Chapter 15:

Ch-16: [Holy Right]


Roy slowly opened his eyes as he regained his conscious.Bookmark here

He found that he was standing in the same position when he slayed Michael, it can be infered that he shuttled back and forth in a short period of time.Bookmark here

He was still in the desert with the blazing sun high in the sky. He raised his head to look directly at the sun, however, the dazzling sunlight did not cause his eyes to sting with pain. Bookmark here

The sand blowing on feet was extremely hot, but this high temperature didn't make him feel any scorching pain. Bookmark here

All this experiences only pointed towards one direction, that Roy has completed his transformation, that he had truly reached the sky in one step, from an innocent, noob magician to a godslayer who could contend with the Gods.Bookmark here

Roy lowered his vision to look at the tattered clothes on his body.Bookmark here

If it hadn't been for the protection of the original grimore, 'Book of the Law', Roy as a distinguished godslayer, would have to face the embarrassing situation of standing butt naked in the middle of a wild desert.Bookmark here

Looking sideways and thinking about it carefully, Roy was surprised to find that he actually remembered everything that happened when he saw Pandora in the 'Boundary of Life and Immortality'! Bookmark here

He didn't forgot anything at all! Bookmark here

He smacked his lips, there was still a warm touch on his lips, a piece of sweetness in his mouth, like a lily of the valley, exuding a sweet and confusing taste. Bookmark here

He was really surprised and dumbfounded at that moment by Pandora's actions, but as a man he cannot accept losses in this aspect.Bookmark here

So, he boldly plunged his tongue in her mouth to 'gratefully' accept his gift. He still remembers the warmth of that fragrant tongue.Bookmark here

"Aleister has a deep research on 'Aspects'. The 'Boundary of Life and Immortality' you just travelled to is one of such 'Aspects'."Bookmark here

"Aleistar recorded his lifetime research in his masterpiece - 'Book of 777'. As the person who has comprehended that book, you have enough resistance to rebound the negative effects brought by travelling to different 'Aspects'."Bookmark here

At this moment, it seemed that she had sensed Roy's question, the 'Holy Guardian Angel' Aiwass behind him used her unique, murmur like, impassable signal type voice, to answer his doubts.Bookmark here

'Book of 777' is a condensate of Aleister's "beastly" thoughts. In fact, there is no detailed record of any magic rituals in that book, only Aleister's "philosophical thoughts".Bookmark here

Therefore, even if Roy fully comprehend the 'Book of 777', he did not directly become stronger, he only mastered a powerful art. Bookmark here

However, mastering this art made him more malleable than 'unskilled people' when travelling into a 'Aspect'. Bookmark here

'Book of 777' gives Roy an opportunity, an opportunity to create his own powerful art with the philosophical thoughts contained in 'Book of 777', to create a unique style of his own, just like Aleister's combination of 'Spiritual Tripping' and the <Blasting Rod>.Bookmark here

It's just that Roy's art mastery was very deep before, but he didn't have any practical ability or power to operate and display it's power. Bookmark here

He was a typical 'Giant of thought, dwarf of action'. Bookmark here

But now as he succeeded in killing a Heretic God, he has transformed into a Campione under Pandora's ritual, he finally has the ability to show it's true power. Bookmark here

"Aiwass, did you... also went to that 'Aspect' with me?"Bookmark here

"After realizing that your 'spirit' is being pulled to that 'Aspect', I didn't had any worries about you, so I went along to take a look."Bookmark here

Roy curled his lips when he heard Aiwass's words. What the Angel said was so ambiguous, 'I didn't had any worry about you, so I went along to take a look' what does it even implies?! Bookmark here

"Pandora didn't find your presence?"Bookmark here

"It's impossible for her to find me with her's level of 'nature'."Bookmark here

A short sentence let Roy know that neither Pandora nor the Heretic God of this world can match this 'Holy Guardian Angel' from a higher 'Aspect' world of Kabbalah Four World Theory.Bookmark here

"This is a novel world. The ritual magic used by that woman named Pandora fits the origin of this world but, her ritual contains a lot of flaws. It looks like she has not mastered that ritual magic, she needs the assistance of a tool to complete the ceremony."Bookmark here

There was no contempt, ridicule or other emotions in Aiwass's expression as if she was genuinely pointing out Pandora's flaws.Bookmark here

Her words already proved that Aiwass was actually able to understand the core of Pandora's spell- <Circle of Usurpation>, even though it was her first time to see the ritual! Bookmark here

She was even able to point out the flaws of this ritual magic spell! Bookmark here

Roy was trying his best to understand the operation of the Pandora's <Circle of Usurpation> ritual, but with his limited knowledge, he could only see a little vague shadow of the magic ritual.Bookmark here

However, Roy didn't felt that it wasn't a big deal, Aiwass is someone associated with grades of 8=3 and even higher, the 'Secret Chief' who possesses 'endless' knowledge. Bookmark here

"Aiwass can you analyze Pandora's <Circle of Usurpation>? Are able to.... make this ceremony more perfect?"Bookmark here

Roy was very curious about Pandora's ritual magic spell.Bookmark here

"Theoretically, I can upgrade the spell. It is just a 'ritual magic' that adapts to the rules of this world."Bookmark here

"It's just that I need more time to observe this world. Different worlds have too many changes and 'variables', so I need to the observe and obtain the 'knowledge' first."Bookmark here

"....I know what you mean, Roy, even if you don't ask me, I will try to more deeply analyze this ritual magic. I always have a keen interest in observing the unknown and interesting."Bookmark here

"Ha, it's like me and my father Aleister? Because you think it's interesting, so you will observe, even at the expense of yourself."Bookmark here

Roy was not questioning, he was just saying affirmative words in a very calm tone.Bookmark here

Aiwass did not answer, because she had already assented Roy's words by her silence. Bookmark here

Sometimes Aiwass likes to hide secrets and doesn't say anything, but sometimes the Angel is very honest and uses her actions to tell you the truth. Bookmark here

"Let's first take a look at the powers I got after becoming a Campione. Pandora's <Circle of Usurpation> can be studied as a long-term research topic."Bookmark here

Roy closed his eyes as he said, feeling the changes in his body.Bookmark here

After killing the Heretic Gods and performing the ritual with the 'supernatural core' as sacrifice, Roy's body contains an extremely large quantity as well as exceptionally high quality of Magic energy (aka ki/chi /qi /mana /shakti /chakra etc.)Bookmark here

At the same time, his body has undergone tremendous changes. The biggest change is his 'magic resistance', which has reached to an almost exaggerated level. Bookmark here

Ordinary magic can't cause any influence or damage to him at all. Even the great magic will weakened by a lot in front of his 'magic resistance'.Bookmark here

This is why even the most powerful magicians in this world can't fight against the Heretic Gods.Bookmark here

The Heretic Gods are almost completely immune to the magic of mortals and only a few powerful magic spells are a little effective against them.Bookmark here

Compared with the magic resistance, a Campione's 'physical resistance' is not so exaggerated. Bookmark here

But it is still powerful compared to the most powerful knight in this world, Campione's have unbreakable bones, much harder than steel.Bookmark here

Campione possessed enhanced vitality and recovery speed as well as immense stamina.Bookmark here

The physical strength is far beyond any mage or knight, but it is not insurmountable. Bookmark here

To be precise, although the physical quality of the godslayer is strong, it is still within the scope of 'human'. Bookmark here

However, the godslayers did not rely on their physical strength to feed themselves. Bookmark here

The divine power as well as the divine authorities a Campione plunders from Heretic Gods are the true foundation of their strength. Bookmark here

After killing the gods and completing the ritual of <Circle of Usurpation>, Roy instinctively knew the Divine Authority he usurped from Michael. Bookmark here

"Generally, a Campione will only acquire one Authority from the god they have killed, which is influenced by the personality, compatibility, and skill of the Campione..."Bookmark here

"Even if two Campiones kill the same god, the Divine authority they plunder will not be the same..."Bookmark here

" 'Book of 777', BEAST777, then now the Seventh Campione, huh, looks like I am destined with the number '7'..."Bookmark here

Roy had weird expression on his face. The 'Book of 777' records Aleister's thoughts, the actual content is to blaspheme the perfect meaning of the 'Bible' of the Religion of Cross.Bookmark here

And the Heretic God he killed was the strongest and most glorious angel in the Religion of Cross, and so he also had the greatest connection with seven. So, ultimately.... Bookmark here

Roy gained Seven Divine Authorities in one breath!!! Bookmark here

Roy himself was amazed by the comprehensiveness and power involved in these Seven Divine Authorities. Bookmark here

Just like the original protagonist of this world, he gained too many authorities from killing a single god. Unfortunately, just like the original story, many authorities also possesses some restrictions. Bookmark here

What a mood-killer! Bookmark here

Each of the seven powers has its own name. However, Roy thought for a while and said: Bookmark here

"...Michael has the aliases like 'Archangel of Faith and Justice', 'Who is Like God', 'Who is Equal to God', 'Right Hand of God'..."Bookmark here

"In the Religion of Cross, he also has been termed as the 'most holy under God'. In this case, these Seven Divine Authorities will be collectively called as..."Bookmark here

"<HOLY RIGHT>! "Bookmark here

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