Chapter 45:

Excerpt from Gwyn's Journal - Zenototes

The Nonpareil of Resh (Act 1)

The last of the groups on Resh is the Zenototes. The easiest way to describe this group is simply as reptilian. They have a humanoid enough appearance but look like they are wingless dragons that began to stand on two feet.

In a way, they might not be as interesting to describe. They so closely resemble the kind of lizardfolk you see in fantasy that I have trouble describing them as anything other than that.

They are covered head to toe in scales. It seems while green certainly shows up, they can have a wide variety of colors and patterns seen in reptiles on earth. I have heard that some are able to change colors in a sort of camouflage way, but it is considered more of a gimmick as clothes do not camouflage with them.

The heads are best described as draconic. Some have horns, some have fangs, and there are plenty of other features and shapes that their heads can take. Their heads also come in a variety of elongations. While all the heads have a reptilian essence, some are flatter than others. Apparently, the flatter a Zenototes face, the uglier others see them as. However, this only applies within the Zenotote society.

Their hands have three fingers with sharp claws at the end. Their feet have three clawed toes out front and one in the back, which makes their shoes look odd. Due to this, they all walk in a manner that seems odd at first.

Their eyes are how one would expect at first, being reptilian, and their teeth are sharp. They seem like they might be rather violent, but on average they are usually calm and collected. There are exceptions of course, usually referred to as the hot-blooded of their species, but the vast majority of Zenototes I have met speak in a calm and neutral manner.