Chapter 32:

Ch 32 - "Did I interrupt something?"

St Chaos Healer

I left the venue heading back to our room.Bookmark here

The show was still going on but there was nothing useful information to obtain anyway.Bookmark here

I could still wait and try to learn more about the heavenly virtues but they were still quite vague information that hardly any use.Bookmark here

The 12 heavenly virtues have been around for a long time.Bookmark here

Even if one of the heavenly virtues dies, another hero is chosen to be the next hero in line, taking the duty of the former hero; Thus continue to guard the realm like a bunch of royal dogs.Bookmark here

Back then as the demon Overlord, I never confronted these heroes.Bookmark here

If only I had gone toe to toe with them, I could at least know how powerful these guys are.Bookmark here

The only thing I know is that getting hit by their divine weapons is no joke.Bookmark here

But what shocks me is that it’s been almost 500 years since that incident occurred. And I here assumed that the incident occurred not long while ago after my birth. Hence I was under the impression it’s only been like about 12-13 years.Bookmark here

But if I count the amount of time lingering in the dark void when I was a mere soul, 500 years is still too short. It felt like an eternity in that dark damp void, never did I want to visit that place ever.Bookmark here

But if it has already been 500 years since this incident occurred, then why wasn’t the world still not aware of this event yet?Bookmark here

Normally when even the heavenly virtues even let out a fart, the church of the virtues spread that tale like wildfire.Bookmark here

Yet this heroic event has yet not been revealed to the local people until now.Bookmark here

It seems like only recently they started spreading this tale.Bookmark here

Something is a bit fishy.Bookmark here

As I walked down the hallway pondering the reasons why.Bookmark here

“Hey, Benjamin!” Suddenly a familiar voice called out to me from behind.Bookmark here

As soon as I recognized the voice an overwhelming feeling of annoyance came over me.Bookmark here

I should just pretend I didn’t hear the voice.Bookmark here

I continued walking towards the hallway as if I didn’t hear anything.Bookmark here

“Hey! Stop pretending you didn’t hear me the first time,” he added with an arrogant tone.Bookmark here

I should just ignore this person and go back to my room.Bookmark here

I don’t have the ounce of energy to spare dealing with this guy.Bookmark here

Just when I kept walking another arrogant twat’s voice appeared,Bookmark here

“Hey, you there! How dare a peasant disobey my orders and turn his back on me like that.”Bookmark here

I never heard this voice but hearing the arrogant tone with his words I could at least presume who these words might belong to.Bookmark here

I finally stopped delaying the inevitable and turned around.Bookmark here

Not to my surprise, there he was fat and plump like a grape, it was Moses. Beside him were four new guys that I haven’t seen before. In that group, there was another boy with blonde hair and green mean eyes looking at me with scorn. He stood right in the center of this group with his arms folded like he was the leader of this group.Bookmark here

Meanwhile, Moses who always had the other village kids, around him and acting like the leader was now standing beside this kid with his head lowered while glaring at me fiercely.Bookmark here

“Did you call for me?” I asked.Bookmark here

“Are you deaf? Did you hit your head too bad in the 2nd trial that led to hearing loss?” asked Moses sarcastically.Bookmark here

I glared back at Moses fiercely.Bookmark here

This blabbermouth has been acting quite cocky for some time.Bookmark here

“A mere peasant acting quite arrogant just because he managed to pass the trials. It seems you have forgotten your place, huh?” said the blonde boy in the middle.Bookmark here

“Huh?” I asked while taking another look at this arrogant boy.Bookmark here

From the manner and the tone, he seemed to be quite an important guy.Bookmark here

That’s when I happened to notice the bracelet in the boy’s arm.Bookmark here

It was a golden color, unlike us who wore a purple one.Bookmark here

The rest of the boys standing beside this kid also wore purple bracelets.Bookmark here

I am pretty sure that gold bracelet meant that he came from the rich class.Bookmark here

Oh, so it seems the candidates have been merged since the end of trials. This could get bothersome for me to handle.Bookmark here

It’s not been so long and the peasant candidates are already sucking up to the rich class candidates.Bookmark here

“Make it quick. What do you want?” I asked.Bookmark here

“Oh, you should be honored that I went out of the way to talk to a mere commoner and that’s how you talk to me?~Hey~ I am not done talking, where are you going!” replied the agitated blonde boy.Bookmark here

“I am going to my room, of course,” I replied.Bookmark here

“Stop him!”Bookmark here

At his command the other four boys and even Moses rushed in front of me, blocking my way.Bookmark here

“Where do you think you’re going?!”Bookmark here

“How dare you disrespect young lord James Malice like that!"Bookmark here

“Bow your head, apologize to Master James.”Bookmark here

“Then we might let you go after a mild thrashing~ hehe”Bookmark here

“...”Bookmark here

Meanwhile, Moses was the only one who kept his trap shut.Bookmark here

The rest of the lackeys had already proclaimed this blonde hair brat to be their master.Bookmark here

How could they let such people complete the trial?Bookmark here

Are these kinds of people what the mana love, these days?Bookmark here

No wonder the mage era is declining rapidly.Bookmark here

These candidates got no pride or shame, pathetic.Bookmark here

Meanwhile, our little drama was attracting attention.Bookmark here

The nearby candidates and even the rail guards were watching us closely.Bookmark here

Even the arrogant brat James noticed this,Bookmark here

“Let’s talk, somewhere in private will you?”Bookmark here

“Sure but are you going to bring your lackeys with you.”Bookmark here

As soon I said that word the lackeys gave me the stare.Bookmark here

Like I just spat on their face or something. What’s with that look?Bookmark here

They suck up to him, and they definitely are lackeys.Bookmark here

“Hmph. These folks are under my command so they will accompany me, of course,” replied James with an arrogant tone as always.Bookmark here

“What? Are you scared to talk alone?” said one of the lackeys giving me scorn.Bookmark here

Dogs in packs do love to bark, don’t they?Bookmark here

I shall just play along then, maybe a little exercise might help me get rid of the stiffness in my joints.Bookmark here

“I don’t mind. Let’s go.” I replied.Bookmark here

Some secluded places work fine for me.Bookmark here

If I beat them in everyone’s view, it will surely just get more unwanted attention.Bookmark here

Better take care of it a bit discreetly. I was looking for an opportunity to beat some sense in Moses anyway.Bookmark here

After saying so we took an elevator to the topmost dorm floor.Bookmark here

The candidates on this floor had mostly failed the trial, who later had to move out with their family to a different wagon.Bookmark here

So this was the perfect place to have a talk.Bookmark here

After reaching the designated place I just stood there nonchalantly while stretching my neck and my arms.Bookmark here

My body has been stiff even after getting the healing but taking down these chumps will be a nice workout. I don’t even have to rely on mana for this.Bookmark here

So what if this arrogant brat comes from a rich class family?Bookmark here

Now that I’ve also completed the trial, my family will also rise to a higher class soon enough. So I won’t even mind whooping his ass down the ground even for one second.Bookmark here

Seeing that I was quite relaxed in my situation, surely made the other brats a bit nervous as well.Bookmark here

The first one to break the silence was the blonde brat,Bookmark here

“Well, I am not such a bad person to resort to violence, so I will overlook your ill manners this once,” replied James while giving me a friendly smile.Bookmark here

“Huh? What the hell-” I said while staring back at James.Bookmark here

So why did they even bring me here in the first place?Bookmark here

I stared at James expecting an answer but he just stood there with a smile.Bookmark here

“Well if there’s nothing you want, then I’ll get going-” saying so I started heading back to the elevator.Bookmark here

But before I could take another step I was stopped by the lackeys who blocked my path and started giggling for no reason.Bookmark here

They really are asking for it, aren't they?Bookmark here

I turned around again just to see James looking at me with scorn,Bookmark here

“I will let you go, only after you tell me how a commoner like you could use mana so early. What trick did you use? I expect a sufficient answer. Is it even true that you can already use mana or are all the candidates in your wagon have something wrong with their brains?”Bookmark here

Oh, so that’s what this is all about, not like that I didn't expect it.Bookmark here

Well rumors do spread easily, don’t they?Bookmark here

Especially if you have a bastard loose mouth like Moses.Bookmark here

I stared at Moses,Bookmark here

“I wonder what you’re talking about. Most of the candidates in my wagon do have something wrong with their head though.”Bookmark here

“Is that so?” said James as he stared back at Moses.Bookmark here

Moses immediately became nervous,Bookmark here

“No! I saw it with my own eyes! He created a barrier purely condensed from mana. Although it was just a weak barrier that was shattered by a hit by the golem statue. I thought for sure he would die but somehow he is still alive and even the ceremony organizers passed him without letting him go through the third trial.”Bookmark here

I just scorned the pathetic sight. The pitiful jealousy was quite visible in the eyes of the lackeys, hence what caused them to hate me.Bookmark here

I managed to activate my mana skills because of my previous memories and the close to death situation was yet another trigger.Bookmark here

If they wanted to learn the secret to early usage of mana, maybe getting nearly killed by that golem would surely help them.Bookmark here

James nodded,Bookmark here

“I see." he then looked at me, "So you will just pretend to be a fool. In that case, I will have to beat you up to get the truth.”Bookmark here

As soon as he said this, the 4 lackeys stepped forward while cracking their knuckles.Bookmark here

With a teasing snicker as they approached me.Bookmark here

Meanwhile, I tried to hide my smile as my hands were itching to let go of all my anxiety from the last trial and relieve all my stress.Bookmark here

The lackey in the front smiling like an idiot,Bookmark here

“You brought this on yourself. Now just-”Bookmark here

Out of nowhere, we heard the sound of water gushing from the next room.Bookmark here

What we heard next was a flushing sound of water from the public toilet.Bookmark here

Each floor consists of a public restroom.Bookmark here

The public restroom on this floor was close by so the person who was inside might have also heard everything that went on here.Bookmark here

We all stood in silence as we waited for the person inside the toilet to show himself.Bookmark here

Moses and the lackeys were also frozen midway, so was James who stood behind them.Bookmark here

After waiting for a few seconds the mysterious person in the toilet revealed himself.Bookmark here

To our surprise, a young man wiping his hand with a handkerchief walked out of the restroom nonchalantly.Bookmark here

He had surprisingly neat orangish-yellow hair and piercings in one of his ears. He looked like he was in his 20s.Bookmark here

“Look what we have here,” he said as he walked in front of us with a childish smile.Bookmark here

“This must be the famous thing called bullying that I heard so much of,” he said as he glanced around.Bookmark here

Cold sweat started forming on each and everyone’s brows.Bookmark here

Even James who had been arrogant for a while now had trouble looking in his face.Bookmark here

“Oh did I interrupt something?” asked the young man as he glanced at us with a friendly smile.Bookmark here

Despite his friendly smile, his eyes seemed cold as if he was looking at garbage. He had the same gaze as the rest of them.Bookmark here

He was dressed in a black coat with a sword hanging at his hip.Bookmark here

Did a rail guard just have to take a dump on the topmost secluded floor, right now when I was about to whoop some brat’s ass to let out some steam?Bookmark here

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