Chapter 39:

The Odd Aqueenian 5

The Nonpareil of Resh (Act 1)

Fiona and Gwyn were able to get up quickly after Dia left. Odell, on the other hand, was down for the count.

"Odell?" Gwyn shouted to him while shaking his shoulder.

"Mmm," Odell managed to mumble.

"He won't be getting up for a while," Fiona explained. She looked down the hallway where Dia had gone.

Gwyn rubbed the back of his head.

"You say that like I should understand it."

Fiona waved her hands for Gwyn to follow. He looked to Odell and back to Fiona.

"He will be fine, but she will be an issue if she keeps running loose," Fiona said.

"Mmm," Odell added from the floor.

Fiona didn't give Gwyn a chance to reply; she just began to run off. Gwyn sighed and ran after her.

"I don't like leaving him in the middle of the floor!" he protested as he caught up with her.

"She is a dangerous person," Fiona started to say.

"I picked up on that!"

"I don't know what magic was like in your world, but using it on Resh is... rare. If she can use a spell, she is a real danger! We need to warn the guards as soon as possible!" Fiona clenched her teeth. She did not like how serious everything was at the moment.

"There was no magic in my world!"

Gwyn could tell that Fiona was not listening as he chased after her.

They ran through a couple of corridors and finally exited into a large hallway. It was similar to the main entrance but only had one rather large and wide column in the center of the room. Around the column sat several faux trees, and artificial grass filled up most of the room. It appeared to be a park within the castle. Gwyn had not seen the room before as it was one of the ones Fiona did not show him. He looked around and tried to squash his curiosity as they ran through the room.

On the other side of the giant column, there was a door that rivaled the throne room's in size. Several guards were standing in front of the door, four in total. One of them was Colton, who made a lazy yawn as he stared off into space.

"Hey, Colton looks like the princess is running this way," One of the guards said.

"Ahahaha, she had to come on my shift," a second guard said.

"You have the worst luck, Colton; the last guard chimed in.

Colton sighed and shook his head.

"It just has to be when I am in charge," he muttered as he made steps to the princess and Gwyn.

"Colton!" Fiona yelled as she finally broke from her sprint to a halt. She struggled to catch her breath and spit out her next words.

"Come on, Princess Fiona, the conference is underway now; please don't go trying to do anything," Colton groaned. He looked to Gwyn, "And you shouldn't go along with her like this, Nonpareil."

"There's a cursed Aqueenian coming here! She took down Prince Odell with the spell of weakness!" Fiona yelled out.

Colton's eyes grew wide for a moment, then he closed them and sighed.

"I respect your tenacity, but that one is a little in poor taste, Princess Fiona," he replied as he rubbed the back of his head.

"She seems to be dangerous!" Gwyn chimed in when he saw Colton was not listening to Fiona.

"I don't know what she told you, but you don't have to play along. She tries to do things like this all the time," Colton explained.


"Please, princess, we can't have too many distractions today."

Fiona shuddered as Colton turned his back and began to walk back to the giant door.

Gwyn looked back and forth between the two as he tried to comprehend why Colton wouldn't listen. It didn't take him long to figure it out; he had picked up on how Fiona was viewed.

Gwyn gritted his teeth, he didn't quite understand the danger Dia presented, but Colton's initial reaction suggested he would act if he took Fiona's words seriously.

"Colton, wait!" he yelled out to the guard.

Colton waved to Gwyn but did not bother turning back to look at them.

"There are some royal baths in the castle; you should be able to relax there for a while!" Colton yelled back to the duo.

Gwyn looked back to Fiona, who had slumped down on her knees. Then he turned to Colton, who had begun a nonimportant conversation with the other guards. They laughed as they talked.

On the other side of the ample space, Dia had entered. She was still concealed to the other's view by the large column that sat in the middle of the room.

"We're finally here!" she chirped as she stretched out her arms.

We would have gotten here sooner had you not played around before. Her Needaimus added.

"Hey, Vance drew a poor map!"

Master Vance drew an excellent map; it was your inability to follow a simple path and your insistence on fighting those three that made us so late. We are low on time now. Additionally, you showed that trio all of your available skills prior to arriving here. Should they come before us, they will be able to inform the guards of your capability fully. X lectured as Dia began to walk around the column.

"Oh relax, I left those three so far behind they couldn't possibly-" Dia stopped mid-sentence as the guards, and their company came into view. The four guards were still off in their conversation, and both Gwyn and Fiona had their backs turned to where Dia stood. She slipped behind the column. Her wings shivered. "They beat me here! What do I do? They probably told the guards everything!" she began to stammer.

Relax, we only need to carry out the mission.

Dia took a deep breath. Then she waved and winked to fans that were not presently watching.

"Your right; I'm not the number one beauideal in Nun for nothing! I can take some guards and people I already wiped the floor with earlier!"

Her wings grew outstretched as she prepared for her attack.