Chapter 2:

Players of the game

To kill the king

Sunday morning.Bookmark here

5:30 am.Bookmark here

Here am I above the woods near the king's castle.Bookmark here

I can't come nearer,Bookmark here

There are knights guarding the gates of the castle's wall.Bookmark here

I assumed to be traced by some kind of sorcerer.Bookmark here

So I brought with me a very useful item I got from bounty hunting.Bookmark here

A fang of a mana eating cobra Bookmark here

Also known as a shardsoul,Bookmark here

This fang can sense magic nearby, enough for me to know if someone uses magic against me.Bookmark here

I used to monitor the area for like 2 weeks.Bookmark here

Writing each and every detail of the king's actions.Bookmark here

Like every 6:00 am he goes out with his chariot.Bookmark here

He goes back inside the castle after an hour.Bookmark here

He changes every coachman every day.Bookmark here

So far.Bookmark here

Seems like the king haven't followed this pattern today.Bookmark here

It's been 25 minutes late according to the usual.Bookmark here

I used my scoping glasses to see further.Bookmark here

"Hmmmm.. These knights are still buffs as usual."Bookmark here

I noticed something wierd after they pull out their swords.Bookmark here

I also noticed my shardsoul glowing in colors of blue,white and yellow.Bookmark here

SORCERERS!Bookmark here

I saw one heading straight forward to the castle's gate.Bookmark here

Wait!Bookmark here

A girl?Bookmark here

Instead of going afar.Bookmark here

I chose to watch the scene.Bookmark here

This girl!Bookmark here

Bravely talked to these guards with their swords swinging.Bookmark here

At some moment,Bookmark here

This short haired red head took out her wand.Bookmark here

And just an instance blew out a pure burst of light beam.Bookmark here

That destroys the gates brutally,Bookmark here

But not the knights.Bookmark here

"The heck! She's insane!"Bookmark here

I jumped off from the tree to rescue this girl.Bookmark here

She's dead meat for those high ranked knights.Bookmark here

I ran fast as I could but....Bookmark here

"Where you think you going?"Bookmark here

Another sorcerer showed up behind me.Bookmark here

Pointing to me his arch staff.Bookmark here

I just've noticed,Bookmark here

The girl isn't alone.Bookmark here

She's with a group of sorcerers.Bookmark here

"Are you the king's watchmen?"Bookmark here

He asked.Bookmark here

"Maybe!"Bookmark here

I said as he swiftly used his staff to create a commotion underground.Bookmark here

I acted according to my reflexes.Bookmark here

Sorcerers are weak in some way.Bookmark here

And they seemed to be dependent on casting spells.Bookmark here

Which means.Bookmark here

"Tell me your motives! Your plans!"Bookmark here

I whispered behind his ears with my scale knife an inch away from his neck.Bookmark here

The spell he casted was slow.Bookmark here

I thought he was in attribute of the earth but it looks like he summoned vines below the ground that created a chance for me to act before being caught.Bookmark here

"We are the PIECES!"Bookmark here

he said.Bookmark here

"What pieces?"Bookmark here

"Don't you know? Aren't you one?"Bookmark here

He sarcasticly said.Bookmark here

"We pieces are players of the king's game!"Bookmark here

He said as he turned himself into soft vines that binds me.Bookmark here

He showed up from nowhere.Bookmark here

"You don't have a royal crest on you. Bookmark here

You aren't working for the king.Bookmark here

You are one of us!Bookmark here

Join us!Bookmark here

Let's kill the king with our flawless plan!"Bookmark here

And here I am binded by these vines,Bookmark here

Thinking,Bookmark here

Maybe I could join them.Bookmark here

Bookmark here

Or Bookmark here

Bookmark here

Maybe I can use them to see through the king's strategy.Bookmark here

"Unbind me! I'll help you!"Bookmark here

"That's good!"Bookmark here

He said as he dispelled his magic.Bookmark here

"We cannot kill him with raw magic!"Bookmark here

I suggested.Bookmark here

"So what are we going to do?"Bookmark here

"Look into my eyes!"Bookmark here

He stared in my eyes.Bookmark here

I casted my ability.Bookmark here

"I can now see what you see!"Bookmark here

"What?"Bookmark here

"Nothing! Just avoid bumping on into small pebbles."Bookmark here

Not far away, Bookmark here

one of the sorcerers came running this way.Bookmark here

"Rail! We have to retreat, two of us are captured by the king's men!"Bookmark here

The sorcerer with a large gun said.Bookmark here

"No! Charge forward!"Bookmark here

I said.Bookmark here

"Who is this?"Bookmark here

The gunned sorcerer said.Bookmark here

"Who's what?"Bookmark here

The vine sorcerer asked.Bookmark here

"He-he vanished!"Bookmark here

Loud march and commotion.Bookmark here

Flames and destructionBookmark here

 All over the place.Bookmark here

The two sorcerers were surrounded by the king's knights.Bookmark here

Captured.Bookmark here

They call themselves PIECES.Bookmark here

So this is literally a game huh!Bookmark here

So we are game pieces.Bookmark here

Look at just how strategic is the king's castle to be entered.Bookmark here

No one can enter the castle like this.Bookmark here

Bookmark here

Bookmark here

I have to find a way to get inside the castle.Bookmark here

Be one of the king's men?Bookmark here

Hmmmm.Bookmark here

Good idea Renz..Bookmark here

It might be too obvious,Bookmark here

But still....Bookmark here

Better than a watchdog!Bookmark here

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Bookmark here

I closed my journal.Bookmark here

Enough for today's intel.Bookmark here

11:11 pm Bookmark here

Green light sky.Bookmark here

Bookmark here

Bookmark here

Bookmark here

Bookmark here

Bookmark here

Black Out
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