Chapter 0:

Prologue (First part)

From Assassin to Demon lord

I lay on blood soaked snow. That blood was mine. Three men stand around me and laugh.

"Too easy, man! First class assassin my ass!" said blonde mane named Kyle.

"Yea, too easy." smiled redheaded warrior Gordo.

"Okay guys, we can leave now. Blood will soon attract monsters and we realy dont need frost giants on our back."

"You said it Ron!"

"This is what you get for touching my girl!" smirked Ron at me.

What was he talking about? I didn't know he had a girl... wait does he meant Lizze from guild? But she is single. She said so herself.

Three men left me to die there. But i still wanted to live.

"Urh... this will not stop me... I... I will... live... so much blood..."

As my consciousness started to fade away i head clearly evil voice.

"Do you wish to live Zaru, Assassin of Black Leaf?"

"W...who are you?" I asked shadowy figure kneeling before me.

"I am just a goddess. Goddess od demons that is."

"Why... why goddess of demons? I'm not your follower."

"Trust me that I know that, but... well... my sister, goddess of Night asked me to save you."

"But why?" I tried to say more but my strenght left me half way through.

"Because, she is fond of you. After all she is the one who give you your powers. She wished to create perfect assassin."

"Realy, my goddess said that?" I smiled through pain.

"Yes. But let's continue from where we stopped. Do you wish to live Zaru?"

"Yes I want to live."

"Great. Then Eat this and gain new powers."

The goddess showed me a apple shaped fruit.

"This is Demon Fruit. It will turn you into a Demon Lord."

"The Demon Lord?"

As I said that i felt that the bleeding stoped. I looked at the demon fruit. It was black and pulsate with reddish lines. Without any more thinking I take a bite. As I did, I felt new powers run through me. And then my body broke.

My body started to rebuild itself. My muscle become slightly bigger and stronger. A pair of black wings grow from my back, tearing my clothes into pieces.

"Congrats Zaru. You have been reborn."

Taylor Victoria
Seriko Lee
Tony Raven