Chapter 1:

Prologue (Part two)

From Assassin to Demon lord

As I stand up i noticed that my sight got a lot better. I could clearly see tree line at horizon.

The shadowy figure before me also changed into redhaired woman with green eyes. Her figure was very god-like. It emit vibes of maturity and was very seductive. Just as someone would expect from goddess of Demons

"Hm... you realy look like a Demon lord."

"I think I do. Well, what now?"

"What? You ask me?"

"Who is a goddess here?"

"W-well yes that's true, but every demon lord is diferent, I let you know! Some build dungeons, some create their onw nation and some run rampage. Well you will need Demon points, so creating a dungeon is your best choice to colect them."

"Demon points? What is that?"

"It is a system that i use to rank demon lords. When you create dungeon, monsters you summon, defeated enemies and your subordinates generate some demon points. You can use those demon points to strenghten yourself and dungeon. Plus more Demon points you have, higher your position between other Demon lords is."

"Is it realy that easy?"

"It is realy that easy."

"So, where should i create it?"

"Anywhere is fine realy. You will expand it as a domain in future so why don't start in place that is protected from wind?"

"Hm... there should be a cave full of Frost giants. But those guys are strong, even I as an A-rank adventurer would have trubles with them."

"Well you are a demon lord now. Your stats and skills have been rewritten."

Skills, basics of this world. Every singe thing stand on these abilities given to us by gods. They are to say it simply gifts from them.

The Skill tree. Is term used for skills you possess and can acquire. With some skills as Identify skill, you can easily learn which skills you can get.

"Why don't you use Identify on yourself? It's basic skill that every Demon lord posses."

"R-realy? O-okay... Identify."

Name: Zaru

Race: Demon

Class: Demon lord

Level: 1

HP: 9,100

MP: 9,990

Strenght: 3,790

Deffence: 2,550

Dexterity: 6,890

Magic: 4,220

Luck: 100

Skills: Identify, Hide presence, Thread control, Fly, Summoning, Assassination technique, Long sight, Cancel temperature, price evaluation, daggers, bow, Alchemy.

"Whoa, this is new! I can fly? Well, good guess when i have wings on my back. And my stats jumped almost... wait my luck is 100 it used to be 500!"

"Well you get stabbed in your back after all."

"Yeah, good point. My level is back at one, but those stats are higher then they were before."

"Of course, you ARE a Demon lord. Why don't we go visit some frost Giants?"

"Yes. Let's go," I said with evil grin.

Tony Raven