Chapter 12:

Ch-13: Slaying a God


"Angelic spell, 'Angel Fall'? "
Roy whispered, though he doesn't remember the function, he still remembers the name of this ritual in the original anime which left a deep impression on him. 
"In the Kabbalah Tree of Life Theory, the number of humans and angels has been determined long ago."
"Therefore, under normal circumstances, humans cannot 'upgrade' to become an Angel."
"The function of this ritual is to reduce the 'nature' of an Angel to a 'Human' and increase the 'nature' of a Human into an 'Angel' when the ceremony is initiated."
"...But this world is different from mine and so there is a certain difference in information and rules of the both worlds."
"In addition, the duration of this ritual will be short as it is impossible to set up a large ceremonial venue in such a short period of time, so this ritual will not be fully foolproof."
"But, I can guarantee that this technique will definitely work, but for the duration it will be work for cannot be increased too much."
"Due to somewhat different laws I can only lower the 'nature' of Angel. I cannot increase your 'nature'. To do the two sided operation I will need time to fully grasp the laws of this world."
"Furthermore, it is very dangerous to actively use Angelic spells with a human's body. If I use your body to initiate the spell, it will saturate your spirit with 'poison' and trigger your 'original sin'." 
"Only a momentary activation of the spell will not affect you. So in a way, the short activation is best for your body, soul and spirit."
Aiwass was originally an Angel who rarely interfered in material world but, Roy's particularity satisfied her curiousity for unknown as well as brought inestimable, valuable knowledge. 
He is a miracle that the Gods of Magic would admire and pursue. Therefore, she worked very hard on how to guarantee Roy's life.
By Roy's side, she truly lived upto her title of 'Holy Guardian Angel'.
"In other words, we have to decide the winner in an instant? Ha, under normal circumstances, I would definitely not do something that has such a low success rate, but it feels a little abnormal now.... "
"I have a hunch if I miss this opportunity, I may lose all my courage, my life will be filled with failures and setbacks, just like Aleister's."
Roy licked his dry lips and said with determination: 
"...Come on, tell me how to initiate the ritual, Aiwass!"
"As you wish.... Place the scepter symbolizing fire at the lowest point of Kabbalah...."
"Since it can be determined that the Angels targeted are Michael and Metatron, place their symbols in the respective positions and point the line where the angel turns into a human....."
"The silver knife will be placed at the glyphs of victory, the magic number is 93, 70... The beauty in the center is Michael and the crown is Metatron..."
"Attributes to be written are carrying a banner, scales, sword.... "...... 
"With the audacity to steal my authority and position, like a cunning demon, sneaking with insidious thoughts. Today in the name of God, I shall judge you!"
In the desert with long red hair flowing in blowing air and a handsome face, the archangel spread out his flame-like twelve golden white wings, he held a crimson cross sword and slashed at the Angel opposite to him. 
In fact, 'Metatron' is just a title, symbolizing 'God's most beloved angel' and does not represent a specific angel.
'Metatron' literally means 'He who sits behind the throne of Heaven'. 'Metatron' is a position of the being who is the nearest in hierarchy to that of God.
In the Religion of Cross, Michael is undoubtedly the 'Metatron' but in in the pseudo-canon, 'Book of Enoch', Enoch transforms into an Angel and becomes the 'Metatron'. 
"Michael, you should worship me here and now. Otherwise, you will be against the majesty of the Lord."
"You treat a righteous saint as the Messiah and place him in a position equal to the Lord. This is the greatest blasphemy!"
The Angel with seventy two wings levitating behind him reprimanded. Metatron's voice was different from Michael's fearless and awe-inspiring warrior like voice.
Metatron's voice was very rather soft. In the book of Enoch, Metatron's voice was described as soft as the flowing water in a gentle river. 
Although Metatron is the most revered angel as well as the God's most loved angel, his job is the Scribe of God who recorded the Word of God. 
He is much like a civil official so his fighting instinct is not as good as Michael, the Commander of the Angel Army.
"Needless to say, you, sly snake that tried to deceive the Lord is at his work to deceive me!"
"I will cut you off like I did to that sinful Red Dragon, Satan and let you fall into hell for forever, in order to pay for your sins and wickedness, you heresy! "
Michael said with a righteous and upright disposition. In Bible, Michael originally represented 'absolute justice' and all his actions are said to follow the path of justice. 
The two Angels confronted each other again, the earth was torn apart, and the sky was split apart, as if the scene of the doomsday was being enacted in this desert. 
A violent wave of ​​sand was formed again, the tornadoes emerged and the flames of the sacred Angels shining on the desert turned this desert into a huge melting, chaotic pot that may burst at any second. 
It was a battle that mortals could never imagine. It was a doomsday scene where the most powerful mage could only run away in despair.
This is the power of the Heretic Gods for whom the most powerful knight or mage is just a slightly more powerful ant. 
Heretic Gods are gods, heroes, and divine monsters who have stepped out of myths and legends to manifest in the mortal world. 
They are born from myths and legends. The essence of the world and beyond, this is what comprises the supernatural core of them, thus lending form to these existences, the Gods.
But for some gods, the forms and nature of their myths becomes a burden, and they rebel against them. 
They manifesting in the world, escaping from the myths and legends, also known as the Domain of Immortality, as Heretic Gods, bringing disaster with them.
They are literally a living, moving natural disasters. Even if they are good gods in mythology, when they turn into Heretic God on earth, every action will bring catastrophe and death to mankind.
In other words, gods are synonymous with disasters for mankind. No matter whether they are good or evil, mortals cannot bear the grace and punishment of Gods.
Therefore these Heretic Gods are slain so they go back to the Domain of Immortality, they never truly die. So, even if these Heretic Gods are slayed, they can reappear again. 
"Be beheaded, Enoch! I will never admit your name of 'Metatron'. After slaying you, I will wander on the earth, looking for the 'Devil King on Earth' then kill them to save the common people on ground."
"But, even if i die, either in this battle or while slaying a 'devil king on earth', i will return back to heaven, and then once again serve on the right side of the Lord! Whether life or death, it's a victory for me!"
Michael shouted loudly, with a strong fighting spirit on his handsome face.
"Fake! Fake! You are not the Michael who took me to heaven, you are just a fake twisted by the myth!"
Metatron responded to Michael with an angry look on his face, then the two angels once again wreaked havoc in the sky and on earth. 
"This doesn't looks good..."
The violent wind and tiny sand ripped Roy's skin apart and caused bloodstains to appear on his body. The surrounding temperature rose under the flames of the angels, almost grilling him.
But Roy walked in this fiery sandstorm with extraordinary will, he gritted his teeth and endured the pain.
He had the fragment of the <Holy Lance of Longinus> in his hand. However, to kill Michael or Metatron, he must get close to them. 
However, the fighting range of the two Angels is too large, and the aftermath of their fight is also blocking his endeavor. 
However, if Roy wants to complete the feat of killing a God and usurping his power, he must endure this apocalyptic environment and get close to them as soon as possible. 
Fortunately, the two Angels are not interested in Roy, an ordinary person, and they are giving their full concentration on fighting each other. 
This gave Roy a chance to approach the battlefield of the two Angels with the body of a mortal.
"I remember what determines the power of a Heretic God is not their fame, or how powerful they were portrayed in their myths..."
"... but rather their own will and determination as well as the firm knowledge about their identity."
"Whether it is Michael or Metatron, they have very firm knowledge of their own identity, even though they are Heretic Gods, their power is infinitely close to what they themselves are in mythology."
"...When the cognition of the two Angels is equally strong, the description in the myth will play a vital role."
The scene in front of him was a bit beyond Roy's expectation. Roy thought that Metatron and Michael had overlapping powers in many places, and their status was almost the same.
So, the fight between the two should be a fight where both get injured in the end. But the reality is that Michael is playing with Metatron.
Although it was not an irresistible suppression, Metatron's counterattack also causes damage to Michael, but even Roy could see that there was a big gap between the combat power of the two Angels. 
This was definitely not a situation where both sides get injured and he reaps the benefits. In this case, the final result will definitely be Michael's victory.
"Oops, the description of Metatron mostly comes from Jewish apocrypha, the Book of Enoch. Apart from walking with God for three hundred years, he has nothing else that can be marked as an achievements.... "
"But Michael is different. He is present in the Old Testament, the New Testament, Book of Zerubbabel, and many other records and holy scriptures. Even in modern movies, games and animes."
"Almost all the 'wars' and 'battles' in the game were commanded by Michael. He is the Commander in Chief of the God's Army."
"He has defeated Lucifer Morningstar. Even Satan was thrown into hell by him. He is basically the angel of 'war' and 'victory'. "
If both the two Angels are not injured, whether he attacks the seriously injured Metatron, or Michael, he will be attacked by the other angel. They will not allow a new Campione to appear.
It will become almost impossible for Roy, a common mortal to become a Campione. 
"No, Metatron choose to escape!!"
After finally getting close to the two Angels, Roy was shocked by the scene in front of him. He never expected that Metatron would choose to escape after being injured.
The earth is so big, the speed of these two Angels is beyond imagination. If Metatron escapes and Michael chases after him, Roy will definitely lose his target. 
After that, if he wants to find these two Angels he will have to search throughout the whole planet. But finding an Angel in such a big world is tantamount to an idiotic dreams.
And it's rare to find two Heretic Gods fighting against each other. Although Roy has a vague memory of the 'plot' of the 'Campione' world. 
He still remembers there are many other Campione out there. So, if another Campione find these two Heretic God, he/she will definitely attack them to seize their power. 
At that it will become a 'target' and 'prey' of another Campione and if Roy tries to slay the Heretic God at that time, he will be attacked by another Campione. 
That is to say--
"Can't hesitate anymore, success or failure depends on this!"
At this moment, Roy willingly gave upon thinking like a wise man and completely turned into a foolish person with only impulsive thoughts. 
He took out the original grimore 'Book of the Law' from his arms, which was the only thing he brought out from 'A Certain Magical Index' world. 
He rushed forward against the blade-like sandstorm and screamed at the top of his lungs. Michael who was about to catch up with Metatron paused. 
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