Chapter 9:

Ch-10: [Stairway to Ascension]


Kabbalah Four World Theory is the part of mystical occultism of Judaism. According to this mystical theory, the universe is divided into four parts. 
According to Aiwass, the world of 'A Certain Magical Index' follows this theory but home world of Roy exists outside this theory. 
Why does this 'real world' have novels, animations, manga, and etc, about other worlds?
Are other worlds even real? Or just a imagination of human mind? 
Why did he reincarnated to another world? etc, etc. 
These questions almost made Roy breathless.He shook his head, looked at Aiwass and said:
"...Forget it, these questions are not what I should consider now. Aiwass, can you still use your power in this world?"
Aiwass, who was curiously observing the world, opened her mouth and said: 
"...My power is greatly restricted and weakened in this world."
It was at this time that Roy noticed that Aiwass voice was no longer distorted as it when they where in 'A Certain Magical Index' world. 
Her voice became clearer and more feminine, which made Roy suspect this happened because of the peculiarities of this home world. 
The 'nature' gap between Aiwass and himself has narrowed due to suppression by this world, so that Roy can easily understand her words.
This meant that Aiwass was currently no longer a more higher dimension being than Roy. 
Roy frowned. He took some paper and pen and drew some magical glyphs and mysterious symbols on it. 
Although he is an inexperienced magician in 'A Certain Magical Index' world, he knows some basic magic at any rate.
"Magic can still be applied, but as you said, the power of magic in this world is greatly suppressed but some basic magic is still usable to some extant."
"As long as there are no other supernatural powers in this world, our ability is strong alone to stand on top of this world."
Roy shrugged, his expression didn't have much excitement or joy. Compared with the magnificent and colorful 'Anime' world, this real world was a bit too boring for him. 
Unlike a 'Secret Chief' like Aiwass who was curious about the unknown and incomprehensible world before her, Roy did not have the qualifications to explore the secrets of this 'real' world.
This is like playing a game. If Aiwass is a max level character who is exploring the way to breaking through the upper limit of her level by seeking more unknowns and gaining more knowledge, then Roy is now a level one noob.
So what this noob character needs to do first is to find a way to reach the full level, not to explore the realm after the full level.
"It's just that my gaming experience is a little different from others. The gamers of other RPG games slowly level up by grinding monsters, upon seeing that the low level monster is giving low exp, they move to grind higher level monsters.... "
"Morever, they gradually obtain higher level equipments, from a powerful party and face many small bosses along the way, then finally face the final boss...."
"However, I had to confront the final boss before I even started my journey and was finally insta killed by the final boss..."
"The creator of my game is simply too much like creator of 'those' games, who first creates a torturous game then take pleasure in always pitting players."
Roy laughed at himself and then closed his eyes and began to think about how he traversed between the two worlds.
He has lived in 'A Certain Magical Index' world for more than a decade. 
As an ordinary person before, he did not have any ability like 'absolute memory'. It is very difficult to recall the facts that happened more than ten years ago.
"I remember that I saw a strange, mysterious spell on the night I reincarnated. I copied that spell as it sounded rather cool..."
"Then I went to bed... After I woke up, I reincarnated into another world. The world of...."
"No, I seemed to have a dream that night and I seemed to have accidentally chanted that spell in the dream."
Just when Roy thought about the mysterious spell, the content of the spell appeared in his mind in an instant.
The spell was composed of simple Chinese characters but, it was strange when Roy read the whole spell, it sounded incomprehensible. 
He knows the meaning of each and every word but, when these words are connected together, they become incomprehensible.
He opened his mouth and chanted silently. Aiwass on the side noticed Roy's actions and stared at him closely.
As soon as Roy said the last word, Aiwass's expression finally changed drastically.
She whispered a 'huh' in amazement and then Roy's body as well as she herself disappeared from the bedroom. 
Roy only felt that his vision went dark for a moment and in the next moment he came to an unknown place. 
Roy found himself standing in the middle of nowhere. Not far from him was a staircase leading to the sky.
The sky above his head had a very low height from the ground, approximately, only about a hundred meters! 
The sky seemed to be made of white mist-like chaotic air currents, as if shrouding endless mystery, riddles and, strangeness! 
However ground under Roy's feet seemed to be made of a huge transparent glass screen but what really austoned him was the 'thing' under the 'glass screen'. 
It was a 'world'! Yes, a world! 
The world looked like an oil painting filled with countless bizarre, unrecognizable colors.
When Roy looked at this world, he instinctly knew that the world under his feet was the 'A Certain Magical Index' world where he reincarnated before. 
He has a illusionary feeling, that if he wants, he can re-enter the world under his feet at any time.
"I remember, I have been to this place in my dreams..."
"At that time when I was in this place, I thought I was having a lucid dream, so I tried to imagine myself going to some anime world..."
"Then I seemed to have reincarnated in the 'A Certain Magical Index' world..."
Many people have experienced this situation, when dreaming they will suddenly become conscious, fully aware that they are dreaming. 
At that time, as long as they rely on imagination, they can control their dreams to a certain extent. Roy decided to do the same thing at that time. 
But he didn't expect that his 'dream' would become real.
"Aiwass, do you know anything about this place?"
Roy turned around and looked at the 'Holy Guardian Angel' behind him. At this time, Aiwass had a stunned look on her face, she stared at this wonderful place in a daze.
After a while, she regained her senses: 
"...I'm sorry, Roy, everything here is beyond the scope of knowledge that I know."
"Maybe, is it because I'm 'attached' with you that I am able to appear here? Otherwise, I would definitely not able to follow you here, to this place."
Roy nodded and continued:
"Since even you don't even understand this place, I won't go into the origin of this place for the time being..."
"But I can feel that I can return to your world at any time from here. However, before that, let's explore this mystique place!"
Roy lowered his head, took a deep looked at the world under his feet, which looked like an oil painting, and then walked forward. 
"...I clearly remember that in my dream this staircase didn't seem lead to anywhere but, now above it. There actually seems to be a door."
He stepped upon the staircase with great interest and walked step by step to the top of the 100-meter high staircase. 
While Aiwass followed him, following his every step while floating behind him. 
"Aiwass, it suddenly occurred to me that since I can travel to different worlds from here..."
"What if I now go back to the 'real' world and force those authors to modify the content of their works?"
Roy thought on a whim and asked for Aiwass's opinion.
"It doesn't have any meaning. A world is a complex whole, composed of infinite variables. However, it still follows the most basic logic."
"A world without logic that is too contradictory will put you in danger..."
"Moreover, is it really as you say? Is it the 'book' that appeared first or was it the world that appeared first? Just like the 'Hen or Egg' question."
"It's better not to reverse this cause & effect relationship. My existence is the most significant proof."
" 'I' being able to appear in the so-called 'real world' in your mouth proves that I really exist, not just some picture or a paragraph in a book."
"...In other words, maybe because the world existed in the first place, it's 'plot' would spread in a way that we can't understand, and become a story in your world."
"Moreover, this kind of thing is not incredible for a powerful being, they can predict the 'plot' of a world. So you can't deny that the world in that story is not real just because it's a story."
"The mysterious space we are now in may be built by some being more powerful than a God of Magic."
Aiwass almost explained to Roy like a teacher teaching to her pupil. As the 'Holy Guardian Angel' previously said, she will no longer be just an observer of Roy but instead willing to aid him in his cause. 
Roy nodded in response. He didn't listen to Aiwass's words from the left ear and threw then out of the right ear but kept it seriously 'recorded' in his brain. 
"You can use the content recorded in those books as 'prophecies', but don't be too convinced that the 'plot' will be same as it is in the book or animation."
"There is something called 'butterfly effect' in the human world."
"This is also applies for destiny. The more you know about future the more you will be bound by fate, only by remaining unknown to the future can you create myriad unknown possibilities."
At this time, Roy and Aiwass had reached the last step of the hundred meter long staircase. 
As long as they take one step further, they would cross the white misty sky and walk into the other side of the sky. 
Roy stopped, he turned his head to look at Aiwass, and said with a sense of understanding: 
"...What I need to know is 'only the necessary parts of the necessary knowledge', that is to say, I only need to know the overline context of the story, it's good to know the important characters, but i should never actively pursue it, is that right?"
Roy understood what Aiwass meant, just like in the 'A Certain Magical Index' world. Roy knows some secrets about the 'A Certain Magical Index' world and also knows some of the main characters. 
However he only has a vague memory of the specific story because Roy didn't read the full story completely. He doesn't know the future development of that world at all.
Meanwhile Aiwass is admonishing Roy not to actively pursue the development of the 'original' plot, which would make him unable to change his destiny because he has already seen the future.
"A lot of things have become clearer to me."
"That's it, Aiwass, you are also bound by fate, so you are looking for someone unknown in destiny to break the cobweb of fate."
Roy chuckled in understanding. 
He knew that the reason Aiwass would help is not out of kindness, she definitely had her own purpose. 
Nonetheless, no matter what Aiwass's purpose may be, as long as it doesn't endangers his life, her purposed didn't matter to him. 
It was like facing Aleister this time. Had it not been for the help of Aiwass, he would have been killed by Aleister long ago.
Roy's forty years of combined life can only be described as completely ordinary. Compared to the knowledge and life experience that Aiwass possesses. 
He is completely a 'kindergartener' infront of the 'World renouned scientist' like Aiwass, having such a knowledgeable presence with him will only make things more favourable for him. 
Crossing the last step of the stairs without hesitation, Roy came to the second floor of this mysterious space. 
Just like what he had seen in his dream, the second floor was also completely shrouded in white mist, and he could only see a few meters away form him. 
He tried to climb the higher steps but was blocked by the floating mist as if saying 'not now, baby'.
"There is still room to go up, how many layers are there in this place?"
Roy looked at the chaotic white world around him and asked casually.
Aiwass didn't answer him because Aiwass herself couldn't understand this place at all.
Roy didn't intend to let Aiwass to answer him. He thought about it and said: 
"...I don't know how many levels these stairs have, and where they ultimately lead to. In order to have a recognition, I named it, <Stairway to Ascension>!"
The last time Roy came to this place, he was in a dazed dreaming state but this time he came to this place in a conscious state. 
When he stepped into the second level of this mysterious space, he instinctly knew the function of this place. 
It is like a wishing fulfilling machine but it will not directly fulfill your wish but rather, it will take you to a world which has the most most probability of success, it will only give you a chance to fulfill your wish.
Roy pondered for a moment, then slowly said:
"...Take me to a world where I can become stronger quickly."
As soon as his voice fell, the white and cloud-like white chaotic fog in this space shrank suddenly as if it had encountered a hurricane.
Roy's figure disappeared from this white chaotic place.Bookmark here

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