Chapter 11:

Who Is This Kid?

Blood? Suckers!

“It’s a baby vampire.”

What is a baby vampire doing in our living room?

“Well Bell, I know it’s a baby vampire. Don’t you think that I, of all people, would know exactly what a baby vampire looks like?”

The real question is, how did Bell know what a baby vampire looked like?

“Look at those teeth, are those real?”

The small child couldn’t be more than, well, to be honest I couldn’t tell you much about age because I haven’t seen a child in eons, but I’d say it comes up at about my waist.


The small blob comes running over to me with its arms open, grabbing onto my leg in affection.

An uncomfortable sensation runs through my body as I shudder to the foreign word “Papa.”

As quickly as I can, I grab the tiny being’s head with my fingertips and pull it up to eye level so I can get a good look at it.

Phew, I have stopped the attacks of this little gremlin.

Peering into its innocent eyes, I see a life without a care and an unconditional love for someone they have only just met.


I release the small one from my grip as it starts to plummet to the floor.

The action is too fast for it to even scream, but if it really is a vampire then this shouldn’t be too much of an issue.

I hear an extremely loud thud on the floor, far too loud for a being that I held with ease in only one hand just a moment ago.

As I look down, I notice a much larger child - Bell. In his hands he grasps the vampire in a move of triumph.

Does he not know it will just heal anyways?

Observing the satisfaction on Bell’s face as he holds the child, I feel a twang of guilt strike my heart for a moment.

“You didn’t have to drop her, you know?”

A giddy annoyance runs out of Bell’s mouth; I feel for the first time he is actually disappointed in me.

I go to explain why, but before I can even get a word out, Bell speaks again.

“I know what you’re going to say, she’s a vampire so she’s just going to heal anyways or not even be damaged in the first place. But she’s a child, Hiro.”

I don’t even try to open my mouth; I have nothing I can say. It has been so long since I’ve even seen, let alone interacted with a child.

I have come to learn and understand a great many things since I’ve been here, through my initial bluntness and treatment of Bell, to my fear of going outside. The main thing being that just because there’s a good reason for doing a shitty thing, it doesn’t make the action any better.

“I’m sorry.”

Tears fall down my eyes as I remember the kind of person I am now. The kind of person I want to be and the one that Bell has made me aware that I can be.

The disappointment from Bell’s face fades and is replaced with a cheeky smile as he holds up the child for me to see.

“And look at this face Hiro, how could you ever want to hurt this adorable face?”

It, I mean, she is very cute indeed. With short hair as red as fire, and a smile that could only be beaten by that of Bell - this child looks incredibly at home by his side.

Wait, Bell has a child by his side.

Have we completely forgotten the part that there is a small, baby vampire in Bell’s arms right now?

Not only that, but that child just called me “Papa.”

All these thoughts swirl around my head, but for some reason Bell is not fazed by this sudden turn of events, as all I can hear in the background is him letting out high-pitched nonsense.

Isn’t asking the child where she’s from, the responsible thing to do? Why has Bell not done this yet? He’s the responsible one here.

Oh my god.

Could the child belong to Bell?

I thought I was the only vampire in his life. Why have you betrayed me like this?

Is this why you were so nonchalant about my vampirism?

Is this why he was so upset when I dropped them?

It all makes so much sense.

No, no, no.

Bell seemed just as surprised about the presence of this vampire as me. Not to mention, this is the only time I have really been able to confirm that Bell truly believes I am a vampire and not just delusional.


A muted, yet painful belch leaves Bell’s mouth as I am brought back, yet again, to the situation at hand.

Dark, red blood drips from Bell’s hand.

“Hiro, your kid just bit me, am I going to-“

“My kid? I thought she was yours.”

Before Bell can even finish his sentence, I interrupt him, I think there has been a massive misunderstanding here.

All the pieces start to fall into place as I realise, I was way off the mark.

“Wait, if she’s not yours Hiro, then what is this kid doing here and why was she calling you Papa?”

Bell stumbles for a moment as he tries to get up, almost dropping the baby.

Really? Almost dropping her after you gave me that whole talk?

I mean I guess it wasn’t intentional.

But still, we have a no dropping children policy in this house now.

“Aaaah, sorry.”

Bell puts the unknown child down and raises his hand behind his head as he apologises to both me, and the kid.

How many different words am I going to come up with to describe this one baby bloodsucker, huh?

Wordsmith Hiro is at it again.

But back to the matter at hand - just who is this kid?