Chapter 0:

Resist The Pain..

Shadows of Carnage / Discontinued

- Location: Tokyo - Time: 20:22 - Date: 30th May 2014 -Bookmark here

It has been a really rainy day... It's about 8° outside... Ryota Yoshiyuki is walking home from the hospital... He just witnessed his mother pass away in front of his own eyes...Bookmark here

 He slowly picks up the pace and starts running knocking into some people older than him... They looked to be in the same school as him... They push him into a puddle and start laughing.Bookmark here

"Look at this kid bumping into us like it's no big deal.. Freaking dickhead.."Bookmark here

The guy starts pointing at Ryota... A tear slowly rolls down his eye.Bookmark here

"So.. What are you gonna do with him?"Bookmark here

"What he deserves of course!"Bookmark here

He walks up to Ryota and picks him up from his collar and delivers a strong punch to his face... The guy lets him go and Ryota falls onto his knees...Bookmark here

"Anyone else wants a taste of this kid..?"Bookmark here

"Sure man.."Bookmark here

Ryota looks up and immediately gets a knee to the jaw... Ryota is still on his knees... The other guy walks up and tries to punch him, but Ryota grabs his hand. Ryota looks up and smiles with his mouth and nose bleeding...Bookmark here

"My pain is already gone.."Bookmark here

The group's leader kicks his face and Ryota finally falls on his back... One of them spits on Ryota as he bleeds from his mouth and nose...Bookmark here

"Heh... Let's finish the job.."Bookmark here

They surround Ryota and start stomping and kicking him everywhere... Until Ryota hears a familiar voice across the road.Bookmark here

"Get away from my brother!"Bookmark here

Ryota's brother ran in and dropkicked the face of their so-called leader... Ryota coughs up some blood and then looks at him.Bookmark here

"Izanagi..?"Bookmark here

Izanagi looks down and smiles at Ryota until he looks at the thugs again...Bookmark here

"Come on punks... Fight me.."Bookmark here

They quickly turn around and start running... Izanagi helps Ryota up and hugs him...Bookmark here

"You alright Ryota?"Bookmark here

"Yea...I am okay.."Bookmark here

Izanagi looks at his bloody face and frowns...Bookmark here

"I'm sorry about mom...Look I'm gonna make it up for us...I promise to take care of you!"Bookmark here

Izanagi hugs him tight but then he feels a sharp pain in his back... It was the guy who he dropkicked... Izanagi elbows him and the guy runs away... Izanagi falls to his back and Ryota kneels next to him and holds his head.Bookmark here

"Don't die alright..I'll get help.."Bookmark here

"Ryota...If I die. Promise me...You will become stronger... Don't ever give up.. You have to fight hard to achieve your goals..."Bookmark here

Ryota grabs Izanagi's phone and calls for the ambulance... They arrive 4 minutes later... Izanagi was in critical condition... He lost his mother and seemingly also his brother on the same day... One of the doctors calls a taxi for Ryota... Time passes and Ryota finally gets home... He looks at the birthday cake Izanagi made him and started crying even more...Bookmark here

- Location:??? - Time:14:55 - Date: 18th of October 2016 -
Bookmark here

Since the incident, Ryota started to get bullied a lot due to him being the only orphan in his class... He tried to never give up... But he kept being beaten up... One day he went to school... It went smoothly for the first time...Bookmark here

The school day ended and Ryota chose a new way to go back home... He saw the bullies again and he thought he has had enough of them... Ryota ran to one of them and hit him in the back of the head. He wasn't even staggered. He immediately turned around and threw Ryota into a fence...Bookmark here

"Well look who we have here again. I guess you didn't have enough of our "love" huh..?"Bookmark here

They start to laugh until a kid walks into the alley... They all look at him..Bookmark here

"Hey, kid.Scram...This isn't your business..."Bookmark here

He ignores them and walks up to them... One of them tries punching the kid... But he dodges. He stares at the bully and kicks his gut and then heel kicks his ear.Bookmark here

"Heh...A fair fight finally.."Bookmark here

The thug starts walking toward the kid, but Ryota quickly grabs his leg...Bookmark here

"Hey, what are you doing!?"Bookmark here

The kid jumps and kicks the bully's face and he gets knocked down...Bookmark here

"Who...Who are you?"Bookmark here

Ryota looks at him in awe and the boy offers him his hand...Bookmark here

"Heh...Your new friend!"Bookmark here

His name was Tatsuya Murakami. He was a year older than Ryota... Even though they went to different schools they became good friends...Bookmark here

- Location:Hibiya Park - Time: 15:35 - Date: 19th May 2018 -
Bookmark here

It was a warm day outside...Ryota was walking home from school...
He had gained 2 more friends while
Tatsuya was on vacation in an undisclosed location... Ryota checked his phone until he heard some fighting from the corner of the school... He looks down the small hill and stairs and sees some guy beat up one of the Ryotas friends. He rushes down the stairs and quickly punches the guy...)Bookmark here

"Ryota..?"Bookmark here

Ryota smiles and knees the bully. Some others come from behind and tackle him down and start kicking him... One of them tells the others to pack up... He picks Ryota up by his collar and stares at him.Bookmark here

"Who do you think you are...And why are you trying to save this cry baby? Do you know who I am! I am the king of this school!"Bookmark here

He punches Ryotas gut and lets go of him. He steps back a few steps, but then moves back and kicks his head... They all laugh except for his friend... The guy grabs a steel pipe and tells one of them to hold him. He is about to swing at Ryota
until they hear a familiar whistling tone... They all look behind and see a familiar face coming... Some of them slightly bow down. The guy looks behind and sees him, but he doesn't bow... Ryota looks up and sees Tatsuya..)Bookmark here

"Good afternoon, sir!"Bookmark here

The crowd screamed as loud as they could... Ryota looks at the situation confused.Bookmark here

"Hey, sir.."Bookmark here

Tatsuya finishes his snack and throws the papers in the guy's face... He smiles and then kicks the side of his head... Tatsuya looks at Ryota and lends him a hand.Bookmark here

"Hey there Ryo.."Bookmark here

"Heh..Kami.. Good to see you..."Bookmark here

Tatsuya hugs him.. The others start to leave and whisper about them.Bookmark here

"How about we get a coffee Ryota..?"Bookmark here

"Oh, sorry... I already made plans with someone.."Bookmark here

"It's fine.. We will talk tomorrow alright... We need to discuss something.."Bookmark here

Ryota nods and hugs him and his friend one more time. Before he goes Tatsuya gives him his leftover donuts, Ryota takes them and puts them in his bag... He rushes to the apartments and rings the bell for a door... Someone opens it and smiles.Bookmark here

"Hey, Ryo!"Bookmark here

"Hey, Kyio! Here I got you these.."Bookmark here

He gives Kyio some flowers and a kiss... She immediately blushes and covers her face...Bookmark here

"Come in Ryo.. Make yourself at home.."Bookmark here

They hug and smile at each other.. Kyio grabs some paper, alcohol, and bandaids... They walk to the living room and sit on the couch.Bookmark here

"This is gonna hurt Ryo.."Bookmark here

Kyio starts rubbing a wound with alcohol. Ryota grunts, but tries to smile... She puts the bandaids on some cuts.Bookmark here

"Oooh..Look at the couple over here..."Bookmark here

Ryota and Kyio look at the door and see a tall gentleman standing there.Bookmark here

"Wait, dad! We Aren't dating!"Bookmark here

"Hello, Mister Noda!Bookmark here

"Hey, Ryota.."Bookmark here

Kyios's father puts down the groceries and walks to his room. They stare at each eye of each other... They are about to kiss.. But someone calls him, it was Tatsuya.Bookmark here

"Why are you calling me. I'm about to have a good moment over here!"Bookmark here

Kyio laughs while Ryota panics...Bookmark here

"Chill.. We need to meet up right now... Come to the shrine where we usually meet up.."Bookmark here

Ryota's expression quickly changes...Bookmark here

"Fine..I'm coming.."Bookmark here

He ends the call and puts his phone in his pocket...Bookmark here

"You have to go..?"Bookmark here

"Yeah..Tatsuya needs me for something..."Bookmark here

"Oh alright! Don't get hurt or anything, alright?"Bookmark here

"Alright.."Bookmark here

Ryota hugs her and rushes out of the door and starts running to the shrine. Bookmark here

-Location:??? - Time: 21:46-
Bookmark here

Ryota runs up the stairs and finally arrives at the shrine... Ryota looks around and sees Tatsuya waiting while holding some sort of jacket...Bookmark here

"Oh, you made it!"Bookmark here

Tatsuya smiles and then hides the jacket behind his back...Bookmark here

"Yeah..What's the problem.."Bookmark here

"It's nothing..Let's just wait for the others.."Bookmark here

"Others..?"Bookmark here

Tatsuya walks up to Ryota and places his hand on his shoulder and then they hear bikes coming from the distance...
Bookmark here

(To be continued..)Bookmark here

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