Chapter 10:

Ch-11: Celestial Scribe & God’s Right Hand


"Success! <Stairway to Ascension'> works!"
When Roy regained his consciousness and upon seeing the change in his surrounding, he couldn't held back the excitement in his heart, clenched his fist and shook it vigorously in the air. 
This joy came and went quickly and Roy quickly diverted his attention to look at the surrounding environment to make sure he was in a safe place.
Although Aiwass agreed to help Roy, Aiwass's biggest help could only be knowledge. In terms of pure power, Aiwass couldn't really be of much help to Roy. 
The essence of Aiwass is a 'spiritual body' at the moment, she herself is located in a higher aspect. 
As she herself said, she is an observer, and exists like an extraterrestrial being. In the state of being a 'spiritual body', she can influence the material world to only a small extent. 
If Roy wants to make Aiwass truly display all of her power, he needs to give her a body, that is, he needs to give her 'material body' to posses to truly influence the physical world.
However, as an Angel of the creation world or even possibly of higher archetype world, it is impossible to find a usable body for Aiwass. 
Although she can temporarily display a part of her strength by possessing the 'host', it will adversely affect the host. 
The host's 'spirit' and 'soul' will receive severe damage, so unless it is compelling, like facing a situation mortal situation, Roy will never let Aiwass possess himself.
'Holy Guardian Angel' Aiwass masters many powerful Angelic spells but using a human body to use Aiwass's power to launch Angel spells is a suicidal behavior. 
This is why Aleister wanted to use the Academy City's AIM Diffusion Field to create a usable body for Aiwass, because Aiwass without a body can't exert her true power.
Once Aiwass gains a physical body, her power will match close to that of a God of Magic, that's why Aiwass is also one of Aleister's trump cards. 
The surrounding temperature is a bit sultry and dry. A dull and yellow desert is all that came in his view, without any trace of human existence.
"First of all, I must determine whether I am on the earth of some anime, which world I have reached and, whether this world is a world I am familiar with..."
"If I am in a world with the Earth, I also need to determine which corner of the earth I am in."
Just relying on the dry desert around him and the blazing sun above his head, Roy didn't have the ability to determine where he was.
"Be careful, Roy.... there are powerful mana fluctuations in front of you."
Aiwass suddenly reminded.
"Mana fluctuations?"
Roy looked suspiciously to his front. In the next moment, his face changed drastically. 
Just less than two kilometer away from where he was standing, a terrifying wave of sand rose into the sky and turned the surroundings into pure darkness just on basis of it's shadow. 
Even the sun above his head was obscured by this ginormous wave of sand that was more than one hundred meters tall.
"Sandstorm? No, what is that, Angel?!"
Among the sand waves, Roy could vaguely see two angels with wings on their backs fighting.
The wings of one of the angels were like brightest of light in existence, like a flame forging the majesty of the God, the 12 golden white wings glowed as bright as the sun itself if not brighter, the wings of the angel fighting in the sandstorm seemed to cover the sky and the sun.
The wings of another angel also seemed to be like burning flames, but unlike the previous angel, this angel had countless wings on his back.
Roy counted them casually and behold, this angel had full seventy two wings! 
'With thirty-six pairs of wings that look like flames on his back, he appears as an angel of fire.'
"Is this angel the Celestial Scribe recorded in the Book of Enoch?! The celestial scribe recording the sins and merits of men, the guardian of heavenly secrets, Metatron!! "
'Metatron 36 pairs of wings, 3 representing the triumvirate of The Holy Father, The Holy Son, and the Holy Spirit, multiplied by the 12 tribes of God's chosen people.'
'...Another angel is holding a red sword in shape of a cross and, the wings on his back seem to be shining like flames.'
'According to the records in the Bible and the New Testament, it should be Archangel Michael, God's Right Hand!'
"To see the highest level of angels of Judaism and Christianity? What world did I come into?! "
'But, why are they fighting?'
'Oh yes! Maybe these two angels vying for the title of 'the most favored angel under the seat of God'?'
Although Roy is an inexperienced magician, he has certain knowledge in the field of occultism.
In addition to the 'necessary knowledge' taught by Aiwass, the rest of his knowledge comes from the books of Aleister.
Aleister was born in a family that believed in christianity but he dismissed the religion of cross. 
Even his christian parents who held belief in God, refused to listen or understand him, and considered him stupid for his lack of belief.
Nevertheless, inspite of not being a believer, this man has studied the occult field of the religion of cross very deeply, otherwise he would not have been able write a book like- 'Book of 777'.
Roy, who has read almost all of Aleister's works, and the apostolic canons and pseudo-canon of the biblical mythos, can naturally recognize the two angels in front of him. 
'The Book of Enoch records the story of Enoch who walked with God for three hundred years and finally ascends to heaven as the strongest angel, 'lesser Yahweh', 'Chancellor of Heaven' and 'Scribe of God', Metatron.'
'However this book has already been debunked by Christianity saying that it was written by someone else under the guise of Enoch and it was denounced as a jewish apocrypha or 'outer book' so, there is no such angel like the Metatron in Christianity.'
'...But Metatron has a very high status in Judaism, even surpassing Christ. In some mysterious sects of Judaism, he is placed at the top of the Tree of Life, Kabbalah.'
'In the 'Hebrew Bible•Old Testament' there are actually only two angels mentioned, one is Michael and the other one is Gabriel.'
'Michael is even more known as being 'Who is Like God', sitting on the right side of God, he is undoubtedly the strongest angel under the seat of God.'
'...Michael and Metatron also have many overlaps in power and their positions in the two religions are almost exactly the same.'
'...This battle is simply a battle between the Hebrew Bible and the Book of Enoch, the greatest battle between Christianity and Judaism!'
'...What kind of mess is this world in!'
Just when Roy felt dizzy by the battle between the two angels in front of him, the fierce sand waves were already approaching towards him and the aftermath of the collision of the two angels even made sand turn into nothingness.
Roy cursed in a low voice, turned his head and ran back, regardless of how the two angels appeared here and why they are fighting here. 
Roy only knows one thing, that is, for an pseudo magician like him, the battle between two archangels with god like powers, is a disaster which can instantly turn him into dust. 
Roy didn't want to die again inexplicably, and this time it was very likely that he would never wake up again.
But how could Roy, someone who is not even a proper magician can run faster than a natural calamity like sandstorm. 
In the blink of an eye, his body was overturned by the sandstorm. He rolled several times in the sand and even ate a mouthful of salty sand.
Soon, Roy's vision was getting bleaker and fuzzy. When he entered the sandstorm, he slowly lost his perception of sight. 
He knew that if he didn't do something right now, he would either be drowned in the sand or will be annihilated between the battle of two Angels. 
'Huh? There is a burrow here? No, it's a cave buried under sand. Chance!'
In a hurry, Roy saw a cave under the sand, and got inside without thinking about it for another second. 
The sandstorm was still chasing behind him. He quickly ran inside the cave. The cave was obviously not natural with the artificial traces present. 
It was not a natural formation at first glance, but at this time Roy didn't even think about whether there was anyone inside it or whether it was dangerous to go inside. 
No matter who is in this cave, no matter how dangerous it may be but, it is absolutely not as dangerous as the fight between the two Archangels outside!
After taking a few consecutive turns, Roy came to a clearing like a secret room. The secret room was made of solidified cube of sand and there were magic glyphs on the walls to keep it stable. It should have been enchanted with magic.
The sand here looked as solid as a rocks but after seeing the scene inside the cave, Roy's pupils shrank for a second and then all he felt was ecstasy. 
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