Chapter 54:

Interlude: Going home

The Y-files [GL]

Anna Lyst's POVBookmark here

The show was over now, and I noticed I was being led by Claire to the exit of the building. I remembered my mom entering the show, and a few brilliant speeches of Claire, but for most of it I kind of blanked out.Bookmark here

Apparently Claire had called for a taxi. We saw none of the other guests, so I guess we were the only ones that were going home immediately after the show.Bookmark here

Claire looked a bit worried at me and led me to the taxi.Bookmark here

She gave the driver my address and got into the car with me. I didn't think she would come with me. Who would after all that?Bookmark here

My mother cost me my friends on several occasions in my life. Most of the time because of her political beliefs, other parents did not want their kids associating with me. Because of all that I had even locked myself in my room during most of high school. I even left home and tried to break ties with the family when I wasn't allowed to study psychology, and I certainly did not want to marry that man she picked out. This is Belgium for crying out loud. Even the queen would not have an arranged marriage these days.Bookmark here

But then, just when I finally was starting to make a life for myself, and get some independence from my family, my mother showed up and forced me to move to a luxury apartment my parents had bought in my name. They could not have their daughter live a pauper's life, and I had to promise not to do anything that would bring shame to the family.Bookmark here

But to come and try to destroy everything I built up, like today... She had never gone this far. My mother had insulted Claire and her sweet mother beyond repair. I would not want to have anything to do with myself or my family either after that. It was my responsibility, I should have known my mother would do something like that!Bookmark here

I felt tears rolling from my eyes. I looked at Claire and apologized in the hope that she would forgive me. “I'm sorry you had to go through that, my mom said all those horrible things to you, and I did nothing to defend you. I just sat there frozen.”Bookmark here

I felt my tears coming up from a much deeper place but suddenly I felt a comforting warmth around me. Claire had hugged me and was caressing my hair. “There there, we made it out didn't we, and if anything, I would say we won that battle from your mother.”Bookmark here

So she wasn't blaming me. I let myself go and laid my head on her lap. It felt really comforting to have Claire's presence next to me. For the first time in my life, I felt like I was no longer facing my mother alone.Bookmark here

We arrived in front of the apartment building where I lived, Claire asked the driver to wait for a few minutes, and then accompanied me to the door of my apartment. She was clearly making sure that I made it all the way to my door. She had a really caring personality didn't she?Bookmark here

I opened the door to my apartment and turned around in the doorway and said “Thank you for seeing me home. You are really kind, you know that?” My voice was still shaking a bit. I felt like I did not deserve all of this attention. Not after what my mom had done.Bookmark here

But then Claire told me the words I needed to hear most: “You are you, and your mom is your mom. I would never blame you for something she does. I love you for who you are, Anna.”Bookmark here

Then she stepped forward and kissed me tenderly on my lips. I was surprised, but the warm sensation coursing through my entire body, made me want more, so I kissed her back. Even though that kiss probably only lasted a few seconds, I think I never felt so complete in my life and I would remember it for eternity.Bookmark here

Good night Anna.” She whispered in my ear and then she left.Bookmark here

I stood there a bit dazed in my doorway, and it was Pussyni rubbing her back against my leg that brought me out of it.Bookmark here

That was my first kiss, and it was amazing. All the bad feelings I had were replaced with a warm fluffy feeling, and I felt an energy rush coursing through my body. I picked up Pussyini and danced with her through my living room. She protested with a pitiful “Nya” so I put her on the sofa. I could think of nothing but Claire and how much I was in love with her. I always thought yuri stories were beautiful, but experiencing this blissful yuri moment brought my understanding of it to a whole other level. Yuri truly was the most beautiful thing on this planet.Bookmark here

Then suddenly I realized I hadn't given Claire a proper answer to her confession.Bookmark here

Claire's POVBookmark here

I had left Anna dazed in her doorway. I walked back to the taxi and gave the driver the address of Femme Fatale. While driving everything that happened started to replay in my head. “What did I just do?” I had acted on impulse. I had wanted to protect Anna, to give her strength, let her know that she would not be alone. Somehow in that moment at her doorstep it had all just clicked. “I'm in love with Anna.” I whispered.Bookmark here

I touched my lips with my hand remembering the feeling of my first kiss. The happiness of that moment was still coursing through my body. I had a stupid smile on my face that was just impossible to tuck away.Bookmark here

Then I realized I confessed to her, and just left without waiting for a reaction. Why did I do that? Now I will be up all night worrying. I hope things won't be too awkward between the two of us tomorrow.Bookmark here

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