Chapter 1:

Chapter 1: Awaken

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“What~ is~ that~.”

"H-hey~, w-wasn't there a dungeon found here recently?"

"Y-yeah~, I-I heard it was found just recently."

The shocked teens couldn’t do anything about the situation that is in front of them. As the person who was holding Gale up loose his composure, Gale fell to his knees being free from the lock he was in.

Alec loss his composure as well and only had the strength to mutter a single word “RUN”

“Hie~, It’s a dungeon break! RUN!” the screams of despair and agony was heard from the street at the end of the alley. But being scared we were rooted to the ground where we stood.

At the end of the alley a person saw us and shouted “Hey you kids get... forget it run while you still can!”

Us being bought back to our senses ran outside. The monster which was looking at us from behind was gone. I was to beat up to run for my life and was getting left behind by the masses running for safety, and there I realize, I was being pushed by them. But then I saw a glimmer of hope at an alley, I hoped to hide there until the Awakeners deal with the dungeon break.

‘Ah this should be a good spot to hide myself until it all dies down.’

I sat down beside the garbage bin trying to hide from the horde of monsters from the dungeon break.

When I looked up, I saw the same eyes that were looking at me earlier. I was to shocked that I was stumbling around the alley like a mouse caught in a trap.

‘Was I the target it was eyeing from the start?’ As I was trying to move away from the monster, I saw light from my shoulders. It was the same light that made me go in this alley. When I looked back there was something un expected there.

“This is~, why is the dungeon here?”

The monster trying to fit itself through the small alley, chewing its way inside. Making debris fall blocking my only way out.

I grit my teeth and run towards the dungeon with only one thing on my mind.

‘I don’t want to die, I don’t want to die, I don’t want to die, I don’t want to die!’

I trip as the shock was getting to me, my feet are going numb.

The monster roars a loud sound. It was as if it was using the speakers for seven concerts at the same time with only me as its audience.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 

Inside the dungeon I keep on running with my eyes closed. I was to focused on not wanting to die that I tripped over a stone. As I opened my eyes and didn't saw a cave or a horrifiying pile of bones like the ones that I saw in an RPG game before.

'This place looks like the inside of a cathedral, its really spacious in here but there isn't one monster in here. Wasn't this supposed to be an S-class Dungeon?'

I get up and walk further looking for a place to hide myself. As I was walking I found I light at the end, I was getting desperate that I ran towards the light not knowing what it was.

As I was getting closer and closer to it, the light flashed brighter. When I reached it my eyes were blinded that I needed to hold up my hand up against my face to block it. When I noticed my eyes were done adapting to the brightness, everything around became clear.

It was a throne room with a ceiling that looked like the night sky, being filled with star, it was just to long to notice it at the start. And in front of me I saw...

"Th-th-th-the boss" I was stuttering because of the overwhelming presence of the boss.

It was right there sitting casually, holding a huge sword in front of it with both of its hands.

I thought to myself, that the place where I die would be this throne room.

'Man, I wish I could have lived my life as a King too, and not just die here like some rat.'

The boss stood up, and looked at me. With eyes that look like, it was looking at trash.

It then raised its hand and snapped its fingers. The sound filled the whole area, and silence was what followed.

In the silence that filled the room. The sound of drops of liquid is audible.

And a boy who was on his knees, at his side were both of his arms.


The boss then raised his hands and snapped once again, and the same happened once again. It filled the room with its sound and came following silence.

And the boy laying on his back was looking on the beautiful ceiling

The boss raised his hands as if it was holding something circular, and Gale was floating in the air.

The boss then raised his other hand while holding the sword. And in that moment behind the boss appeared numerous weapons. Spears, Swords, Maces, were aimed at the weeping gale, and came rushing to gale body one by one, the recoil of being hit was enough to impale him to the wall.

Gale whos life was hanging on a thread, has lost consciousness. A board had appeared in front of him, he did not notice the announcement in front him due to this.







In that moment gale fell to the floor. And the boss was on the floor with a holes in the body where gale was impaled. And the room only had the two of them lying on the floor.

Gale opens his eye and came to see the ceiling of a hospital room. He looks to the side and sees a girl replacing the flowers, it was Yuna.

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