Chapter 1:

I'm Nór

I Married a Perverted Pink Haired Demon Princess

I'm Nór.
I don't have many friends, to be honest zero.
I live alone, seven hours far away from my parents because they must work in Tokyo and I'm here; in Kyoto.
My self would I describe as a lazy otaku who hasn't special abilities, not even normal abilities.

I go to a normal mixed high school. But in every case; I'm the weird Otaku without any friends, not to mention a girlfriend.
To find a girlfriend is very difficult as an otaku, because every girl thinks, that you are only attracted to 300-year-old demons in the body of a six-year old child, or you're still a pervert.
I hate it. At most the last thing is true... but this isn't the point!

All of my days are the same. Waking up, going to school coming back, be- and doing otaku stuff like watching anime, reading manga or light novels and lastly going to sleep.
Between that of, course going to go to the toilet and shower.

+ + + + + + + + +

In relation to other otakus I accepted my destiny to die alone, without a long blond-haired, hot, slim, and busty-

I'm off topic...

What I'm getting is, that I'll die as a virgin without only speaking to a woman.

Even though... At most the nurse.

To be really honest, I hate my life and lie to myself so that the pain is relieved and I don't feel so bad anymore. But I try that no one sees this side of me. The side which is still lonely and just wants something or someone to love. 

And don't say buy a cat or a dog. 
Counter question; Do cats or dogs have a hot body who you can fuck with? Even tits?

You see this argument doesn't count. 
And if you say, that you can love a pet: Real girls live four times longer than a cat or a dog which are getting broken after 12-16 years.

At least the most obvious: Real girls are real perfections. So don't say "buy a cat"!


Well... I drifted up a little bit from my original topic.

+ + + + + + + + +

What I try to say is, that, except for a girlfriend, no good stuff can happen to me anymore.
Oh anime and manga, of course.
The only thing in which I believe is;
What are 70 years of life compared to eternity and why money and a car when in the end only the soul remains. (Quote from Kollegah in "Sommer" translated from german)

After my awful life, I have the complete eternity, without limits. That shouldn't mean, that I want to die as fast as possible but that I don't care what happens to me.

In a nutshell, I live for anime and manga. And I enjoy it!

But after a little bit of thinking I came to the decision that I can no longer live in this situation. Since that, I pray every day, that something or someone respectively happens to me, that upgrades my life from now on. 

Since years nothing happened and I don't know why. People find me creepy in particular girls in my school class.
The school is going to end and I have nothing except an graduation.

Nice... I have to take care of myself and go to work.

I thought with a listless face.

For the next couple of weeks, nothing special happened. Except that an anime came out, but that's it, not more in the reality. I live from day to day.

Three days before I got my graduation, I came to the conclusion that I must speak with a girl from my school class and ask her, if she would go on a date with me. That is one of the few girls in my class, which don't think, that I'm super creepy.

So I have a good chance to lose my vir-
To date her and get closer. So that we come together as a couple.

+ + + + + + + + +

After almost two strokes, four hearth attacks, an apnea, and an inner struggle against my shyness I've done the decision to speak with her.
I heard the ring from the school bell and my pulse which was almost louder than the bell.

After I stand up, I feel my weak knees while I go to her table, where she sits.
I stand in front of her and noticed, that all of the words where I wanted to use are gone.

"H-H-Hi, Emma. How are you?"

"Hey? I-I'm not so good. How did it comes, that you speak to me? Don't understand me wrong but you speak with no one in our class."

Oh shit, she got it.
Now you don't answer the question, why you're speaking to her. Pretend you didn't hear the question. Speak about the "I'm not so good".

"Why are you not so good? What's happened and can I help you?"

That sounds intrusive now.

"My boyfriend left me, that's why I'm sad..."

Yes! She doesn't have a boyfriend anymore. Maybe I have a chance now, let's try it. But I'm still extremely nervous.
Well, w
hat could go wrong?

I just think of one thing again, S-E-X. And so quickly as possible, although there's so much more that is worth a girlfriend. Unconditionally love, heat, a person to talk, tits.

"Oh, that's bad. I'm sorry"

"It's ok. It isn't your fault. So... What did you want to say?"

You can get it. Stay strong!

"I w-want you to ask if you would go with me on a d-d-date? Please?"

Mine and her head turned instantly red and I don't know what happens next. I've hoped that this all never happened. My heart races and the whole class is staring at us.
Why did I say this so loud? It's completely awkward if she says No or that we can become friends. You can still love a friend, but not on the same level as a real girlfriend.

"Hmm, let us see. You're an otaku without any social skills and you ask me if I would go out with you, right?"

That does extremely sound like No or a You are not on my level so stay away. Please dear god, for this moment I've prayed so many times. Let it go well.

"I go with you on a date under one condition!"

I make it! I'm so happy, now I have the chance of my life. Don't screw it up!

"R-Really? I haven't expected this answer, but I'm really happy about your answer. What do you mean with the condition?" I said with a wide grin. It probably the first time I've shown a smile at school.

But she sits in her place with a dead serious face. Did I do something wrong or why does she stare at me with this face?

"Dear Nór, the condition is, that you hang on a nail to be an otaku."

Have I misheard or did she really say that? I don't want to be any longer an otaku... There're so many things that are beautiful to be one. It belongs to my personality and I cannot give up these wonderful things which belong to it. For example anime or manga, only for a quick fuc-, I mean for a relationship in which she can say that I'm not good enough and leave me?

I can pretend that I'm no longer an otaku. To get to know each other better and so that she can understand my addiction to this stuff.
That's a try worth!

"Okay for you I'll be no longer an otaku and try to hold it until we're a couple."

Her face was really red. I thought, that she doesn't expect this answer. However, now she knows what I would do for her. 

You can only hear astonishment from the class, that I've invited Emma on a date.
I'm really proud of myself. I've done it!

But what should I know if I go on a date with Emma, so that I do all things correctly and that she doesn't laugh about me, because I do something weird or something like that.

I've read some tips and tricks for dates on the internet before and there aren't special things which you should pay attention to. Only, for example, that on a first date you shouldn't go in a swimming pool or something where you can directly see the other almost naked or in a swimsuit.
Although it would be hot. Unfortunately, I can't do that unless I want to be dumped straight away.

"When do you want to have a date with me?" I asked.

"Let me think. Tomorrow?"

Tomorrow? I thought I had time to prepare myself for that - I cannot say no. She can imagine that I don't have an an appointment, because until today I was still an otaku.
So I have to say yes if I want or not.

"Sure. I have time on Saturday. At what time should I pick you up?"

"On 6 a.m. at my home. And woe to you if you are late. We spend the whole day together!"

She grinned so weirdly while she said that. I had a little bit of panic.

"Okay. At 6 a.m. at your home."

Generally, why so early on the weekend. I mean 10 p.m. is also completely fine, I guess.

"Perfect. See you!" she said, but this time with a wide grin.

"See you until tomorrow! Bye!"

+ + + + + + + + +

Now I stand in the middle of the class and asked my crush if they want to go on a date with me. At the point, I realized that my face turned bright-red instantly and I run away as fast as possible.

She stays at her desk and gets a lot of questions from my class member. I only heard
How can you date this guy?
He's ugly, what do you see in him?
You deserve something better than Nór!

It hurts inside if you hear your classmates saying this about you. Do they all hate me or do they only want the beautiful Emma? 
I don't know anything about relationships and so stuff, I am or I was an otaku.

The bell rings and the lesson continues. At this point, the day passes slower than I can describe. It feels like tomorrow will never happen.
But after feeling long long time the school is finally over for the week and I can go home to prepare for my date tomorrow.

Finally at home.

The rest of the school day felt like an eternity. And now I have the choice if I watch anime or prepare myself for my date tomorrow. I also can do my homework but that sounds like a problem for my future person.

I decide to watch some episodes of anime. I mean, what could go wrong without a preparation for tomorrow? Nothing.

A bad feeling says me, that I'm going to fuck up and lose Emma forever, but I cannot do many things wrong. I just must be on time, have enough money, wear good clothes and search for a nice location for a romantic date.

I‘m so tired…

+ + + + + + + + +


How late is it?

11 a.m.?!

Oh fuck. I‘ve forgotten that I have a date at 6 o‘clock tomorrow. And I still need to shower but I'm so tired.

I get it. I wake up earlier than 6 p.m. and take a shower before I go to Emma. 

In this sense I'm very excited about how it will go.

See you tomorrow.

+ + + + + + + + +

Afterword to Chapter 1

Hey dear reader. As you could already read that’s the first time I‘ve written something like a novel in English because I‘m a german and I have many difficulties with languages. So I hope, that you could enjoy the first chapter of my light novel.

At the moment I save money to buy some illustrations for my light novel (this novel is originally planned as a light novel, but I cannot illustrate by myself so I must pay for some nice illustrations).

The cover image will appear round about the new year. Then I should have the illustration.

If you can make nice illustrations you can write me on Twitter (@rl_Josua).

Last but not least, I hope that you could enjoy my first writing and you continue reading my (light) novel. I try to publish a new chapter in the next seven days.

I am looking forward to your feedback.

See you in the next chapter. Have a nice day!