Chapter 1:


To kill the king

"To kill me, is to claim my throne! Come forth ye mighty knights and wizards!"

The King of Heilig Kingdom announced on his tower above the uncountable crowd.

Everyone got confused.

But I, Renz, had the king's idea in my mind crystal clear.

First of all, the king won't make such announcement knowing that the crowd can attack him.

A sudden gun shot was heard amongst the noise of the crowd and caused silence.

A civilian, no , a hunter fired off his gun and shot the king on it's head.

"That's too easy."

But the king laughed after all the bleeding on his head, he chuckles as he turn his back.

"Try harder next time!"

This is getting too exciting!

I grinned with my eyes shining.

"I have to become a king!"

I said silently.

A cloaked lady suddenly came by and said.

"In your dreams!

He must've some kind of curse or sorcery! The king just wanted to test the royalty of his men to him."

"And who are you?"

"I will be the one to become king!"

She said as she wore off her cloak.

"I am the greatest sorceress of Klutos kingdom, Amora."

She's so beautiful.

She walked through the crowd and disappeared.

The ground broke into pieces as we fall.



Woke up!


"That dream again!"

I said as I felt the cool wind of the midnight from the window.

It's been a month after the king's game started.

But still no one ever killed him.

"Put yourself together Renz! I have to pull some plan...."

I grabbed my sword and continued my journey.


Black Out