Chapter 3:


Avatar: The divided state

Street lights at night.Bookmark here

Cold breeze running all over, almost everywhere.Bookmark here

Nobody seems to be around.Bookmark here

But here comes a silhouette of a strange guy.Bookmark here

He walks through the road on his way home.Bookmark here

Carrying in his hand a supposedly bag pack.Bookmark here

"It all surely came out wrong huh!"Bookmark here

He talked to himself while looking at burnt out debris on his way.Bookmark here

The only thing that makes him warm is that rugged black hood he wears.Bookmark here

Sadness.Bookmark here

Hate.Bookmark here

Pain.Bookmark here

The only way to describe his face.Bookmark here

At last he reached an abandoned house in isolation through other jolly houses.Bookmark here

But he don't care anyway, he just want to get the key on this door and lay down.Bookmark here

"Damn! Where's the key? Haven't I kept it in my wallet?"Bookmark here

He groans as he threw his bag away instead of finding a solution, he punched the door that made his hoodie fall from his face.Bookmark here

He's all beat up.Bookmark here

His neck is covered with bondages.Bookmark here

But the worst is-Bookmark here

"At last this damned door opened. I could use some rest."Bookmark here

His body was bruisedBookmark here

ThoughBookmark here

His heart was bleeding.Bookmark here

He opened his small set of tv.Bookmark here

Layed on his couch.Bookmark here

He minded not the bag pack he threw lately.Bookmark here

He just wanted some rest.Bookmark here

His eyes slowly close as he hears the fading broadcast in tv.Bookmark here

"A strange creature rained flames in Georgetown!Bookmark here

Dragons are said to be existing in the past centuries.Bookmark here

But everyone thought of it as a myth.Bookmark here

2 died and 35 persons are injured during the sudden attackBookmark here

Is this the end of the world?"Bookmark here

Flames surrounds the surface.Bookmark here

A breaking sound of burning wood is the only song to be heard.Bookmark here

His eyes were opened.Bookmark here

He was startled.Bookmark here

He only see red,yellow,orange,white and black in variety.Bookmark here

The sky was black.Bookmark here

He wears nothing but the fire itself.Bookmark here

He wanted to talk but he can't.Bookmark here

Suddenly,Bookmark here

There are cries echoing the whole surface.Bookmark here

"Lance!"Bookmark here

A sweet crying voice of a lady out of sorrow.Bookmark here

A small nipa house stood up out of nowhere.Bookmark here

He wanted to speak but he can't Bookmark here

The sweet voice inside the nipa house turned to a begging voice of need.Bookmark here

Then the fire crushed the nipa house and left it nothing but ashes.Bookmark here

He wanted to speak but he can't.Bookmark here

-gasp-Bookmark here

"That dream again!"Bookmark here

He said to himself as he heavily breathe.Bookmark here

He wiped his tears carefully not to touch his bruises.Bookmark here

He started to look at the tv that he forgot to turn off and saw the time while the broadcast on the channel still goes on.Bookmark here

"What! 8:45 am?! Damn I'm late!"Bookmark here

He said as he gripped his fists.Bookmark here

He rushed and does all he can to be furious.Bookmark here

He's leaving, but at the moment he's going to turn the tv off.Bookmark here

"How did you fought against the dragon?"Bookmark here

"I .. I don't have any idea!"Bookmark here

A confused answer of a girl in tv being broadcasted.Bookmark here

"This girl was said to bend water from the fountain. But was it just an accident ?"Bookmark here

As he saw the girl on tv his teeth began to grind on each other and angrily spoke.Bookmark here

"Bending?!"Bookmark here

He threw the remote control to the tv due to his short temperance.Bookmark here

"There's no way that nightmares become reality."Bookmark here

He silently say to himself as he gains control.Bookmark here

He started to walk down the blank street wearing his rugged black hoodie.Bookmark here

He clenched his fists Bookmark here

"Where am I supposed to go anyway? I'm expelled!"Bookmark here

He suddenly remembered.Bookmark here

And flames appeared as the morning sun collides it's heat.Bookmark here

He closed his eyes and stopped.Bookmark here

Lost his balance and fell.Bookmark here

He is alone laying on the streets under the strikes of the sun Bookmark here

"No one can understand me"Bookmark here

He spoke as he lost his conscience.Bookmark here

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