Chapter 5:

Chapter 3 📚 Library Girl (1)

✨ Nopan Mahou Shoujo ✨

Weeks passed and suddenly, when the next magical girl meeting should be about to start...

"Kouhei you baka(1)!!"

Hanako stormed into the library room not thinking about the other students and approached the unsuspecting boy with a bright red face and tears in her eyes. She wasn't thinking with a straight mind and openly shouting at him did earn her more attention then she wanted.

"Hanako-chan, what happened? Calm down first!"

"Marin-chan told me the truth! Magical girls don't exist! It's all just a lie! And you made me go to school with no panties all this time!!"

The other few visitors in the vicinity shortly stopped whatever they were doing and took a confused glance at each other and then at the clearly flustered girl who confronted the overwhelmed Kouhei.

"You baka!! You made me go to school with no panties for what!?"

"Shhh! Keep it down please!"

He tried to soothe her, but it was obviously not very successful.

After quite a few minutes of keeping his calm while Hanako blamed him in her fury, he was able to somewhat release the heat of the situation. The other students returned to their original tasks and found their heads stuck in books about history or chemistry, trying to process what this girl just announced.

Still red in the face and still shedding drops of tears, Hanako was obviously not in her usually good mood.

"...But you see, Marin-chan just doesn't really know - nobody can really know if they exist or not. Look, you believed in it for your entire life and you worked so hard the past weeks. You don't want to let this all go to waste, do you?"

"But...! But. It hasn't worked. I didn't get contracted even though I fulfilled the condition."

Her argument was reasonable.

"...You know they exist, don't you?"

"...Yeah..." she replied with a sniff.

"Alright. See, you worked so hard and you are on the correct path. Let's get you contracted. In order to prove Marin-chan wrong as well!"

"Kouhei-kun... ...really?"

"Really really!"

It seems like he managed to defuse an explosive situation. But since he was aware that magical girls didn't exist he was basically only digging his own grave deeper and deeper.

It was a bind for Kouhei for two reasons.

On the one hand, he wanted to keep her believing in magical girls as well, so that she would continue to dress according to his suggestions.

On the other hand, it would be problematic if she lost faith in his made-up story. Maybe he could actually get in trouble for deceiving her like this. He should be very careful how to continue, but...

Kouhei continued with his explanation, "...then I am sure you are ready for the second phase now."

"..There is a second phase?"

"By now I am convinced that you don't have a problem with not wearing panties. But to be honest, our school uniform is not really made for this."

"Right. What do you mean?" She instinctively agreed without being able to quite follow his way of thought, by now recovered from her furious outbreak.

"Look at these", he laid out some magical girl illustrations in front of her, "... Compare the skirt of your uniform and the skirts they are wearing."

After looking down at her skirt and at the illustrations in turn for a few times, Hanako tried to answer the problem stated by Kouhei.

"They are more frilly?"

"Yeah, they are more frilly. But we can't change anything about this because the model is set by the school rules. Modifying is out of the question... Notice the length", he hinted at her.

Hanako once again compared.

"Mine is so much longer."

Indeed, the illustrations he had carefully chosen for this, showed magical girls in skirts that almost don't even reach onto the thighs.

"But Kouhei-kun, that's not possible."

"Yeah, only with magic. However, your contractor has to know that you are able to pull it off, right?"

She nodded understandingly.

"So in order to conquer phase two, I think you have to increase the area of how much your legs are exposed. Of course not all at once. Slowly over time at your own pace, approach the perfect ratio." Of course this advice was given for his own benefit.

"So I can become a magical girl if I slowly work on wearing the skirt higher?"

"I am certain of that! But don't neglect what you learned in step one!"

"..Are you a baka?"

Ouch, he screwed up - is what he thought but, "Alright, I will try."

And thus ended the mentor meeting on this chaotic day.

Hanako was faced with new challenges again. She thought she did get comfortable with not wearing panties, but slowly adjusting the height of her skirt increased the difficulty more than she expected. Slowly, very slowly she worked her way up like Kouhei instructed her, of course gaining the looks of more and more people on her commute and at school in the process.

"Dude, look at her", some older student whispered to his friend while they were walking behind Hanako on the way from the station to school.

"Not bad, huh! I love Kogal-girls(2)! I heard some are even skipping out on underwear, haha." A chill ran down Hanako's spine who overheard this conversation.

"Seriously, you should read less manga. That kind of thing only happens in stories", his earphone wearing companion replied.

"Way to shatter some dreams... Just imagine though!! If it were true! ...You think we should ask her out on a date?"

Hanako turned around after hearing the students' proposal and started talking with a firm and angry tone, hands formed into fists pointed to the ground, "Excuuuse Me!! I am wearing underwear!!"

She wasn't. Such a shameless little liar.

After deciding to get away from the two boys to escape the precarious situation, she hurried in the direction of the school, leaving the two upperclassmen dumbfounded.

Because Hanako wasn't used to wearing her skirt at the adjusted height, she didn't consider how running off like that might have been a bad idea.

"Wait a second... I think... you might have been right after all", the previously all so wise student admitted to his friend while being rooted in place.

All the difficulties she surpassed in stage one were there once again. It felt like she was back at the very beginning. She overcame them only after facing several "unfortunate situations" and "accidents".

One of them being the following.

(1) Baka = Idiot (Japanese)