Chapter 11:

Ch-12: ‘Angel Fall’


The things were placed inside this 'room' in a extremely messy manner, there were strange earthen dolls, fragmented amulets and some very old-fashioned sheepskin scrolls.
If a person who does not know about magic comes here, he will definitely think that he has entered a trash market, where someone is selling some worthless trash. 
However, Roy who has the knowledge of magic, knows that these strange 'trash' may not contain much magic but, they are all items that have an important symbolic role in the occultism.
"From these items, it can be ascertained that original owner of this room is not a believer of Christianity but, a believer of Judaism and, he should be a member of a secret sect of Judaism."
Roy didn't touch these items casually. The secret room under the sand looks like a magician's workshop. 
It is an extremely dangerous place. Any inconspicuous place or item may be a trap that can make people experience things worse than death.
"Aiwass, is there any danger in here?"
Roy did not act rashly but asked for advice from Aiwass.
As a 'Secret Chief' who can impart knowledge to others, not many people in the field of occultism are stronger than Aiwass.
"The mana in the magic glyphs here have withered, so it will no longer work."
Although this is no longer the 'A Certain Magical Index' world, nor the 'real' world where Roy originated from, but Aiwass can still understand that magic of this world.
Maybe it is under some incredible influence, many worlds have the same identical knowledge in the field of mysticism, such as the famous Kabbalah Four World Theory is available in the 'real' world.
So Aiwass just took a brief glance and was able to give Roy the answer and then the angel resumed her job of looking at the world with curiousity.
For an existence like Aiwass, what she cares about is never the so-called power, but the unknown information and knowledge of rules obtained after coming to a new world. That is what Aiwass desires the most. 
"Yes, if this magician's workshop still has it's enemy detection function working, I should have been attacked the moment I came inside."
With the assurance from Aiwass, Roy also began to retrieve the various magical props around him with confidence.
"From age of this paper, this looks like the original version of the Book of Enoch?"
Roy picked up a shabby piece of parchment and glanced at it's contents.
"Well, this is..."
On the other side where the parchment was kept, there was a piece of linen cloth. The linen was stained with red marks, like dried blood, bearing the negative image of a man. 
"...Shroud of Turin? This is the burial shroud in which Jesus was wrapped in after crucifixion!"
After discovering these extremely precious holy objects of Judaism and Cross religion, Roy quickly began to flip through some books lying nearby. 
Soon, Roy confirmed the identity of this world——
"This is the 'Campione' World!"
"....The owner of this workshop is a magician who believed in Judaism. No, he should be called a mage in this world."
"This guy performed a large-scale magic ritual with many precious magic props and artifacts to summon a Heretic God !"
"Judging from these props, this mage was a courageous one. He even wanted to summon two Heretic Gods at the same time!"
"One of them should be Metatron and, the other one he wanted to summon should be Jesus Christ, the Holy Son!"
Roy quickly figured out the ins and outs of the matter based on his own occult knowledge and Aiwass's guidance.
The magic props and artifacts in this cave are extremely precious. It is impossible to collect so many in less than a hundred years.
In addition, the ritual of summoning the Heretic God is too grand, and this ritual also requires decades of preparation.
The things displayed in this cave shoes the fruits of the efforts of a Jewish mysterious sect for hundreds of years, and dedication of many generations.
As for why the Jewish magician wanted to summon Metatron and the Holy Son, it is also understandable. 
This is a fundamental contradiction between the two religion. Although they both believe in God, Judaism does not recognizes the status of Jesus Christ and Christianity doesn't recognizes of Metatron. 
The Judaism doesn't believe that the Jesus is the savior or the Holy Son but rather sees him as a righteous saint. 
In Christianity, Jesus is the Mediator between God and man. Whereas in Judaism, Metatron is the God's mediator with man! 
So the religion of cross does not recognize the existence of Metatron, so this mage probably wanted to summon the supreme angel of Judaism to kill the Holy Son of the Religion of Cross, Jesus Christ, in order to blaspheme the Religion of Cross. 
"They succeeded but also failed. They summoned two Heretic Gods but, what these mages summoned was not the Jesus of Nazareth, the Holy Son at all, but the Archangel Michael, the Right Hand of God."
"In the Bible mythology, Archangel Michael is the strongest angel under the seat of God! The moniker of 'Right Hand of God' is not a joke!"
"... There are some passages in the New Testament which signifies Michael as the 'One Who Is Like God' and as the 'Chief Archangel' or 'Viceroy or Archistrage of the Army of Heaven'."
"He led the angels many times as the head and thus the statement in Revelation 12:7–9 identifies Jesus as Michael."
"This is an unacceptable blasphemy for the Religion of Cross but, the New Testament does not seem to further describe about it."
"Due to this record, some scholars believe that Christ, the Holy Son and Michael are actually the same person, so, the words describing the Son of God are also used to describe Michael in the Bible!"
Roy shook his head, rather amused. It is estimated that when these Jewish magicians saw that the Heretic God they summoned instead of the Holy Son, their expressions must be full of constipation.
"That mysterious space really fulfilled my wish and sent me to a world that can make me stronger quickly....."
"Though the 'Campione' world does have the fastest way to become stronger but, there is also the extraordinary difficulty to become a Campione, a God Slayer...."
Campione are those humans who have slain a Heretic God and stolen their Divine Authorities.
Heretic Gods are endowed with divine powers and weaponry called Authorities which embody their right to rule in the myths. 
These Authorities can sometimes be quite different from the modern version of the god, reaching back to the origins and history of the myths and legends from which the Heretic God was born. 
Roy smiled bitterly, killing a Heretic God and plundering their divine power, this is really a good way to reach the sky in one step but, the premise is that you have to kill one first! 
It is an impossible miracle for mortals to kill a Heretic God. The power and wisdom are of little use if one wants to slay a Heretic God.
This is because no matter how strong the power and wisdom a mortal can grasp, it is not better than that of a God. 
Every mortal in front of them is insignificant and humble, so the feat of becoming a Campione is synonymous with miracles. 
In Roy's view, the most needed attribute to slay a Heretic God and become a Campione is- luck!
In this world, if you have incredible amount of luck, you can naturally become a Campione and, if you don't have this luck, even if you have the power of a peak level mage and knight, you will not be able to accomplish this great feat. 
But, regardless of whether it is good luck or bad luck, it is impossible to measure and change, at least Roy can't do it now.
"It seens that these Jewish magicians also had great ambitions. They also want to slay these Heretic Gods and become a Campione...."
"However, judging from the results, these guys should have failed. It is very likely that they perished between the confrontation of two Angels."
Roy picked up one of these artifacts that seemed to be a piece of metal. This small piece of metal was dyed exactly with same blood as that of the Shroud of Turin. 
This piece of metal exhibited an extremely powerful mystical aura as well as immense magical fluctuations so, Roy suspected this piece of metal should be one of the fragments of the legendary <Holy Lance of Longinus>.
Those Jewish magicians probably wanted to use the fragments of the <Holy Lance of Longinus> as the core to perform some ritual to slay the Heretic Gods but, in the end they failed.
"I don't know if I have enough luck to become a Campione but, if there is a 'Secret Chief' to help, it should be enough to change people's luck!"
Roy put down the fragment of the <Holy Lance of Longinus> and turned his head to look at 'Secret Chief' behind him. 
Becoming a Campione does not rely on power and wisdom, it can either be high or low. 
Whether you use some foreign objects or accept help from others, the process is not important.
The important thing is that Roy only needs to complete the feat of killing a Heretic God with his own hands. For that he need enormous luck and.... 
'Holy Guardian Angel' Aiwass, is his 'luck'!
Aiwass looked at Roy's questioning eyes, she lightly nodded and said: "...The props here can be used to perform an Angelic ritual spell- 'Angel Fall'."Bookmark here

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