Chapter 12:

The Baby Bloodsucker

Blood? Suckers!

“Let’s start with names.”

After the minor incident of Bell almost dropping the child, we decide to start with introducing ourselves. Although she is a baby vampire, by human standards she should be old enough to hold a conversation.

“Uhhhh, hmmmmm.”

The child raises her finger up to her bottom lip in confusion as she stares at the ceiling of our entryway.

Does she really not know her name? I mean, I’m guessing she is a reincarnation like me, unless there is some secret vampire underworld here that not even Bell knows about.

That’s certainly a possibility, I mean Bell knew what vampires were before he met me – even if they didn’t exist in this world to his knowledge.

But then again, stories of reincarnation also exist in this world too, so it is just possible that it’s not quite as uncommon as our lady Death would have had me believe.

My safest bet would be to assume she is a reincarnation, as that is so far the only phenomena I am aware of in this world that could produce such a creature. Although even when I just got here, I remembered everything of who I was from the second I dropped down.

What gives?

“Ah hah! I have the answer for you.”

Okay, maybe her brain is a bit fuzzy after beaming down here like someone from a space craft in some of these sci-fi shows I see on TV.

She does a little drumroll on her thighs as she amps up our anticipation for her next words…

“I don’t have one! Ta da.”

What is with this girl?

Did someone really not give her a name?

It probably doesn’t matter so much anymore, really the name stuff was just pleasantries – what I really want to know is what the hell is she doing here?

“Uh, so. Why are you at our doorstep and not like, selling cookies or something?”

“Hey! I will have you know that I am-“

“Yeah, whatever, we’ve heard that shtick before – yada yada, you’re probably like a million years old or something. Join the club.”

Okay, I must say that was a little hypocritical of me. I am the one always going on about old age but like, that’s my bit, okay? Don’t take that from me.

I bet I’m older anyways…

The girl’s menacing glare pierces straight through me as she crosses her arms.

Okay, I guess I hit a nerve.

Note to self, let people finish talking.

There’s so much interruption, everyone here just gets interru-

“Well okay, Mr. Grumpy Pants – I don’t really have a lot to tell you, I have really brief memories that only tell me what I am, other than that, everything is pretty much pitch black up until today.”

Bell, who has been unusually silent this whole time, squints a little and leans in to make sure he’s catching the story fully.

Hey, I have interesting stories too! You may have heard them all by now, but what can you expect? I am not a mountain of brand new and fresh content; I can’t just keep putting out something original every five seconds.

“So then, why did you come here?”

I get that she may have gotten amnesia from the reincarnation, but still – ending up on my doorstep isn’t any normal thing.

“My first memory is being in the square around the corner; nothing looked familiar, and I was so scared. The only thing I had was a feeling that I needed to be here, so I followed it and I found you.”

An inescapable feeling? Is this the help that Death said she would be giving me?

“And so, you calling me Papa?”

She turns her head up and looks straight into my eyes. There’s a softness there, it is the kind of look I had seen so many others give their loved ones – their family.

I get the same uncomfortable feeling from a moment ago, the weight of a responsibility I didn’t ask for.

“I just saw you and it felt right, I figured if this is the one place I’m thinking about and you’re the person it seemed like I was meant to meet, then you must be my Papa.”

So, she thought she was finding her way home. The uncomfortable sensation turns into the very familiar feeling of guilt as I remember how I treated her the moment she ran to me.

That must have been very confusing for her.

“I didn’t know you would be such a jerk though.”

The girl pokes out her tongue mockingly towards me as she hurls her criticism.

But I guess this settles it, her first memories were in the square – the exact same place that I reincarnated here. She had a strange feeling that she needed to be with me here, and well – she’s a freaking vampire.

Death must have had something to do with this; I’m not sure if this is to help me or to cause me more trouble at this point. I wish I could talk to that stupid goddess that isn’t really a goddess but like urgh.

She pisses me off so much.

Death, not the child. The kid is okay.

But I have no idea what I’m supposed to do with her now, do I look after her? I assume there’s going to be a reason she’s here that will unfold later, surely.

Surely, right?

There is no way that Death just dumped a kid on me for no reason. A vampire kid at that! Like, she does know I’m not technically a vampire anymore, right?

Then it hits me.

She’s a vampire, she will have to drain blood.

I look at the almost cute lump of flesh, trying to imagine her chomping down on the innocent townsfolk of this area.

Nope, nope, nope.

Doesn’t fit.

We can’t have that.

As I’m trying my hardest to rid my brain of the image of this innocent child, taking the lives of others, I feel her gaze on me get again.

She looks as if she wants to ask a question.

“So, uh.”

She’s probably trying to muster up the courage to ask if she can stay. I still don’t know how I feel about the whole vampire, killing situation. I thought I had left all that behind.

“Which room is mine?”

In a moment, I lock eyes with Bell and attempt some form of telepathic communication.

Please Bell, make this situation easier on me – say it’s your house and that there isn’t enough room. Something, please.

Bell smiles and nods in agreement. I got through to him!

This is the bond of friendship; we can even communicate through just a few facial expressions.

“Well, looks like we are going to need to get a bigger place for the three of us then.”