Chapter 36:

Interlude: Furry photoshoot

The Y-files [GL]

Eline’s POVBookmark here

When I woke up I found my beautiful Elodie still sleeping in my arms. The feeling of waking up next to the person you love is just as fantastic as described in novels. Her scent and mine had completely intermingled. During the night we had crossed a line and we were really lucky that Fien had slept through it all. In the heat of the moment we had thrown out all caution and to be honest I had even forgotten about Fien at one point.Bookmark here

I planted a kiss on Elodies forehead, and she gently opened her eyes. Her eyes became wide immediately, and I saw her mind wake up realizing everything that had happened last night, and realizing she woke up in bed next to me for the first time. She gave me a big squeezing hug and kissed me. “I love you.” She whispered to me. She reminded me again of a cute puppy so I petted her, kissed her, and told her I loved her too.Bookmark here

We were then interrupted by a loud cough. Fien let us know she was still in the room. She looked pretty red in her face and had trouble looking at us. She quickly made an excuse, and said she would go to the bathroom to prepare for the day.Bookmark here

“I guess she wasn’t asleep during the whole thing…” I said to Elodie who suddenly turned completely crimson and hid her face.Bookmark here

“Oh god, poor Fien. I hope we did not traumatize her.” she said. I could tell she was pretty worried. I knew she had a special kind of relationship with Fien. She saw Fien as a little sister she needed to protect, so I guess she was a bit mad at herself for upsetting the girl. Bookmark here

Now that we had the room to ourselves we fooled around a bit more. We only kissed a few times, but then I pulled away and reminded Elodie of the fact that we needed to get ready too. After all, today was Saturday, and we would have our first real date as a couple today. Thinking about that while putting my clothes on, I could not remove that stupid smile from my face. Bookmark here

“What is so funny?” Elodie asked me clearly wanting to be in on the fun.Bookmark here

“Nothing special, I just realized I did it again.”Bookmark here

“Did what again?”Bookmark here

“I got the order wrong, just like with our first kiss. This time I slept with you before we went on our date.Bookmark here

Elodie turned completely red. To hide her embarrassment she picked up a pillow from the bed and threw it in my direction. I saw the attack coming so I evaded and ran toward her. Elodie was bigger and stronger than me so I had no other choice than to use my secret weapon, and started tickling her.Bookmark here

I got her on her back begging for mercy so I let myself fall in a big hug and kissed her. I loved my big puppy so much.Bookmark here

When we got to the kitchen to eat breakfast, I noticed mom had already left. When I asked Sandra about it, she told me that mom had an early shift today. I was a bit worried for mom. The hospital where she was working was understaffed, and mom did way too much overtime, and covered way too many shifts.Bookmark here

At the breakfast table our plans for our date were completely blown to pieces by Sandra. “Elodie told me that today the two of you were doing a photoshoot. Is it possible for you girls to take Fien with you, because I have some errands to run too, and I don’t want Fien to spend her first day with us alone.Bookmark here

Fien knew about our date, and looked at us apologetically. I could see she genuinely felt sorry. Well it was our fault for not just telling our parents we were dating, but that did not stop the fact that it stung to see our first date plans sink like that. I even knew that Elodie had made special plans for our photoshoot.Bookmark here

Elodie looked at me, and gave me a sign that everything would be okay. “Sure mom, no problem," she said.Bookmark here

After breakfast we packed all the gear we needed for our photo shoot and I thought that Fien was being very helpful and doing her best to please us, as if she needed to apologize to us.Bookmark here

When everything was ready I followed Elodie, who told me we needed to take a train to the town of Asse. So we were going outside of Brussels. I was really wondering where she was taking us. On the train ride, which took some 20 minutes, we were mostly entertaining Fien. I felt a bit like we were a married couple taking our kid on an outing. I felt myself blush a little at the thought. When I saw Elodie enjoying herself while answering Fien’s questions, that were of course mostly about yuri novels, I felt a form of happiness coming over me. I told myself that this is what a date would look like when you are married with kids and I could see Elodie would be very good with kids. I put my head against her shoulder while she kept explaining to Fien, just silently enjoying the situation.Bookmark here

When we got off the train Elodie led us to a wealthy residential area. I wondered what on earth she could have arranged for us to do over here.Bookmark here

We arrived in front of a big house with a lot of terrain. Elodie pressed the bell. When we heard a voice through the intercom Elodie said “We are here for the photoshoot.” The person on the other side pressed the buzzer to open the gate to let us in.Bookmark here

Now I was really curious. I mean, had Elodie really intended a photoshoot as our first date?Bookmark here

But when we got inside of the house everything became clear because we were immediately surrounded by 6 adorable corgi puppies and their mother. Fien’s eyes became large and not even 30 seconds later she was on the ground playing with the puppies.Bookmark here

I looked at Elodie, and she was looking at me to see my reaction to her date plans, and I am sure she noticed that I thought it was brilliant. I would get a chance to shoot my cute puppy among all these cute puppies, and of course there was also an odd feisty chihuahua in the mix.Bookmark here

Elodie explained to me that she had taken the owner of the puppies up on his offer to come take pictures that they would use to sell the puppies, and in exchange we got the rights to all the pictures we took. So basically we had to do it for free, but these kinds of fluffy opportunities did not present themselves everyday, and we would certainly be able to use the photos for our course.Bookmark here

Elodie and I spread a big white sheet on the ground, and we set up some lighting.Bookmark here

Then we started the photo shoot. We were going to be using Fien and Elodie as models. I convinced them by saying they looked like sisters, an idea that I knew that would appeal to both of them. In reality I just wanted to watch my puppy and that chihuahua play with the other puppies. They were going to be so adorable. I just knew it.Bookmark here

I started taking pictures while the two were just playing naturally with the puppies. These pictures were going to be a goldmine of material on my cute girlfriend. When I was about ready, Fien came up to me and told me to go play with the puppies together with Elodie, she would take pictures of the two of us together. The thought of having our first real pictures taken as a couple, felt a bit like an official moment to me, so I got a little nervous, but that all quickly went away, as I was soon surrounded by the puppies who were seeking attention to play.Bookmark here

After a few minutes I started to play with the cutest puppy of them all, which was of course my sweet Elodie. We were messing around and while I had Elodie on her back, the other puppies all jumped her too assisting me. They were licking her face and pulling her blouse.Bookmark here

Fien was laughing loudly while doing her best to keep the camera steady. She kept shooting continuously.Bookmark here

After a while the owner came to tell us that the puppies needed to rest. So we finished up, and told him that we would send him the pictures via mail as soon as we had processed them.Bookmark here

Our date might have been cancelled, but I had the time of my life, and I would have to make sure to thank Fien, because I was sure there would be some perfect pictures of the both of us.Bookmark here

When we got back to Brussels sadly we had to separate. Mom would be home soon and I had to go home to do my homework because tomorrow it would be the first time in two months that I would see my dad, and he promised to take me somewhere special because he missed our appointment last month.Bookmark here

So I gave Fien a kiss on the cheek and my sweet puppy, Elodie, a more intense goodbye kiss. After all we would not see each other tomorrow, so I had to make sure I got one last good dose before she left. Fien covered her eyes and did her best to look the other way, but I noticed her taking plenty of glances through her fingers. Not that I would not do the same...Bookmark here

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