Chapter 14:

Ch-15: My Mother, Pandora


Roy was awakened by the soft touch caressing head and the sweet flowery scent flowing into his nasal cavity.Bookmark here

He opened his eyes and looked around warily.Bookmark here

All he saw was a gray world, the gray space stretched to the end of the horizon, empty, lonely and quiet, but giving off a mysterious weirdness.Bookmark here

Then, Roy all of a sudden realized that he was keeping his head on something soft, he was shocked, and he was about to stand up subconsciously.Bookmark here

But a pair of small hands pressed his shoulders and pushed back his body to the rest position. Bookmark here

At this time, Roy raised his head and looked directly above, facing the eyes of the owner of those hands.Bookmark here

She has the face of a young girl who looks only about thirteen or fourteen years old. She has lavender hair tied into two ponytails.Bookmark here

Her small, smiling face seemed to be filled with cuteness. The 'baby fat' on face reveals the innocence and liveliness of a young girl. Bookmark here

However that immature and lovely face seemed to possess a sense of coquettishness, her unique temperament made people forget about her physical age, and naturally take her as a 'mature woman' .Bookmark here

She was wearing a thin white dress, and she looked very slender, a little too slender.Bookmark here

And Roy was lying on her knees and she was still gently stroking his head.Bookmark here

Though Roy felt a little embarrassed, he was not one of those innocent teenagers who haven't even touched a girl's hand and becomes flushed with shame when they see a beautiful female.Bookmark here

He quickly calmed down and asked vigilantly: Bookmark here

"...Who are you? Where am I?"Bookmark here

In fact, Roy already knew who the 'woman' in front of him was, the source of Campione in this world, the creator of the of Godslayers, and the legendary woman in Greek Mythology who was given a magical box by gods which contained all the evils in the world, as well as the hope of mankind— Pandora!Bookmark here

Pandora in Greek means 'all gifted' or 'all giving'. This is either a reference to how Pandora was given a blessing by each Greek God before being sent to Earth or a reference to how she gave all the evils to mankind. Bookmark here

It wasn't until this moment that Roy understood why Aiwass would say that he should not blindly pursue the knowledge, not to take the initiative to understand the 'anime' world. Bookmark here

This is because if human beings know too many things, they will instinctively become arrogant, and will naturally put themselves in the position of being someone superior and look down on the other people. Bookmark here

This is a very dangerous behavior! Bookmark here

If Roy accidentally reveals that he knows Pandora's true identity, and even say narrates the secrets which he knows. Bookmark here

And if by chance, Pandora becomes suspicious of him and refuses to make him a Campione, then Roy will lose a lot and all his hardwork will go down in drain.Bookmark here

If due to his superior complex he losses the change to become a Campione, he is no longer a Son of the Fool but a mentally retarded person. Bookmark here

It is important to know that slaying a Heretic God to usurp his divine power and authority is not a rule of this world itself, but a authority or power belonging to Pandora. Bookmark here

Pandora is capable of using a Divine Tool called the <Circle of Usurpation> as the core of her power, that allows her to bestow the Authorities of the gods/goddesses that are killed by the Campione.Bookmark here

This <Circle of Usurpation> is essentially a great ritual magic condensed in a Divine Tool, but the condition for the Divine Tool to invoke the ritual is too harsh. Bookmark here

The ritual will only active on a certain condition that is you must offer sacrifice of the life of the Heretic God that has been killed by your own hands. Bookmark here

Therefore, Roy tried his best to make himself look puzzled and guarded. Bookmark here

Fortunately, Pandora didn't had any doubts, she just looked at Roy, and said with a seductive smile which cleary didn't matched her young face: Bookmark here

"I am your 'mother'~~~"Bookmark here

"As for where this place is, na ~ It's of no use to tell you, you will soon forget , anyways. But as your 'mother', I will still tell you...."Bookmark here

"...This is the 'Boundary of Life and Immortality'. According to the Greek occult, it is the 'World of Thoughts', as per Persian occult it is the 'Mind World'."Bookmark here

"You achieved the miraculous feat of slaying a Heretic God, so you arrived here to become my 'son'. Come, now call me 'mom', i want to listen."Bookmark here

Roy looked at Pandora's expectant eyes and mischievous smile, he just pouted his lips and ignored her.Bookmark here

Daring enough to ask me to address her as 'mother'. The guts of this goddess is really great. You must know that the father of this body is 'The Aleister Crowley'.Bookmark here

If you let that man know about Pandora's request, I guess poor Pandora will face danger. Bookmark here

She would definitely be caught by that evil man inside the 'Windowless Building' and put inside a jar full of formalin to experiment. That man would definitely do so. Bookmark here

Roy slandered secretly.Bookmark here

Seeing Roy ignoring herself, Pandora pouted angrily, and snorted: Bookmark here

"...As for who I am, I am Pandora, it's not the Pandora you think, as for more specific identity, it's too troublesome to explain, so I won't explain."Bookmark here

"Anyway, it won't take long for you to understand everything, and when you come here next time, you will have known what this place is used for."Bookmark here

Pandora did not had the majesty of a goddess at all, she acted just like an ordinary junior high school girl, with a little bit of willfulness.Bookmark here

But soon, she showed a sad expression, though Roy didn't know whether it was her 'true feelings' or 'false feelings', and said: Bookmark here

"...This era has already seen the seventh god-killer being born, the 'Strongest of Steel' will soon wake up from his slumber."Bookmark here

"My youngest child, your luck is a little bad. You will not be able to enjoy everything to the fullest that this great feat of slaying the Heretic God has brought to you."Bookmark here

"You shall soon face the 'King Who Manifests at the World's End'."Bookmark here

Pandora's words moved Roy's heart. Although her words were few, they exposed a lot of intelligence.Bookmark here

For example, Roy is the Seventh Campione, but according to Roy's memory, the original protagonist should be the seventh Campione. Bookmark here

Which means that the timeline at which he came to this world is before the start of the original plot. Bookmark here

But there is definitely not much time difference, because the former Six Campione have already been born.Bookmark here

'I and the number '7' are really destined.'Bookmark here

Roy's expression was a little weird, he didn't know whether to laugh or to cry because becoming the Seventh Campione seemed to already mark his coming doom. Bookmark here

Roy shook his head to shake away these thoughts. Now that he knows that the person in front of him is Pandora, he had no fear of the unknown environment. He admired at Pandora's beauty with great interest. Bookmark here

Pandora is undoubtedly a beautiful woman. In Roy's more than fourty years of combined life, apart from his sister Lola, he has never seen a woman as beautiful as Pandora.Bookmark here

Of course Roy also knows that this maybe because he hasn't really seen the world. Bookmark here

"Hey? What a special child. Your reasoning ability and wisdom are really not like a typical Campione."Bookmark here

"However the 'foolish' behavior you choose when facing the Heretic God undoubtedly makes you a qualified 'qSon of the Fool'."Bookmark here

Pandora looked at Roy who still listening calmly on the sidelines, and said helplessly:Bookmark here

"...Why don't you talk? It would seem stupid for me to sing a one-man show like this."Bookmark here

"Having to talk destroys the symphony of silence. It's very rude to interrupt someone else's words, Miss Pandora. I just don't want to interrupt you. You know, I am a gentleman."Bookmark here

Roy finally spoke out at this time. He really didn't wanted to have a conversation with a being like Pandora, a being who can make an existence like Campione. Bookmark here

He kept his mouth shut to keep his secrets safe. Nobody really knows if an ancient goddess like Pandora will find some information from his speech. He just wanted her to finish the ceremony quickly and get the power he wanted. Bookmark here

"Calling me Miss Pandora is too far-fetched. Call me mother, mother~~ If you call me 'mom', I will give you a special reward."Bookmark here

"...Looking carefully, my youngest child is really handsome and young, and even much cuter than the silly boy from before."Bookmark here

Pandora's hand gently combed Roy's messy silver hair. She was obviously a young girl, but she exuded a gentle feeling, like the 'maternal love' of a mother.Bookmark here

Roy raised his brows lightly, he just wanted Pandora to end these small chats quickly, so directly satisfied her: Bookmark here

"...Mom."Bookmark here

"Hehe~~ Time is almost up, this is your special reward~~"Bookmark here

With that said, Pandora's soft fingers held Roy's cheeks and she bent her waist.Bookmark here

In Roy's surprise, his first kiss in this new life was gone just like that! Bookmark here

At the same time, the magic ritual of killing the gods was activated by Pandora.Bookmark here

The magic ritual, <Circle of Usurpation> begins!Bookmark here

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