Chapter 8:

Ch-9: ‘Sword of Rebellion’


Roy looked at familiar and unfamiliar surroundings in puzzlement. 
Because the place where Roy woke up is the bedroom of his previous life, and Roy himself was lying on the cozy bed in his 'familiar' pajamas, he sudden to have just woken up after a long nap.
"A Dream?" 
Roy sat up from the bed with one hand supporting his body and kneaded his head with the other hand. 
The life of more than ten years in London, England of the early twentieth century was too clear. If his 'reincarnation' was a dream, then this dream was just too long and real! 
"No, wait."
Roy soon noticed something wrong. He first looked at his hand. The skin color of his hand was a little too fair. It was completely different from his previous skin tone. 
The pajamas on his body also appeared to be much looser, his body height felt a little less than it normally should.
He quickly jumped out of his bed and swiftly rushed down to the ground floor and took out a mirror. 
After looking at his appearance in the mirror, he knew that what happened in his 'dream' was not at all a dream, but reality.
The person in the mirror is Roy Crowley, not the previous 'Roy'.
Roy's parents have both died long ago. It was not due to an accident, but a normal end of life. They died due to old age. 
When he was 22 years old, his parents were too old and in poor health. Soon, his parents passed away one after another. As the only child, Roy was doted since he was a child.
Although he was born in the remote countryside, his parents worked in the Imperial capital, so Roy lived in the capital city since he was very young.
After the death of his parents, they didn't leave a huge inheritance in cash. Instead, they left two apartments in the Imperial capital as inheritance. 
One apartment was rented out and other was used by him. In the capital even the rents are very high, so he got a considerable sum every month. 
Because he had no worries about food and clothing, Roy's job was entirely his hobby. After several years of hard work, he become a qualified photographer.
He used to shoot wedding scenes and also shoot cosplay films for other peoples. 
He had no problem in earning hundreds to thousand every month, plus the rent, his days were carefree. 
In addition to the lack of handsome looks and lack of love history, 'Roy' was already considered very good in all aspects.
"But now in terms of blood relationship and soul relationship, my father should be Aleister Crowley."
"But what's the situation? I reincarnated and then re-reincarnated again?"
Roy was really confused about the current situation.
Suddenly, he felt that the atmosphere in the room was not right, his muscles got stained and he quickly turned around, and then he saw the spirit-like existence behind him
—'Holy Guardian Angel', Aiwass!
But the current Aiwass's 'elemental' body looked a bit strange. Her body looked like an old black and white TV show that cannot receive proper signal. 
There were various mosaic-like patterns on her body, which seem to be increasing faintly by the passing of time.
After seeing Aiwass, an 'old' acquaintance, Roy relaxed a little. After living in London of the early twentieth century for more than a decade. 
Then, suddenly returning to his original world, he felt unfamiliar with his own house, even this whole world looked strange to him. Even if this is actually his 'home world'.
"You finally noticed me, Roy... I thought you wouldn't be able to see me anymore."
The face of the 'Holy Guardian Angel' that was full of faint light and mosaics showed a humane expression of curiosity, looking at everything around her. 
Roy knew that she was not looking at this room, but at the 'world'.
"I seemed to be hit by Aleister's magic."
Roy recalled the scene before he fell into darkness, clearly remembering Aleister who fell on his knees in despair, as well as the pain of his soul and mind being torn apart.
"You saved me?"
He asked thoughtfully.
"When you were hit by Aleister's spell, I lodged my spirit inside you in a dependent way, and withstood Alestar's blow for you..."
"Aleister's magic although strong, is not without weakness. His maximum output can only reach the level of the Big Bang."
"However, his power output cannot be controlled by himself, the power of his magic spell varies from person to person."
"That is to say that his technique is strong when targeting a strong person, and becomes weaker when targeting a weaker person?"
Aiwass's explanation made Roy nod. At that time when Aleister selected Roy as the target to launch the magic, the spell only possessed the power of an intercontinental missile.
This power was enough to kill Roy. But the destructive power of the intercontinental missile level is absolutely impossible to hurt Aiwass, so Aiwass used the method of possession to help Roy block the blow.
Unless Aleister initiates the magic with Aiwass as the target, it is impossible to hurt Aiwass.
At this time, Roy suddenly thought of what Aiwass had said to him when he first saw him, and blurted out: 
"...You once said that I was the person you were looking for. You said you were searching for a place. Could it be that the place you are talking about is this world?"
Aiwass laughed at Roy's words, Roy could even feel the joy that the Angel was trying to express. 
"...Maybe this is the place I'm looking for. It cannot be said for sure, but anyway this place is also very important to me."
"For that, I'm very fortunate that I was the first one who discovered your special qualities. If the 'Magic Gods' discovered you first, they will definitely imprison you."
"Then find ways to get the key of the gate to 'here'. You are the person who posses the 'ideal' and 'hope' that the Magic Gods seeks."
"Ha, this is not funny at all, the trait that attracts the attention of the Magic Gods will only attract danger and destruction."
Roy shrugged, not at all joyfull with the so-called traits he possessed.
The 'Magic Gods' in Aiwass's mouth, sometimes referred to in the longer form 'God of Magic' is someone that transcends normal magic and steps into the realm of God. 
Living must die, apples must fall from top to bottom. One plus one must equal two. These are the basic laws of the material world. 
However, a Magic God can reverse all of this, let one plus one become equal to three, let apples fall from the bottom and let dead beings revive again like a game character. 
The being who has mastered magic, can bend all things in the world without exception through magic, that existence that is the so-called 'Magic God'.
They are a group of magicians who have infinite power, can subvert all laws and the world can be collapsed by them, reaching the realm of 'gods'!!!
According to power system created by Aliester when he was a member of 'Golden Dawn', Silver Star Grading System, the Magic Gods have to atleast achieve the level 'Secret Chief', just like 'Holy Guardian Angel' in front of him. 
Nevertheless in Roy's eyes, Aiwass at the most has the same 'nature' as that of a Magic God, it doesn't has the infinte, mind blowing power of a Magic God.
Roy didn't think it was any fun to be stared at by such a group of beings that could be called "True Gods".
Roy raised his phone and glanced at the time. He pondered about it and came to the conclusion that his 'life' in 'A Certain Magical Index' world was just the time of a night's sleep in this world. 
He opened his refrigerator and took out some food and gobbled it up like a hungry ghost. 
He had suffered a lot during his life in London for more than a decade, the dark dishes he tasted are the worst nightmare of his life. 
Now he has the opportunity to make up for the losses of his taste buds as well as to provide some comfort to his stomach. 
After finishing his food, he questioned:
"Aiwass, what's so unique about this world that even Magic Gods will pursue me?"
"Roy, do you know Kabbalah's Four World Theory or The ABiYA Theory?"
"Kabbalah Four World Theory divides the universe into four worlds, the Archtype world, the Creation World, the Formation world and the Physical world. Is this the theory you are asking me about?"
Roy barely recalled about the Kabbalah's Four World Theory, thankfully due to reading the myriad types of books left by Aleister, Roy has deep theoretical knowledge of Biblical occultism and magic.
The Four Worlds are the comprehensive categories of spiritual realms in Kabbalah in the descending chain of Existence.
After saying that, Roy looked at Aiwass again. In this theory, the archetype world corresponds to were the light of the 'God' radiates and is still united with its source. 
The one who reside at this level are 'absolutely infinite and perfect being' that are unaware of their 'self'. 
The creation world is resided by beings closest to the 'God', the residents of this world are aware of their selves, of their own existence, yet without shape or form. 
The formation world is loged by 'holy creatures', like 'ten classes of angels' ruled over by 'Metatron'. This level have beings that have assumed shaped and form.
As for the Physical world, it is the material Universe of humans with all its creations.
Roy knows that Aiwass exists as a kind of 'spiritual body'.
So is Aiwass's essence in the archtype world or in the creation world?
As Roy was still thinking, when Aiwass continued from where she left: 
"...and this world is likely to be outside of the Four Worlds, or maybe it's a world above it, even the Magic God are absolutely unable to surpass the Four worlds."
"... Being able to communicate with an world outside the Fourfold World, you will naturally become their most coveted object."
After a pausing for a while, Aiwass suddenly said: 
"...I have decided. In the past, I just wanted to observe you and did not intend to intervene but, you have brought me so much new knowledge and surprises."
"So, now l have decided to no longer remain passive, this may allow me to get more."
"Roy, what do you want now?"
"What do I desire?"
Roy laughed, "...Now I only want to do one thing, which is to 'lift the sword of rebellion' against my most 'marvellous' father."
"He doesn't even know that he has a child which caused these tragedies to happen, whether it is me or Lola, we all suffered!"
"...But, before that, I have to figure out how I traversed and, whether I can traverse back!"
For those who think it was cruel for him to 'rebel' against his father who despaired on killing him. My words— "He just experienced a death, where he was killed like an ant without being even to retaliate a tiny bit! He trying to show a strong front. He remembers Aiwass previous words about his sister! He thinks he was most probably betrayed by the sister he loved and cared for; and eventually even killed by his own father! His ramblings are all because of the love he didn't get because his previous parents died early, even this new life is without parental affection, he feels somewhat insecure! He is unhappy at his weakness! Roy at this point is somewhat like Mordred of 'Nasuverse'. He wants to directly point to Aiwass that he will be more stronger than his father, otherwise how could he even harm him? This is his current state, of course, he will improve."Bookmark here

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