Chapter 2:

First Date - What could go wrong?

I Married a Perverted Pink Haired Demon Princess

*Wha…*Bookmark here

What time is it? Where is my alarm clock?Bookmark here

Did I even set an alarm? Fuck! I think I forgot it because I was so tired last night…Bookmark here

Where is my smartphone? Ah, I have it.Bookmark here

The ultra-bright smartphone display shines in my just woked-up face. It's so bright I cannot see the clock.Bookmark here

After a few minutes, I looked at my display. It's 5.54 a.m.Bookmark here

Oh shit. My date is in six minutes and I have also to shower and wear good clothes.Bookmark here

Just a moment, do I have good clothes?! I opened my wardrobe and the only thing I can see are two ahegao t-shirts and one ahegao sweatpants.Bookmark here

I'm fucked. So I can't go outside. The clothes I'm wearing during the week are in the washing machine.Bookmark here

My last chance is the drawler under the wardrobe.Bookmark here

Please have something that I can wear on a date.Bookmark here

Should I clean my room? I mean she definitely won't come into my room today. If she does come today I have a big problem.Bookmark here

In my bed were three life-size bod pillows, on my wall posters of full busty half-naked female anime characters.Bookmark here

She would kill me.Bookmark here

I opened the drawer and I saw a cleaned white shirt and a nice jacket out of the ladder from my father.Bookmark here

5.58 a.m. I can get it! I have to be as fast as possible.Bookmark here

The best trick if you are in haste, use body spray instead of taking a shower. You have to do it every five minutes, but no one knows that you haven't taken a shower.Bookmark here

And the most important thing is, that you if you are a male, must jerk off before you go to your date so you don't get a boner while you date your dream wife. So you haven't so much pressure in the pipe and so you can concentrate you of the date.Bookmark here

I'm very late on. So I have to be very fast.Bookmark here

Finished. This time only one minute.Bookmark here

Oh fuck. Where is the note she gave me with her address so that I can find her?Bookmark here

I must find it very fast. I throw all stuff through my room to find this stupid sheet of paper. And now the room is dirtier than before.Bookmark here

So I type the address in the little navigation window on my smartphone and pray, that it wouldn’t be far away and I can arrive within the next three minutes.Bookmark here

My smartphone says three minutes.Bookmark here

Yeah, I can get it and only arrive two minutes too late.Bookmark here

However… three minutes with the car.Bookmark here

That’s bad, that’s really really bad. With the bicycle at least ten minutes.Bookmark here

I‘ve jumped off my bed grab the body spray and my keys, put them in my backpack, and run down the stairs. It’s 5.59 a.m. already I‘ll arrive too late at all.Bookmark here

I rip off the door run to my bicycle sit on it and as fast as I am able to step on the pedals to catch up the time.Bookmark here

Over every red light, I‘ve driven and drives as fast as I get fresh air and don’t get a lung collapse or a heart attack.Bookmark here

After eight minutes and nearly being hit by four cars and nearly overdriving a whole kindergarten group I arrived at 6.07 a.m. Bookmark here

By the way. Why was there a kindergarten group? Whatever, I have to do more important stuff, I have a date with a real girl. Outside of a dating-sim.Bookmark here

+ + + + + + + + +Bookmark here

Completely sweaty I arrived at Emma's home.Bookmark here

Time for the grand body spray.Bookmark here

*Pffff*Bookmark here

Now I smell good at all - for the next five minutes. But that's enough for the first impression.Bookmark here

Then… let’s press the doorbell and see what happens, will she come out? Oh, and she shouldn’t be angry about that in a few minutes too late. I mean, only eight minutes too late isn't something special, isn't it?Bookmark here

*Ring* *Ring*Bookmark here

"I'll come"Bookmark here

This sweet voice that reached my ear is so beautiful. I can barely wait for that she open the door.
I hear steps from the stairs inside.Bookmark here

She opened the door and at this moment I realize, that a hasn't bought flowers or a little surprise.Bookmark here

That's not good at all.Bookmark here

"Oh, it's you. Did you look on the clock?"Bookmark here

"Yes. S-Sorry but I was so tired last eve that I forgot to set an alarm for today, I'm sorry."Bookmark here

And I had to jerk off but that I can't say to her.Bookmark here

"Fine, I'll forgive you. Then let's go! Where do we go at first?"Bookmark here

At first? Does one go to more than one spot on a date? And... I don't know one spot. I thought that we only go to the park go kissing and fuc-.
Bookmark here

I mean go in the park we're talking and that's it. That means I have to improvise.Bookmark here

"Let's go to a swimming poo-."
"Eh sorry, I mean of course let's go to the ... mall. Yeah, let's go to the mall!" I was so nervous, I don't know, what I should talk about with Emma?Bookmark here

"Sure! Let us go."Bookmark here

"Yeah."Bookmark here

The mall is only 800 meters away from us, which means I don't have to small talk for so long. But at this moment I realize, that I haven't enough cash in my wallet and you can't pay with a credit card everywhere.Bookmark here

"Sorry, Emma. I forgot my cash. Can we go to the next bank before we go shopping?"Bookmark here

"I'll pay." she said proudly.Bookmark here

"Actually I don‘t want that a girl spends mine for me. A man paid for the women - not the other way."Bookmark here

"I insist! You will let you pay by me!"Bookmark here

I only answered with a slight grin "Okay, but why?"Bookmark here

"Now come with me. We‘ll have a nice day."Bookmark here

That’s sounds good. Now I followed her and she goes to the big mall in our city.Bookmark here

She said I should follow her so I ask her which shop she‘ll go to or where to go to. Bookmark here

+ + + + + + + + +Bookmark here

Now we‘re in the mall and run past most shops.Bookmark here

Where she‘ll go?Bookmark here

In the distance, I see a huge shop for clothes and I can expect which shop she‘ll go into.Bookmark here

But she runs past?!Bookmark here

"At first we go in a shop for underwear"Bookmark here

My heart instantly begins to race.Bookmark here

"A-A-At the first d-d-date?" I stuttered along.Bookmark here

And she answered a cool Bookmark here

"Yes. At our first date, I want to see how you react."Bookmark here

What does she mean by "how I react"? Should I look away or should I stare at her in underwear?Bookmark here

"Originally I want to go to a swimming pool with you, but it seemed like you don’t want to. Because of this, we‘ll go to this shop."Bookmark here

What?! She wanted to go with me to a swimming pool?! I would have suggested that. Oh no.Bookmark here

"Are you serious?"Bookmark here

"Sure, why do I should make a joke? Do I seem like I would make jokes?" With a super serious face.Bookmark here

„-“ I was speechless.Bookmark here

We go slowly to the shop and with every step nearer the shop my heart strokes faster. And my hands were much more sweaty.Bookmark here

"Wait here. I‘ll go to the toilet"Bookmark here

"Okay, I‘ll wait"Bookmark here

*Whooosh* in my eye anger I saw a light pink flash right next to me. After I turned around I see again once.Bookmark here

*Whooosh* but this time much brighter than the other. It seems like that it will come more nearby.Bookmark here

And then it goes out. I was really perplexed. I haven‘t seen this in my whole life. What can it be? A ghost, angel? Or a demon? What do I know?Bookmark here

One minute later my date come back.Bookmark here

I can tell her that there is something paranormal but I don’t want that she gets in panic and leave the mall before I see her half-naked. That’s my fuel to stay here and don’t shit me in the pants, go home and stay at home for the next month!Bookmark here

"Thanks to that you‘ve waited"Bookmark here

She looks so cute if she said that.Bookmark here

"No problem. Do you want to go further?"Bookmark here

"Sure, let us go to the shop finally." She has a so suggestive grin on her face.Bookmark here

It‘s nice but I find a little bit afraid.Bookmark here

+ + + + + + + + +Bookmark here

After five minutes we arrived at the underwear store. I‘m really excited about what she‘ll were or whether she pulls this off.Bookmark here

We go through the big entering door and I see lots of mannequins with sexy underwear.Bookmark here

"Welcome. You're early, it's just 7 a.m." said the employer with a confused tone to us.Bookmark here

"Hey", "Hello" we returned.Bookmark here

She takes my hand and pulls me to the locker rooms.Bookmark here

"Sit down here. I am changing. And don't look until I come out!"Bookmark here

"A-Alright."Bookmark here

Do people do things like this on their first date? I have no idea, but this isn't usually for a first date or a normal date, I guess.Bookmark here

The time I must wait was longer than the school day yesterday. The five minutes in which she was changing feels like a whole hour.Bookmark here

After what felt like five hours I heard a whimpering and quiet girl.Bookmark here

"Nór" she whisperedBookmark here

"Yes, I'm still here."Bookmark here

"Can I come out? Are there no other males?"Bookmark here

"Yes you can come out, here's nobody except me."Bookmark here

"Okay, in this case, I'll come out." her voice going to be quieter.Bookmark here

She wanted to come here, isn't she? So why she is so shy?Bookmark here

She came out and... I passed out. My head got caught by two soft pillows.Bookmark here

What can it be?Bookmark here

I thought suggestive.Bookmark here

The only thing that I could see was her lingerie. These wonderful tits, the slim waist, and the perfect proportioned hips. So beautiful. And the underwear... panties that go up to the waist and a nice bra. Also, her slim stomach looks beautiful. All in all perfect.Bookmark here

And the best, I'm allowed to go on a date with her. I'm the luckiest high schooler in this awful world.Bookmark here

"The reaction I expected." can I hear from her at the moment who I woke up.Bookmark here

"What do you mean?" I asked.Bookmark here

"You are awake again." she whispered.Bookmark here

"Why do I pass out and get nosebleeds?"Bookmark here

"You passed out after you've seen me. And I'm very happy about that."
"You're the right!" Bookmark here

I'm very confused.Bookmark here

After she said that she run away and leaves me lying on the floor.Bookmark here

"Stop! Why do you run away? It's not your fault, please stay." Bookmark here

I hoped so much that she stops running and come back to me so that we continue our date. But that did not happen. 
What the fuck. Why?Bookmark here

+ + + + + + + + +
Bookmark here

After I completely come to me I went to Emma's home to look for her. Weirdly the font on the note on which the address was written disappeared. In my hands is only a blank sheet of paper. Nothing more.Bookmark here

Where does she live again?Bookmark here

I tried to find her home but I don't get it.
So I went home.Bookmark here

After I arrived I lie down and think about Emma. Who is she? Why do I pass out? Why does she run away and let me alone? And why does she said
"You're the right"?Bookmark here

Does she mean couple?
Or does I overheard something? This will probably happen.Bookmark here

Nevertheless, she had a perfect body. I would be more than happy if I see her again, but this is at the earliest at school in two days. I've no other choice.
Bookmark here

+ + + + + + + + +
Bookmark here

It's Monday. The last two days I lay in my bed, watch some anime, and sleep. After the date with Emma, I don't have the lust to do anything. My room is still dirty and I'm still unshowered, thanks to the body spray.Bookmark here

Our date only went nearly two hours which I never forget. But where is she in the class I can't see you? I try to ask some class members.Bookmark here

I'm just noticing that I don't even what are their names. That's were bad.
I try to speak to you without saying their names.Bookmark here

"Hey, have you seen Emma?"Bookmark here

"Hello. I don't know whom do you mean."Bookmark here

With a very angry voice, I said: "Are you kidding me?!"Bookmark here

"What?! No, I don't know who she is" he reactedBookmark here

He wants to fuck me up, but that doesn't work.Bookmark here

I ask the guy who sits next to her.Bookmark here

"Hi. Did you know where Emma is?"Bookmark here

"Emma? I don't know a person who's called Emma, sorry."Bookmark here

The whole class wants to bring me out of the concept.Bookmark here

"B-But you sit directly next to her! How can you not realize that her name is Emma?"Bookmark here

"Sorry, but next to me only sit boys. Or do you have a nickname for your lover?" she grins so ugly while she said.Bookmark here

"Shut up. No, I mean a girl. Emma!"Bookmark here

"I don't know where she is! Look there is my seat neighbor. John."Bookmark here

Actually, there comes a boy in the class who I hadn't seen before. And he takes a seat on Emma's seat.Bookmark here

"Hey! John! Where's Emma? You know where she is because that's her seat!" 
I was extremely angry because I want to know where she is.Bookmark here

"I don't know an Emma. I seat here for three years and don't move since there. What's your problem?"Bookmark here

Loudly I said: "My problem is that this is Emma's seat!"Bookmark here

"Where is Emma, we don't even have an Emma in our class!"Bookmark here

"But we have!"Bookmark here

"No, we don't. Look at our class picture and show me, Emma. There you have it."Bookmark here

I looked at the picture and begin to search for Emma, but I can't find her. But for that, I find John with his ugly grin. Who is this John?Bookmark here

Do I go crazy or what happened here?!
Do I dreamed the whole date with Emma?
Does a Emma even exist? And if she exist would she show me her lingerie?Bookmark here

After these thoughts, I came to the conclusion, that It's possible that I've dreamed of my date with Emma and Emma myself. 
My last chance to find it out is to ask the employees who worked in the morning who Emma and I entered the store.Bookmark here

The school bell rings and it's time to go to the mall and ask the employee.Bookmark here

+ + + + + + + + +
Bookmark here

I only hoped that the employee works today. Immediately I step as fast as I could on the pedals to reach the mall before they close or some other employees get the shift.Bookmark here

Arrived. With the maximum of speed my body can get I ran through the entire mall to ask the employee in the underwear store.Bookmark here

Before I reached the store I see something bright on the inside. As fast as a flash.
I looked up, through the glass roof of the mall, to know if there is a thunderstorm. But the only thing I could see was a clear blue sky.Bookmark here

I haven't the time to think about this. I must ask an employee if she can remember us. Bookmark here

At next I reached the store for the underwear run through the entrance and I've much luck, the employee works today.Bookmark here

"Hello, can you remember me?"Bookmark here

"No from where?"
I think she hasn't lust to speak with me.Bookmark here

"I was here with my date on Saturday. Do you remember?"Bookmark here

"Sorry, but on Saturday I was free. I was at home."Bookmark here

How can this happen? No one knows anything about Emma. As if she never ever had existed. But why do I still remember Emma? I mean what makes me so special or why do all others forget her?Bookmark here

The worse thing in my situation is, that I can't ask anyone.
I have to be crazy. No other possibilities exist. Or why do I know where Emma is. 
Or maybe it only exists in my head. I don't know.Bookmark here

Fully frustrated I went slowly home and have fun with my body pillows. I'm so frustrated that I don't correct myself and say something like I mean have fun with a new anime. So frustrated I am.Bookmark here

It can't be possible that in one moment I pass out because a super hot half-naked stands in front of me and the next moment it's like she never existed.Bookmark here

That makes no sense... Why is life so unfair and why to me?!Bookmark here

Can't just be someone's mother dying, and for that sacrifice, I get a girlfriend with the measure 100/58/90? Why did this cannot happen?Bookmark here

Now I sit here and know that I had a beautiful girlfriend for two hours but no one recalls.
It's like you would ride a Lamborghini but the whole world see you in a 40-year-old Volks Wagen in which looks like a car in which a war criminal drives personally.
Bookmark here

A display which only you can see.Bookmark here

A keyboard that only you can use.Bookmark here

A girl what only you can fu-.
Okay, it's better if you're the only man who fucks you or a girl, but it's about the principle.Bookmark here

Let's assume I've dreamed the whole time and Emma isn't real and only exists in my head, what will happen if I go to sleep? Will, I return to the dream?
I've only one chance to find it out. I lay me down in my bed and wait until I dream then I see if it was real.Bookmark here

"Good night-"Bookmark here

I fell asleep even instantly.Bookmark here

+ + + + + + + + +Bookmark here

- Cause you can't think in a dream Nór have to retell what happens -Bookmark here

*Wha...*Bookmark here

"Good morning world"Bookmark here

That was a so nice dream. So wonderful, I want to be forever in this dream.Bookmark here

What I don't notice while I thinking about my dream is that I've juiced into one of my three body pillows while I've dreamed, because the dream was much too got.Bookmark here

After I finally realize that I fired some goods into my pillows and change my clothes, I try to think about the dream again.Bookmark here

It begins in a completely white room. The further you look more white can you see.Bookmark here

Out of nowhere, it opens a door from which a pink haired full busty and hot beauty comes out behind her, so on the other side of the door, I only can see a dark red world which burned completely. I thought it was that what religious people called the hell. Also, you heared weird, awful and terrifying noises. Bookmark here

But at this moment you don't care if this was happened behind the door because the most handsome and hottest woman in the whole universe stands next to me.Bookmark here

I'm not a pro in this but I bet that she has the holy dimensions of 100/58/90. She was an outfit in which only the essentials are covered. Highs up to the waist, legs who are so long, wonderful big boots and a red tennis skirt which just goes a little bit under the hip. Bookmark here

Not to forget her wonderful pink hairs that are so long that it is just above the waist.Bookmark here

It seems to me as if this beauty was created just for me. And no other!
Bookmark here

She consistently perfect and now she comes to me and spoke with a dominant sexy voice.Bookmark here

"Hey, dear Nór. How are you? We know each other."Bookmark here

"H-Hey, where are you? Do we do that? I don't know where you are"Bookmark here

"I'm the girl of your dirty little dreams. And now I am the dream." As she talks, the saliva pulls strings in her mouth. She's truly only made for me. Her face looks like ahegao only in color. I love it.Bookmark here

"Dear beuty, please say me your name and you are allowed to do everything with me you want."Bookmark here

As if I wouldn't let that happen too...
Bookmark here

"Okay Nór I bet I only must snap a finger or less than that and you everything I want, isn't?"Bookmark here

Shit, she saw through me. But generally everyone who knows where I'm can see this ahead, to be honest.Bookmark here

After she said that she begins to take off his cloaths and begins with the boots.Bookmark here

Big boots and hights is the best combination which was ever discovered. It's don't give something better than that at most a bunny girl outfit
I get off the subject

Bookmark here

Every square centimeter of his body was so wonderful.
The funny thing is, that I do not find feet attractive at all, only she made it that I would say "I want to lick off someone's feet."Bookmark here

"I'm going to be horny so tell me your!"Bookmark here

But she only continues to take off her clothes. Now her hights.Bookmark here

"You know me. We had a [jam noises] together."Bookmark here

That's too loud for my ears. They hurt.Bookmark here

"What were that for a horrible noise?!"Bookmark here

"Sorry but I am not able to say my identity or give a tip until you find out by yourself. If you find out by yourself I'll be yours."Bookmark here

She'll be mine only if I say the right name? But where can she be?Bookmark here

Out of nothing she said "Strobe light"Bookmark here

"What I am able to say strobe light." she said full of fascination.Bookmark here

What does she mean with strobe light what is so special about this word? Was that a tip? But how can that be a tip?
Just a moment when I was in the mall with my date I saw a pink light in the angle of my eye. Could it be that this beaute is Emma?
Bookmark here

I know, that I'm in a dream, but still, it feels like my answer determines my future. So is my feeling in I want to answer for my advantage. So I asked.Bookmark here

"How many tries do I have to know where you are?"Bookmark here

"For me, you have only one."Bookmark here

"And how it seems only ten seconds. Sorry, I don't create the rules for these kinds of game." she answered with a challenging facial expression and an indifferent voice.Bookmark here

"What a game, does I play a game"Bookmark here

"Nine."Bookmark here

"Answer me you damn beauty."Bookmark here

I can't offend so handsome girls I have to say good stuff to them.Bookmark here

"Eight."Bookmark here

I have to come to a conclusion. Should I say, Emma? I have no other choiceBookmark here

"Six."Bookmark here

I don't know other girls except for Emma, so where should it be?Bookmark here

"Five."Bookmark here

Okay, I'll say Emma.Bookmark here

"Four."Bookmark here

"Emma! I say that you are Emma! So don't continue to count down."Bookmark here

"Three."Bookmark here

"What?! Emma! Emma! Emma!"Bookmark here

"Two."Bookmark here

"How often then?!?! Emma! Emma! Emma! EMMA!" I screamed so loudly that the whole white space could hear my voice.Bookmark here

"One."Bookmark here

"At least tell me if I'm wrong and who you are then. Please!"Bookmark here

"Goodbye"Bookmark here

My eyes go black and I wake up. And sometimes while I've dreamed I juiced in my pillow.
Bookmark here

+ + + + + + + + +Bookmark here

The whole time torments me the unsafe. Do I win the game or do I lose and if I'm lost where was she? I want a resolution, now!Bookmark here

And by the way why does, my cum smells like sugar?Bookmark here

At this point, I've waited three weeks without something special happens except that my graduation is imminent. And my whole school life will end in a few weeks. I haven‘t any idea of what I want to do after school.Bookmark here

Up to the point where I heard the doorbell one morning...
Bookmark here

+ + + + + + + + +Bookmark here

Afterword to Chapter 2Bookmark here

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I'm also very happy that (to this point) more than 80 people had read or still read chapter 0.Bookmark here

I hope that you could enjoy the second chapter and had to laugh.
Yes? Then I am satisfied and we see us in the next chapter.
No? I'm sorry. Tell me what I can do better. Maybe I can convince you in the next chapter.Bookmark here

The next chapter will appear in the next seven days.Bookmark here

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