Chapter 4:

The coin

Avatar: The divided state

The night was peaceful and silentBookmark here

But then,Bookmark here

"Wow!"Bookmark here

A voice of amazement from a large mansion.Bookmark here

"This. Is. Splendid!"Bookmark here

He shouts as he swipes through his phone.Bookmark here

Xyle is his name.Bookmark here

At his young age, he already is an archeologist.Bookmark here

He bought a luxurious mansion near a cliff and his address is really private.Bookmark here

"I can't believe that the legends are true!"Bookmark here

He said as he roll himself to his giant white bed!Bookmark here

"It is clear! The dragon! It resembles the culture of the fire nation!"Bookmark here

He proudly say.Bookmark here

"But then this babe caught my attention!"Bookmark here

He reads articles online and saw varieties of news regarding a girl who was said to water bend the fountain in Georgetown park.Bookmark here

"Here's a vid"Bookmark here

He clicked a video of it.Bookmark here

"Hmm it's low quality!"Bookmark here

He commented as he saw the video and his eyebrows swiftly lifted itself.Bookmark here

His enthusiasm quickly turned into mourn.Bookmark here

"I'm disappointed! This video only captures the water."Bookmark here

He didn't finished the video that he was watching.Bookmark here

He thinks of it as being scripted or edited.Bookmark here

He stood up to the kitchen and went into the refrigerator.Bookmark here

He grabbed a bottle of chilled coffee.Bookmark here

And he sat as he stares to his faucet.Bookmark here

"Hmmm.. Can I waterbend?"Bookmark here

He closed his eyes and creates a posture on his both hands.Bookmark here

"Wa!! Yah!"Bookmark here

And nothing happened.Bookmark here

He expected to waterbend though but he can't.Bookmark here

He was tired.Bookmark here

So he sat in his black luxurious sofa and opened his wide screen tv.Bookmark here

He switched channels but nothing picked his interest.Bookmark here

He started to be bored.Bookmark here

"Ugh! What am I gonna do now?"Bookmark here

He looked up to his ceiling in gold lights.Bookmark here

Until he remembered something.Bookmark here

"The coin!"Bookmark here

He rushed unto his separate research room.Bookmark here

WhereBookmark here

Sticky notes occupied the space of his white boards.Bookmark here

He is an archaeologist that is pretty interested in the era of bending.Bookmark here

These article inside the room tells his obsession.Bookmark here

The fire nation.Bookmark here

The air nomads.Bookmark here

The water tribe.Bookmark here

And Ba Sing Se,Bookmark here

The city behind the walls.Bookmark here

But it was just subjects to his research.Bookmark here

Pictures pinned on his walls are everywhere.Bookmark here

Every picture is organized according to every journeyBookmark here

And every journey corresponds a lot of words of concept mapping.Bookmark here

A lot of questions yet to be answered.Bookmark here

Until he reached a small ancient mural of avatar aang in his wall.Bookmark here

"Goodevening avatar aang!"Bookmark here

He graciously said as he bowed and the wall opened just like a cabinet.Bookmark here

Inside the cabinet was all collections of his obsession.Bookmark here

There was a broken orange glider that was said to be used by airbenders.Bookmark here

The cabinet is mostly occupied by an incomplete suit of metal benders.Bookmark here

But he didn't went there for those.Bookmark here

He only picked the thing  hidden below.Bookmark here

A wooden box.Bookmark here

"There you are!"Bookmark here

He said.Bookmark here

He opened the wooden box and there appeared a golden coin.Bookmark here

It glistened through his eyes.Bookmark here

He isn't after the money he would get from the coin.Bookmark here

Actually he fixed his mind not to trade it no matter what.Bookmark here

He went outside his research room.Bookmark here

He walked through his wide fine floored balcony with the coin.Bookmark here

The sudden blow of wind made him shiver.Bookmark here

"Grrrrr... Damn too cold... Gotta go get some hot coffee-"Bookmark here

He was going to get a hot coffee until someone talked in his head.Bookmark here

"Yo! Dude? You dumb? All of yo coffee was chilled!"Bookmark here

His self said to him.Bookmark here

"Ok! I'm too lazy to wait for it to be warm!"Bookmark here

He mourned.Bookmark here

He haven't even thought of his coffee machine or his espresso.Bookmark here

He started to inspect the coin.Bookmark here

He closed his left eye and focus the coin in his right eye.Bookmark here

He sees through the square shaped hole in the center.Bookmark here

There he saw a pigeon.Bookmark here

He was in confusion as the pigeon stayed on his balcony's metal bars.Bookmark here

He stared at it and he began to realize the pigeon was looking at his coin.Bookmark here

"Oh no!"Bookmark here

The pigeon flew unto him as he ran inside the room and immediately closed the sliding glass door.Bookmark here

The pigeon have vanished.Bookmark here

"This is horror!"Bookmark here

He said.Bookmark here

He checked out the coin in his hands and it was still precious as before.Bookmark here

He returned to his research room to bring back the coin but what awaits him there is chaos.Bookmark here

There is someone inside the room.Bookmark here

"The pigeon is inside my secret research rooom?!"Bookmark here

"Kruu?"Bookmark here

The pigeon answered as it bended it's head.Bookmark here

"This is a chicken war!"Bookmark here

He seriously said.Bookmark here

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