.
For Aleister, even death is only one of the countless setbacks, and definitely not the reason that can make him give up.
"Do you know who you are saving?"
"I don't care who you are. I only know that you are a patient who is in urgent need of the treatment. No matter what happens, I will never abandon any of my patients!"
Heaven Canceller decisively said those awe-inspiringly words.
"Really a weird guy..."
Aleister paused for a moment and continued: "...I have too many enemies in England, I can't stay here anymore."
"Ok, let me think about it..."
"Maybe you should go to Japan. Japan has just been defeated. That piece of land has everything you need and the environment there will definitely be able to accommodate you."
"It was only a few years since World War II and that country had not yet recovered yet."
"It will give you the opportunity to construct an institution in western Tokyo in the name of educational and technological recovery."
After thinking about it for a while, Heaven Canceller pointed out a way for Aleister.
Afterwards, with the treatment and help of Heaven Canceller, Aleister saved his life and moved to Japan.
To the magic world, Aleister Crowley, the most evil and the most terrifying magician died in the countryside of England on December 1, 1947.
In 1950, the Academy city was built——
In the darkness, Roy slowly opened his heavy eyelids as he regained his consciousness.