Chapter 8:

The first queen


    The first to react was the king. His face was red of anger. Bookmark here

   "What are you fools waiting for? Go and kill her!" Bookmark here

     He was refering to the Royal Magician, David, and the Knight commander, Edmund. They both taked out their weapons but Lyna jumped in front of Alice. Bookmark here

      "Father, wait, calm down and hear me out she...!" Bookmark here

       "Calm down!? She chopped your brother hand and you stiil want to take her part?" Bookmark here

   "But father! She...!" Bookmark here

     "I don't want to hear it anymore, David, Edmund, kill her right now!" Bookmark here

  "Yes sir!"(x2) Bookmark here

      They both were ready to attack but it was to slow or rather, they couldn't do anything to beggining with. Alice snapped her fingers and the whole room was covered with ice and their feet was shallowed by it. David trayed to use fire magic but he couldn't activate it and Edmund tried to cut the ice but this was also useless. At that moment, Alice looked like a queen of ice and any attempt to harm her was frozen immediatly. Bookmark here

      "Hey, old fool, this is the first and last warrning. I saved this world once so I have all the rights to destroy it. If you make me angry again this matter wouldn't end with just somme ice! Bookmark here

      Her tone was more cold that the atmosfere, and the fear in the heart of king Roland was growing.Bookmark here

 ("Just who the hell did I offend?")Bookmark here

 "Now do you want to hear me out?" Bookmark here

      Lyna wasan't affected by the ice because Alice didn't aim it at her. She looked at her scared father with pity. Bookmark here

    "Alice is the one who come out from the Old Tower. She said that 1000 years ago she set a barier here and sleep unitil now. She just wanted to use our library to see what heppened in the last millenium. She didn't mean harm." Bookmark here

     King Roland felt how all his powers left him. What he feared the most come at him and in the worst way possible. Bookmark here

      "Lyna, let's not waste time here anymore, take me to that library!" Bookmark here

"Yes!" Bookmark here

      Without any more words both girls left the room letting the soulless king and the awed guards in the freezing room. Bookmark here

      In the hallway, Lyna was walking in front of Alice without speaking any word, lost in her thoughts. Bookmark here

   "Are you mad at me that I cut your brother's hand and scared your father?" Bookmark here

     Lyna come back from her absent-minded state and looked back at Alice. Bookmark here

     "Not really, my father asked for it. He is not a bad person but his temperament is a little too short. As for my brother, we are not from the same mother and he is looking weird at me every time so I could't care less. What I'm worried is what will happen next." Bookmark here

    "I would be a dead person because of his "short temperament" ,or even worse, if I were another person. Not taking his life is thanks to you so he should treat you better in future. Also, don't let me see him again, any message can go through you first." Bookmark here

     "That's true, thanks for not killing him and sorry for what heppened.... wait, that means you will stay here?"Bookmark here

"What? Don't want to?" Bookmark here

      Lyna stopped from walking and turned back panicked. Bookmark here

      "No, no, no, I'm just surprised... I thought that you have a bad impression of this kingdom and wouldn't want to stay here anymore." Bookmark here

      Alice didn't stop and continued walking with an expressionless face. Bookmark here

     "While is true that I don't have the best impression about this kingdom, it will be the same wherever I go.  Also, it will take some time to go through all the books in the library so I will stay here for some time. Take care of me while I'm here." Bookmark here

"Of corse!" Bookmark here

      Lyna walked faster and took Alice's hand with a smile on her face. Bookmark here

"Let's go, the library is this way!" Bookmark here

      (Why is this girl so happy about it? This carefree personality is so close to that of Iris...) Bookmark here

      With those thoughts in mind, Alice arrived shortly at the library. Here, it was a big circular room, with hundreds of bookshelves on walls and a ladder going way up the wall and it rolls by the shelves. In the middle of the room were tables for reading and some big glass windows illuminated the library. Bookmark here

     Alice entered the room and took a look around the many books that were waiting for her. While she didn't know from where to start something catch her attention.Bookmark here

      On top of the entrance door was a big portrait of a 20 years old girl with a serious expression. She was was wearing a white dress and her hair fell off her shoulders like an waterfall. Bookmark here

    (That's definitely Iris, except of the serous face it looks so much like her.) Bookmark here

      Seeing where Alice was looking, Lyna explained. Bookmark here

      "She was the first queen, Iris. After the big war ended she come and took the throne, putting an end to the chaos. She is the one who come with the idea to build a new castel and have a new beginning. It is said that this library was build at her personal orders and she spend much time  collecting the undamaged books, transcribe the damaged ones and write new books about magic theory and history. She had gone down in history as the Unifier Queen, one of the supporting pillars of the new generation and the best queen in history. Altough I look like her, I have a long way to go for being at least half as good as her... my personality doesn't help me either. I can't be as serious and thoughtful as her." Bookmark here

     "You don't have to be like her. You are you and nothing can change that. As for how serious and thoughtful she was... the time needed it but she wasn't like that from the beginning." Bookmark here

"She wasan't?" Bookmark here

     "No... the Iris I know was a carefree person, who hated studying and had always a smile on her face." Bookmark here

     Alice looked at the portrait with a bitter face. The memories of her good friend come to her mind and the urge to see her againe just grew. Bookmark here

      Seeing Alice like that, Lyna know that this was a hard subject for her but couldn't refrain from asking. Bookmark here

     "If you are ok with it... can you tell me about you and what really happened 1000 years ago?" Bookmark here

    Alice come back from her toughts and looked at the worried face of Lyna. Bookmark here

"I can do that but is a long story." Bookmark here

"I have enough time!"Bookmark here

* * * In a dark, cold abys at the end of the world * * * Bookmark here

    A black fog with red eyes was looking at a sphere that shows the image of two girls. Bookmark here

      "Ke, ke, ke, seems like she wake up... the time has finaly come... ha, ha, ha!" Bookmark here

       A creepy laugh that could gave you chills resounded in the endless abys where darkness taked the control.Bookmark here

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