Chapter 52:

Welcome to Ronna’s talkshow!

The Y-files [GL]

Belgian Trivia

FDF: Is the French speaking far right party in Belgium. FDF stood for "Front Démocratique des Francophones", but they changed it to "Fédéralistes Démocrates Francophones" to clearly oppose the Flemish nationalist parties who are separatists and against federalism. Bookmark here

They call the far right “de zwette” in Flemish dialect, meaning the blacks. This refers to those who wore black shirts to show support for Hitler's NSDAP. So someone being “black” can have a serious different meaning in Flanders depending on the context...Bookmark here

When we entered the TV-station, we were provided with guest passes and guided to a dressing room. We were sharing this room with Ms. Lourdes who was dressed in a classy but still modest black cocktail dress.Bookmark here

Ah, the two of you are here.” she said. Then she checked us out, “The two of you look amazing!”Bookmark here

It is nice to get a compliment but why did she have to sound so surprised? Then she noticed my necklace, and I thought I saw a bit of a grimace form on Ms. Lourdes' face but it turned into a smile really quick.Bookmark here

I am sure the two of you will capture many hearts tonight.” She then added, and then she turned away from me.Bookmark here

I wonder who the other guests will be.” Anna said. It was clear to me she was nervous too, although she hid it under that mask of professionalism of hers.Bookmark here

Well, we are sure Polly Tick will be there, for the others we will have to wait and see. I know Ronna likes to surprise her guests, but I don't think the three of us know many celebrities.”Bookmark here

We had a little television in the waiting room where we could watch what was going on in the studio.Bookmark here

At the moment Ronna was interviewing Polly Tick. The mayor wore a very elegant dark purple dress. Her character was completely different from yesterday. If I had to describe it, I would have to say she was radiating leadership by replying very calmly and very assertive. She looked like she was born to lead.Bookmark here

They were having a rather boring discussion about ongoing debates on a few taxes she had implemented. There was a knock at our door telling us to come over to the studio. It was about time for us to go on stage. When we arrived in the studio, I noticed the large audience. Now my heart was beating really really fast. “Seems like you're a bit scared. Need me to hold your hand?” Anna suddenly whispered teasingly in my ear. I blew a fuse. That woman! I wanted to retaliate but the staff nudged us to be quiet. I looked around again and noticed that I was no longer nervous. Did Anna actually just help me? I looked at her, that woman, she always plays me so easily... Anna noticed I was staring and gave me her typical wink. Now I started blushing like crazy. I quickly turned away my gaze.Bookmark here

I noticed the conversation on stage had turned to new projects, and when they started talking about the FBY and the CYA, Ronna stopped the conversation, and introduced the three of us. We went on stage under a loud applause, and I could even hear some whistling coming from the crowd. A group of girls that I had never seen before were holding a banner saying “We love the yuri Jeanne D'Arc!”.Bookmark here

It was all a bit overwhelming. I truly felt the pressure, and knew that under no circumstance I could screw up tonight or our house of cards would fall down, and Anna and I would take the blame for all the events that happened.Bookmark here

The mayor acted surprised, but happy to see us. She would have made a brilliant actor. After all, she was the one that arranged for us to be here.Bookmark here

We all sat down on a sofa in some sort of salon that was there to interview the guests, with Ronna sitting in the only single seat.Bookmark here

Ms. Lourdes was introduced as the head of the CYA. A woman with exceptional leadership skills that holds the job of headmistress of the Immaculate institute at the same time.Bookmark here

The audience gave her a nice applause. She gave them a little wave like the queen would do and. She acted like she was really used to this kind of thing.Bookmark here

Then Anna was introduced as the daughter and heir of the Lyst family, who worked with the police until recently, but now the FBY was her main project. Ronna emphasized that she had been the main driving force behind the creation of the FBY.Bookmark here

There was some enthusiastic applause, but also some low murmuring. The Lyst name is not a very popular one in many circles because of her mother being one of the figureheads of the far right party, and the Lyst group her father ran, owned one of the European Union's largest arms factories.Bookmark here

Ronna then introduced me as Claire, the yuri Jeanne D'Arc. An internet celebrity that has risen very quickly by coming up for lesbians that are discriminated against, and helping girls find their true selves. Then she announced that I was the official director of the FBY.Bookmark here

There was a really deafening applause for me, the difference to the others was really clear. I felt really overwhelmed. I had no idea an applause could have that kind of an effect.Bookmark here

Now that that is out of the way, Claire, Anna, those dresses look magnificent. You look so beautiful together.”Bookmark here

Anna noticed I was again nervous and answered “Thea Trallic is a childhood friend of mine, when she heard we were coming to your show, she specifically designed them for us.”Bookmark here

Thea's name caused a reaction in the public. It was clear everyone was rather impressed.Bookmark here

Well that explains it, if Thea is involved. Give her my regards when you see her. The two of you look really stunning tonight.” Apparently Thea and Ronna knew one another too. I guess the celebrity world is a small world.Bookmark here

Then Ronna started talking about the FBY, the CYA and it's goals. Ms. Tick, Ms. Lourdes and Anna were rather engaged in the conversation, but I was feeling so nervous in the spotlight that time just seemed to go by. I did not really enter the conversation.Bookmark here

Then I felt the mood change when Ronna asked her next question:Bookmark here

Well Anna, that was very interesting, but how does your mother feel about you doing all this? I can imagine it wasn't easy convincing her.”Bookmark here

Anna felt clearly uneasy at that question but answered. “I did not tell her, we do not have much contact these days.”Bookmark here

Yes our research indeed showed us that, I was wondering about that, so why don't we ask her directly? Ladies and gentlemen we have Kath Lyst here with us tonight too.”Bookmark here

A woman in a dark green dress with the demeanor of the evil queen in snow white entered the studio. Her hair was grey, and she wore a necklace with a golden cross in the middle, to show everyone her conservative values. She looked a bit like Anna, but then again they were completely different. Kath Lyst had a truly frightening aura.Bookmark here

Ms. Stick looked surprised. Truly surprised this time. It was clear she had not expected to fight her nemesis head on tonight.Bookmark here

Anna looked like she had seen a ghost.Bookmark here

The crowd was murmuring because of the controversy of having the figurehead of the far right party as a guest in a talk show. This would be in the news and the tabloids all over the country tomorrow. That was probably exactly what Ronna was going for.Bookmark here

After she was introduced a small debate started between Ms. Tick and Kath Lyst. It came over like a cat fight without a clear winner. Polly Tick and Kath Lyst were clearly politicians of the same level.Bookmark here

Ronna broke up the fight and steered the conversation toward the FBY and the CYA ,and what Kath Lyst thought about her daughter's role in all of that.Bookmark here

She attacked both organizations as a debauchery that was lowering public morals. It was scandalous that tax money went to an organization like that promoting something indecent like women to have lesbian sex.Bookmark here

I was expecting a witty remark by Anna, so I looked over but I could see her professional act shattered, and saw her crumpled to a very weak little person. What did that woman do to her daughter to have an adult react like that? I couldn't imagine. But if she couldn't be the Anna I knew, I decided to be that Anna for her. I grabbed all my courage together.Bookmark here

I went into a heavy dramatic mode like I saw Anna do many times, and started overdoing my gestures. “Are we still at that level?” I asked to the heavens, putting my right hand to my forehead. Everyone went silent. Kath Lyst stare was shooting lightning at me, if looks could kill I would be nothing but a pile of ash. “It is exactly that sort of unawareness that we are fighting, and that is taking lives on a daily basis. I faced the death of someone close, caused by yuri unawareness and the consequences are something I will have to bear with me for the rest of my life.” Kath Lyst tried to interrupt me, but I went over into Anna's overbearing mode not tolerating any interruptions. “Yuri is not about sex and debauchery. True yuri is purity and beauty. True yuri is light!” I ended my typical nonsensical Anna speech only to get a thundering applause. Ms. Lourdes, Anna, Ms. Tick and even Ronna were looking in awe at the girl that had sat there silently, like I just said the most profound words they ever heard. I could see a tear forming in Anna's eye.Bookmark here

Kath Lyst was not just going to take it sitting down and went with a personal counter attack ad hominem.Bookmark here

Concerning my daughter's role in all of this. I did some research and I am certain that my daughter has just been tricked by a pretty harlot that is just after our family's fortune. That daughter of a single woman that opened a “brasserie” in an old brothel without changing the name. Next to her son there are only women working there. Do we really have to draw a picture of what is really happening there?”Bookmark here

A personal attack I could take... But she was attacking my mother and our brasserie. I wanted to get up and strangle that woman. But before I could do anything, to my surprise it was Ms. Lourdes who put her into her place.Bookmark here

Lisa Brossé is one of the most hard-working women that I know, who managed to raise two children and run a respectable business at the same time. Unlike what you are insinuating, by herself. She should be presented as an inspiration to others on how to face life in the face of adversity. She is one of the strongest women that I know. I did not know your party was against strong entrepreneurship?”Bookmark here

The far right party always claims to be the friend of all small entrepreneurs, so it would be hard to react to that one. I was happy that Ms. Lourdes was here, because I don’t know if I would have stuck to words in my reply.Bookmark here

Furthermore I think you will find your research to be incomplete. Claire here holds a patent that is worth many millions thanks to Cath Odes our chief researcher. She has no use for your fortune.”Bookmark here

Now Kath Lyst looked like she had seen a ghost.Bookmark here

Professor Cath Odes works for you?” Professor? And that was what she was reacting to?Bookmark here

Yes, Cath Odes, but she isn't a professor anymore. After she blew up that new lab at the uni trying to revert used coffee back into fresh beans, she was fired.” Ms. Lourdes answered her,still in a tone that was ready to parry and attack at any word Mrs Kath Lyst would say. It was clear to me Ms. Lourdes was just as furious as me. If not even more so.Bookmark here

That traitor.” I could hear Kath Lyst whisper under her breath.Bookmark here

Ronna interrupted us and said, “I found that very interesting too. Did you know that Kath Lyst used to work for Cath Odes in the university, and now they are at opposite ends of the stick? This was too much of a coincidence, so I invited her to join us too.Bookmark here

Ms. Lourdes looked with fearful eyes. I agreed with her. Ms. Odes on television could not be a very good idea. Doom probably awaited us all.Bookmark here

But Kath Lyst looked the worst. It seemed like she had just been thunderstruck.Bookmark here

I noticed the LED of my keychain flash green on Kath Lyst. What the..? Did that mean that she was into girls herself? And of everyone into Cath Odes? But she was the married figurehead of the right wing party? This wasn't making much sense...Bookmark here

Ms Odes entered the studio, clearly oblivious to the atmosphere in her usual 80's dress code with a lab vest.Bookmark here

Oh Kath, long time no see.” She greeted Kath Lyst rather casually.Bookmark here

That is what you say after all these years!” she was clearly pissed off. Well Cath Odes surely did have that effect on people...Bookmark here

Then Ronna led the talk show away from our row and let Ms. Odes introduce her discoveries about yuridium. Everyone listened with open eyes. Not only did we discover a new element on Mendeleev's table , There was actual scientific proof for yuri attraction. This was the first time in history something like that was proven without a doubt.Bookmark here

Ms. Kath Lyst looked seething now.Bookmark here

How could you betray me like that? I even started the FDF for us. But then you start working for the enemy!”Bookmark here

Ronna picked up on that and asked to elaborate on that.Bookmark here

Cath Odes answered “We used to have a club called the Front of Disseminating Fujoshi or FDF, with the goal to spread the ideals of BL, but Kath later turned it into a political party. She knew the far right was the best choice, because the main parties would always do the opposite of what they said. It is a lot easier to get things done that way, than when you have to do it yourself. It has been some really fun years following her career. I really liked Kath back in the day, and we had a very good time in our club talking about, and creating some excellent BL.Bookmark here

Kath Lyst was blushing heavily at those words. Meanwhile everyone was in shock. Kath Lyst was a fujoshi promoting BL in parliament by using the right wing party as a cover! This would most likely shock the entire nation.Bookmark here

I was still a bit pissed because she attacked me and my mom so I threw some more oil on the fire.Bookmark here

It is time to cut the crap toward your daughter. It wasn't only the BL was it? This device here made by Ms Odes clearly shows the two of you have yuri feelings for each other. This is not even what if. This is scientific fact!”Bookmark here

Kath Lyst answered “I was set to be married to my husband when I was 14. Feelings don't matter when it comes to marriage. Marriage is a duty. I just tried to spend my time in uni with the people I liked. Yes, I love Cath Odes. But we will never have more than a platonic friendship and that is only natural, because it is the decent way to live.”Bookmark here

She then started preaching: “Life is more than just chasing your feelings, there are also responsibilities, and they take precedence over pleasure. Marriage and governing your family's wealth are a few of those. If you are born privileged, that comes with profound duties. Anna never understood that because she dirtied her mind with those ridiculous yuri novels. I did my best to teach her that, and even chose a fine man for her. But what did she do in response? She called off the engagement immediately, moved out and left the family behind. That girl really does not know how grateful she should be for all I did for her.”Bookmark here

I saw Anna shaking with fear. This was clearly bringing back some sort of trauma. After that speech the whole studio had gone silent. Everyone was looking at me for an answer. Why was everyone looking at the 16 year old to solve everything?Bookmark here

I sighed. Once again I turned into the role of the strong overbearing Anna that I came to know over the last week.Bookmark here

Look at Anna, look at how she is afraid of you. She looks nothing like the strong Anna Lyst I got to know. You think she needs to be thankful for that? I will be thankful when we live in a world where everyone can be true to themselves. Live life like how they feel they should live it. Of course life comes with responsibilities and difficulties,” I then stood up and went to stand behind Anna who was still sitting, and put my hands on her shoulders, then continued “but they can be faced together with the people we choose to be in our lives.”Bookmark here

Another thunderous applause roared throughout the studio. Ms. Tick was crying and said. “I have a confession to make,” Ronna immediately changed the focus toward Ms. Tick. Ms. Tick called Ms. Trine. She came in front of the camera, a bit reluctant . Ms. Tick took her by her hand and said “Vera and I have been in a relationship for years. We couldn't be open about it because the election polls showed it would be unfavorable to do so.”Bookmark here

Then she looked at me and said “Thank you, Claire, I finally know now that I should be true to what is most important in my life.”Bookmark here

Another big applause roared through the studio. Ronna had lost all control over the show and it became utter chaos. Well I think nobody could have foreseen that there would be so many big revelations piling up in such a short time.Bookmark here

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